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  1. Gerd went for a bike ride.


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    1. Gerd

      So great weather in late February - fantastic! It was time for me to visit Neumark once again. From Hohenwutzen Zehden was reached quickly and on it went on a moderately traveled road to Mohrin. Shortly before, I passed the bridge over the former railway embankment of the line Wriezen - Mohrin. I saw that the bike path is already finished on the Polish side. Only the railway bridge at Bienenwerder finally remains open, so that it bears the name Europa Bridge rightly! As I read this should now be the case in 2021.
      Mohrin itself is a place with a lot of potential and attractions, from which I could hardly separate. From Bärwalde I was rather disappointed with the infrastructure, but that is certainly also a matter of opinion. I took the return trip via Gozdovice and then along the Oder to Osinow Dolny. In this section you can see many monuments in honor of the Polish soldiers who fell in the last war.
      Interesting tour!

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      • 27/02/2019

  2. Gerd went for a bike ride.


    32.6 km
    11.3 km/h
    260 m
    260 m
    1. Gerd

      Have opened this year's cycling season in pre-spring weather with a short tour of the Oberbarnim. This was from Rehfelde first a little piece on the R1. Behind Garzin, a left turn towards Hasenholz. This section is preferably suitable for MTB. Hasenholz itself is a small tranquil place with a beautiful church. After crossing the main road we went through the forest and beautiful valleys past throats from the last ice age to the Schermützelsee to Buckow. Past the picturesquely situated Weissen See there was a flying visit to the Brecht Weigel House and the Käthe Reichel House. Shortly thereafter, the Buckowsee was reached and a little later the place Buckow. Back to Rehfelde was the well-known R1 followed - of course, not without succumbing to the temptation to stop in Café Tilia. Nice season start!

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      • 24/02/2019

  3. Gerd went cross country skiing.


    1. Gerd

      Started today at the cross-country gate 1 in Oberwiesenthal it went to the sky ladder. From there, the Neudorf ski trail was followed on a well-groomed trail. Then I decided to run "own" ways, which were not groomed anymore. Past shelters and a huge manger I was soon arrived in almost untouched nature, where I tried in vain to unravel animal tracks. Many overturned trees and the frozen snow made maneuvering on sometimes very tight and changeable paths a real outdoor adventure. It was demanding and interesting. Unfortunately, I made slow progress so that I did not quite reach my original destination Neudorf. There is still a lot of snow even in the lower elevations, but at 9 ° C you could already feel the breath of spring.

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      • 15/02/2019

  4. Gerd went alpine skiing.


    10.4 km
    9.5 km/h
    1,000 m
    970 m
    1. Gerd

      Today I was compensated for the previous days. After a storm, heavy snowfall and drizzle, the sun was full.
      Accordingly, alpine skiing was announced. For this purpose, we first took the tow lift up to the small Fichtelberg. Already from there, the view of the Keilberg and also on Oberwiesenthal was excellent. The downhill, which was a lot of fun on moderately visited slopes, I had laid so that I arrived near the suspension railway at the valley station of the quad chairlift. After only a short wait, we went up to the "actual" Fichtelberg. From here, the sky ladder went down. Although only designed as a red piste, I had to be very careful here, because especially the shady sections were very verharscht, so that the skis attacked badly. From the ladder we went again with a ski lift up to the Fichtelberg. Now it went down the black runway, i. directly under suspension railway and chairlift. Contrary to expectations drove

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      • 14/02/2019

  5. Gerd went cross country skiing.


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    1. Gerd

      Today slight plus degrees, so no snowfall, but some drizzle. From the maple hotel it went parallel to the main road up to the ski stadium. Unfortunately, it was very hazy, so that neither the view of the Keilberg nor the border crossing Boži Dar was possible. From the Sachsenbaude the Hirschpfalzweg was followed, passing through snow-covered mountain huts. Arrived at the foot of the sky ladder, I decided to use the exit to the station Vierenstraße. Just in time to take the tourist train - as the Erzgebirge affectionately call it - back to Oberwiesenthal. Highly recommended tour!

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      • 13/02/2019

  6. Gerd went hiking.


    3.53 km
    3.2 km/h
    80 m
    60 m
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    1. Gerd

      After the alpine skiing was still a short tour of Oberwiesenthal, the highest town in Germany, with a trip to the Czech Republic on the plan. The border crossing was very unspectacular. Unfortunately, I did not find an open café and I did not have the impression that you were prepared for guests. Back in D again, i. in Oberwiesenthal, I still tried to capture some impressions before it darkened.
      Wood carving is widespread in the Erzgebirge, as in Oberwiesenthal. At every turn I came across shops selling the much-praised folk art, such as Nutcracker, pyramids or window decorations of all kinds was sold.

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      • 12/02/2019

  7. Gerd went alpine skiing.


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    1. Gerd

      Probably due to the heavy snowfall komoot has lost the GPS signal, so that the record remained very manageable. Will try again in the next few days ...

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      • 12/02/2019

  8. Gerd went hiking.


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    1. Gerd

      Used a visit with friends to get to know the old town of Köpenick at pre-Christmas time a little.

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      • 16/12/2018

  9. Gerd went hiking.


    7.74 km
    2.9 km/h
    140 m
    140 m
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    1. Gerd

      Satisfied a long-cherished wish and visited the World Heritage city of Bamberg. From the hotel the city "explored" and a variety of attractions (or says highlights ...? 😁) seen. The time-honored city is VERY recommendable! Unfortunately, I was a bit too early, because the time of the crèche setting, which has a tradition of more than 400 years, starts only this coming weekend.

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      • 26/11/2018

  10. Gerd went hiking.


    5.05 km
    3.0 km/h
    50 m
    60 m
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    1. Gerd

      On one of the last (?) Schönwettertage of the year, my feet carried me from Alex, past the town hall, Brandenburg Gate, Bundestag building and Chancellery, to the main station. Nothing spectacular, but it was in the great weather again much fun.

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      • 06/11/2018

About Gerd

In 2012 habe ich angefangen, Touren der verschiedensten Kategorien mit komoot aufzuzeichnen - anfangs sehr sporadisch, später mit wachsender Begeisterung und Intensität. Die Bewegung an der frischen Luft, egal ob mit Fahrrad, auf Skiern oder "Schusters Rappen" ist Ausdruck meiner Lebenseinstellung.
Gern veröffentliche ich meine Touren und erfahre dazu Lob oder auch konstruktive, ehrlich gemeinte Kritik. Mit Interesse und manchmal auch Bewunderung lese ich die tollen Tourbeschreibungen oder Infos ander komootler und gebe bisweilen meine Kommentare ab, wobei es schon eigenartig ist, mit Menschen zu kommunizieren, die man nicht kennt bzw nicht kennenlernen wird - Ausnahmen nicht ausgeschlossen! Das ist interessant und macht zugleich Spaß - im besten Sinne des Wortes.
Meine ausgesprochene Mißbilligung haben jedoch komootler, die andere Touren nur nachfahren, um die Bilder der bereits generierten Highlights mehrfach zu fotografieren, um sie von "ihrer" Community dann vielfach liken zu lassen. So gewonnene Verdienste sind aus meiner Sicht wenig ehrenhaft. Aber "schwarze" Schafe gibt es eben überall...

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