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Berge faszinieren mich! 🧡Ein Hund🐕 bleibt Dir im Sturme treu - der Mensch nicht mal im Winde🌬
Übrigens: Das Bergsteigen wird durch die Existenz von Bergen sehr erschwert. 🏔🔝⛰Rys
Lieber im Bergsee 🏞 baden, als in Arbeit schwimmen.

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  1. Flo went mountaineering.

    2 days ago

    5.02 mi
    2.4 mph
    3,500 ft
    3,100 ft
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    1. Flo

      💫P Namlos
      💫Angelspitze Cross +
      💫ENGELSPITZE 2291m (Stoamanndl)
      💫 Up and down
      A small additional tour to cross the Knittelkar. When angels travel ... 🤗☝🏻😊

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Flo went mountaineering.

    2 days ago

    9.31 mi
    2.5 mph
    4,075 ft
    3,900 ft
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    1. Flo

      🔷️P Namlos - free of charge
      🔷️From there ascent to GALTJOCH 2109m +
      Then the Reuttener Höhenweg
      over the VORDERE STEINKARSPITZE 2181m +
      🔷️ REAR STEINKARSPITZE 2215m +
      🔷️KNITTELKARSPITZE 2376m (exceedance)
      🔷️Descent to the P in Namlos
      The Knittelkarspitze is the highest peak in the Liegfeist group in the Lechtal Alps. A few passages of the Reuttener Höhenweg are wire rope insured, 1x 3m steep section with brackets, 1x 5m steel ladder@ Hörbi, this is something for you, dreamlike tightrope walk, free of snow, always in the sun and not difficult👍🏻After I finished the round at noon, the day was still young and the weather was perfect☀️🔆☀️ (not a cloud in the sky), I am an angel 😊😍😁 still visavis on the Engelspitze.

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      • 2 days ago

  3. Flo went mountaineering.

    October 17, 2021

    8.92 mi
    2.8 mph
    3,475 ft
    3,175 ft
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    1. Flo

      After my wife has NEVER been on the Geigelstein, it finally happened today.
      The classic par excellence - a round trip up the Schreckalm and down over what is probably the most famous hut in Chiemgau.
      Just in time for lunch we were at the Priener Hütte (open all year round - closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) and enjoyed ourselves in the bright sunshine
      🔷️P Huben (P Holzeralm) - free of charge
      🔷️Schreckalm 1403m
      🔷️Sulzingalm (Hamberger Kaser) 1490m
      🔷️GEIGELSTEIN 1808m +
      🔷️Saurer Boden Scharte 1633m
      🔷️Priener Hut😋1410m
      🔷️ Starting point

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      • October 17, 2021

  4. Flo went for a hike.

    October 16, 2021

    6.84 mi
    2.2 mph
    3,875 ft
    3,425 ft
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    1. Flo

      🐻P on the B23 (Steilhang car park, Kapellenwand and Bärenhöhle) - free of charge
      [Optionally chargeable:
      P Weidmoos / Ammer or
      Wander-P Kofel am Friedhof]
      🐻over the Grottenweg and the Marxersteig to the
      KOFEL 1342m +
      🐻 down over the Königssteig to DÖTTENBICHL (DÖTTENBÜHEL) 877m
      Then through the Ammer to the other side of the street (there is a Brückerl in front), past the climbing walls (several routes up to VIII +) to the forest workers' hut and then pathless onto the
      SCHAFFELBERG 1434m +
      (Only a few pages in the UK since 2001, this year only 10 entries😁)
      🐻Bärenhöhle (officially you shouldn't enter it anymore - unstable rock walls)
      [GPS problems, see strange lines on komoot😂]
      🐻 Starting point
      The goal of the little lap today was the unknown Schaffelberg.
      Very rewarding for summit collectors like me🥰.
      @isiger des is something for you, woisch den muascht scho macha☝🏻und unda kaascht the same Kläddan🧗🏼‍♂️And of course the Oberammergau landmark - the Kofel - was a must for warming up.

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      • October 16, 2021

  5. Flo went for a hike.

    October 15, 2021

    9.19 mi
    2.5 mph
    3,825 ft
    3,550 ft
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    1. Flo

      ▪️P Pochwerk (Kelchalm ruin) 1230m - free of charge
      ▪️Bochumer Hut (Kelchalm) 1432m
      ▪️LAUBKOGEL 1760m +
      ▪️HAHNENKAMPL 1812m
      ▪️RAUBER 1972m +
      ▪️SAALKOGEL 2006m +
      ▪️TRISTKOGEL 2096m + [exceedance] - (KS dissolved or dismantled since mid-2020? 🤔)
      ▪️'Direktaufstieg 'GAMSHAG 2178m + (otherwise a hiking trail leads past the (Hoch-) Torsee up to Gamshag)
      ▪️ SMALL SCHÜTZ 2079m +
      ▪️SCHÜTZKOGEL (BIG SCHÜTZ) 2069m +
      ▪️Schlichtenalm 1407m
      ▪️Niederkaser Alm
      ▪️Start point
      Today in Traumwetter☀️ I collected a few peaks in the Kitzbühel Alps with Poopie.
      This round tour Gamshag (or: Follow the fence😝☝🏻) is really a dream in summer as in winter (also suitable for snowshoes).
      It was a bit exhausting today, because the snow line starts at almost 1500 meters and you can track for ~ 12km alone😁, Poopie was unfortunately no help to me🐶🙄😝, but the little Russian has the 'first' snow soooo really enjoyed⛄🥰☀️

