Berlin's best after-work rides

Road Cycling Collection by komoot

Aaand done. It’s riding time! Wrap yourself in lycra, click into your pedals and roll out of town. Wind through quiet roads with little traffic. Ride until the houses are smaller and signs of industrial life are few and far between. And then: Inhale the fresh air. Sun, meadows and fields. Hello Brandenburg! Time to glide across asphalt where lonely cars only cross your path from time to time. Occasionally, you'll cycle past another city escapee who'll greet you with a quick and serious nod as they bike by. And you’ll quickly forget that you spent your day in a three and a half million metropolis. By the way: No matter where you start, we have something for you in every direction. Down south to Potsdam, high north through Mehrow, or around any of the airports—each of these loops will flood your brain with happiness hormones, and you will want to ride them again and again.

Update: We've added some 100k loops for those looong summer evenings.

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  • Tours
  • Distance
    429 mi
  • Duration
    27:53 h
  • Elevation
    7,650 ft

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