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Lael's 2021 Komoot Women's Torino Nice Rally

Rue Kaladyte

Lael's 2021 Komoot Women's Torino Nice Rally

Bike Touring Collection by Lael



46:10 h

416 mi

54,125 ft

The morning of September 24, 21 women set out from Turin, Italy to ride the Torino Nice Rally, a 700 kilometer mixed gravel and tarmac route through the Alps to Nice, France. Similar to the TNR group start every year in early September, this wasn't a race, but a challenge to finish the ride in a week, meeting at the Service Course in Nice on October 1st for a finshers' party.

Along the way, another five women joined the ride. Everyone was self-supported, finding their own places to eat and sleep along the way. We leapfrogged one another, made new friends, shared stories and helped each other. It was a rolling community.

This route is exceptionally beautiful and fun. The adventure of riding it as a challenge with a big group of women is unparalleled.

We will host two similar challenges in 2022. Keep your eyes open for announcements and please come ride with us!

Here is the official Torino Nice Rally Collection: komoot.com/collection/1234066/the-komoot-torino-nice-rally

And a few stories I wrote about the 2021 Komoot Women's Torino Nice Rally for Bikepacking.com:

You can see other riders' photos on Instagram by searching #KomootWTNR.

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Women's Komoot Torino-Nice Rally

386 mi

57,400 ft

58,150 ft

Last updated: November 12, 2021

Tours & Highlights

  • Day 1: Torino to Finestre — 2021 Komoot Women's TNR

    73.6 mi
    9.4 mph
    8,275 ft
    6,525 ft

    We set out just after 8 from the square in Turin. It took an hour or so to get through town, traffic and construction-- fun to ride through in a group and a relief to get out to the country.


    A few of us stopped for espresso and the real adventure began-- riders going their own pace, making their own plans

    by Lael

  • 08:49
    73.0 mi
    8.3 mph
    13,600 ft
    10,775 ft

    Resolving a problem with my shifting, I was the last to leave camp at the picnic area and went on a tear up the Finestre.


    The morning was foggy with views of the mountains obscured. I rode hard, leapfrogging a group of dirt bikers over the Assietta and Lauson, having the time of my life.


    While cooking

    by Lael

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  • 07:48
    66.3 mi
    8.5 mph
    9,475 ft
    12,450 ft

    On the rest day, I came down with a pretty nasty cold-- coughing & sneezing with a sore throat and a high heart rate.


    Rue and I rode together all day-- over the Col Agnel, the highest point on the route and then up and over the Sempeyre. We refueled at bakeries in the valleys-- crossing from France back

    by Lael

  • 06:12
    56.8 mi
    9.1 mph
    6,600 ft
    6,825 ft

    10km or so into the ride, Rue and I stopped at a bodega to resupply. Nic and Tamara caught up-- so good to see them and hear their stories. After espresso & pizza, we climbed the Col del Preit together. On a sunny, warm day, there was no rush at all.


    The Altipiano della Gardetta, called "Little Peru

    by Lael

  • 05:12
    54.1 mi
    10.4 mph
    5,775 ft
    6,625 ft

    Sophie Gateau rode out to meet us for coffee in the morning. It turns out, Gaby and Sian were staying at the hotel next door-- super fun for us all to reconnect after a couple of days split up.


    I wrapped up my first story for bikepacking.com and, as usual, was the last to roll out of Borgo. I hammered

    by Lael

  • 05:47
    44.1 mi
    7.6 mph
    8,025 ft
    5,725 ft

    Waking up in the olive Orchard, Sara Bukies came by to offer us hot coffee. Rue and I shot a gear video for SRAM while the rest of the crew packed up and got on the road.


    We took our time up the Col de Turini. It took forever! The paved switchbacks down the other side were a breeze. We caught up with

    by Lael

  • 03:33
    37.4 mi
    10.5 mph
    2,175 ft
    5,550 ft

    I woke up at sunrise and felt ready to hit the road. Rue and I packed up, finished the final two climbs and descended to La Turbie for espresso and pastries. In short order, Peta caught us and then the rest of the crew. We rode to the sea together, detouring off route to descend to a quiet beach for

    by Lael

  • 00:59
    10.5 mi
    10.6 mph
    200 ft
    150 ft

    Maya from Girona organized an easy recovery spin in Nice. We met at the Service Course and rode towards the airport to bring an 8mm Allen key to Emily Chappell, so she could take her pedals off to pack her bike for the plane.


    The weather was perfect. What I remember best are Maya's stories about piloting

    by Lael

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Collection Stats

  • Tours
  • Distance
    416 mi
  • Duration
    46:10 h
  • Elevation
    54,125 ft

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