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      • October 15, 2021

  6. Flo went for a hike.

    October 10, 2021

    13.2 mi
    2.6 mph
    4,375 ft
    4,150 ft
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    1. Flo

      🍰P Ottenalm (sports field Walchsee) 690m / 3.-
      🍰Waterfall (Kohlenriederbach)
      🍰Wandbergalmen - Burgerhütte cheese dairy
      🍰Mary help chapel
      🍰WANDBERG (CROSS) 1454m +
      🍰Wall mountain hut 1407m
      🍰HOCHKÖPFL 1538m
      🍰Wildauer Alm (= for rent)
      🍰LOCHNER HORN 1446m
      🍰Ottenalm - strengthening with 🍺 and schnitzel for the
      Ottenalm Direttissima via ferrata D / E on the
      🍰HARAUER PEAK 1117m
      🍰Harauer Sattel and on the normal route back to Ottenalm, where the parked😉 woman with 🐶🐶 and wine spritzer🍷 was waiting for me😁
      🍰 Starting point
      The three via ferratas on the Harauer Spitze are great and offer all levels of difficulty, you can also drive again (in summer) on the private road to the Ottenalm and park there for free. Then you only have about 5 minutes to the various climbing routes

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      • October 10, 2021

  7. SteffiG and Flo went mountaineering.

    October 9, 2021

    10.5 mi
    1.7 mph
    4,600 ft
    4,700 ft
    1. Flo

      🐶P Maximilianshöhe (Windbag Alm) - free of charge
      🐶Martinshütte 1040m (mountain restaurant Sankt Martin)
      🐶via 'Black Wall' climb to KÖNIGSSTAND 1453m
      🐶CAT HEAD 1517m
      🐶MITTERGERN (KOPF) 1834m (not recorded here🧐, Steffi did not want to make the short detour😝, of course I did😉)
      🐶KRAMER (SPITZ) 1985m
      🐶 Sermon chair 1818m
      🐶Stepbergalm 1592m
      🐶through the 'Yellow Gwänd' back to the P and a stop in the Windbag🍰🧁☕🍺Alm😋
      Thanks Steffi🤗
      A great classic round, there is no vui to scream, great accompaniment, great weather, great food, great Bergerl
      A great day all around🤗😁☀️⛰

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      • October 9, 2021

  8. Flo went mountaineering.

    October 1, 2021

    5.61 mi
    2.1 mph
    3,800 ft
    3,625 ft
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    1. Flo

      The Upper WSS that Saida and Barkus did today😉 is one of my favorite mountains, enjoyable scrambling on the marked Steigerl👍🏻Wunderschön😍Was been up a few times.
      The ridge from the upper to the lower WSS is too narrow, brittle and exposed for me🙈 (see photo), my ass is too far down, I'd rather leave that to the professionals.
      Today I started for the Lower WSS at 12.45 in Schanz. It can be reached 'pathless'. Tried to climb pretty much in a straight line, which I also managed well. The mountain pine fight is not over and is included until you finally reach the scree field (Micha😉) below the eastern channel.
      Caution! Rockfall helmet absolutely necessary (especially on the descent and when there are several people on the way)
      Only those who feel comfortable in the crumbly, brittle T5 terrain and are fit in climbing (II) can I recommend this adventurous half-day tour, urgently advise others against it! Under no circumstances should you attempt the descent to the Grenzsteig

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      • October 1, 2021

  9. Flo went mountaineering.

    September 25, 2021

    11.1 mi
    2.4 mph
    5,125 ft
    4,825 ft
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    1. Flo

      ⛰P Hammerstiel 750m (5 .- / day)
      ⛰Schapbachboden 989m
      ⛰Kührointalm 1420m
      Over north ridge aufm
      ⛰Retour over the east ridge via
      ⛰Einkehr Kührointalm🍺👍🏻😍 (I can highly recommend the sausage salad😋)
      ⛰Rast Kast'l (drinks) with Bussibankerl😝
      ⛰P hammer handle
      The Steigerl are up and down and well marked in the upper area (yellow dots, red lines & dots, Stoamanndl).
      Personally, I find the east ridge a bit more challenging than the north ridge.
      The 'key point' on the north ridge is the 'gendarme' at about 1800m.
      Short, slightly exposed, IIer. Easy.
      At the top of the summit you have wonderful leisurely scramble
      The earthy, greasy passages down from Mooslahner⛰ are greasy to walk on. We strongly advise against it when it is wet!
      If you want something 'crisp', the Watzmann woman can of course also crawl over the 'crawler belt', uh, climb up.
      Megagile round away from the hustle and bustle of Mr. Watzmann.👍🏻☀️😁

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      • September 25, 2021

  10. Flo and Samuel Brugger went on a Tour.

    September 23, 2021

    31.4 mi
    4.9 mph
    8,525 ft
    8,475 ft
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    1. Flo

      Easy high tour over the eastern Stilluppkees to the Punta di ValleEven if it is a simple glacier tour, common sense is required, especially now when there is still little snowfall, there could be slumps and / or crevasses. Complete equipment is compulsory.
      We are spacious to the wider
      bypassed to the east.
      In front of the Stangenjoch (transition A / IT-South Tyrol) there is a large, open crevasse that extends over almost the entire length of the Kees. (Photos)The Wollbachspitze is more of a classic ski touring mountain, so it is often climbed from the South Tyrolean side.
      The block ridge (I) (everything pathless without stoomanndl or the like) demanded a lot of stamina from us. Be careful when climbing!
      If there is more snow, it should be much easier.

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      • September 24, 2021

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