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In 2012 habe ich angefangen, Touren der verschiedensten Kategorien mit komoot aufzuzeichnen - anfangs sehr sporadisch, später mit wachsender Begeisterung und Intensität. Die Bewegung an der frischen Luft, egal ob mit Fahrrad, auf Skiern oder "Schusters Rappen", ist Ausdruck meiner Lebenseinstellung.
Gern veröffentliche ich meine Touren und erfahre dazu Lob oder auch konstruktive, ehrlich gemeinte Kritik. Mit Interesse und manchmal auch Bewunderung lese ich die tollen Tourenbeschreibungen oder Infos anderer komootler und gebe bisweilen meine Kommentare ab, wobei es schon eigenartig ist, mit Menschen zu kommunizieren, die man nicht kennt bzw. wahrscheinlich nicht kennenlernen wird - Ausnahmen nicht ausgeschlossen! Das ist interessant und macht zugleich Spass - im besten Sinne des Wortes.

Distance travelled

9,557 mi

Time in motion

1226:18 h

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  1. Gerd and Jens went mountain biking.

    3 days ago

    41.5 mi
    9.3 mph
    2,150 ft
    2,175 ft
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    1. Gerd

      Although quite familiar with the Oderbruch, there is always something new to discover on every tour. This time it was the monument to the pioneer of agriculture Johann Gottlieb Koppe in Reichenow as well as the bat museum in Julianenhof. Or you realize that things have changed because the large construction sites on the natural gas route have become fields again.
      The weather was good for us and the tour was very relaxed!

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Gerd went mountain biking.

    April 11, 2021

    65.1 mi
    10.5 mph
    2,925 ft
    2,975 ft
    1. Gerd

      With spring-like beautiful weather and the wonderful scent of flowers, we were drawn back into nature.
      First it went over the ZR1 to Rehfelde to the R1, which was followed to Waldsieversdorf. There they switched to the Oderbruchbahnradweg. Dahmsdorf, Müncheberg, Behlendorf, Heinersdorf, Hasenfelde and Arensdorf were the well-known stopovers before reaching the Buchholz ice garden. As usual, it was well attended because the delicious ice cream is widely known 🍦.
      Diedersdorf was reached via Lietzen, past the Commandery and the Neuentempel church for cyclists. Here we left the Oderbruchbahnradweg in the direction of Alt-Rosenthal, where we visited Ulrich Plenzdorf's grave. Then we drove on a great MTB trail along the Ostbahn and reached Trebnitz and thus again the R1. This was then followed and we got back to Strausberg via Buckow in a very unspectacular manner.

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      • April 11, 2021

  3. Gerd went mountain biking.

    April 4, 2021

    62.6 mi
    10.8 mph
    2,700 ft
    2,675 ft
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    1. Gerd

      On the way there we drove via Lichtenow, Kagel, Grünheide, Fangschleuse, Spreenhagen and followed passages of the Spree cycle path before we reached the highly valued coffee roastery in Bad Saarow via Fürstenwalde, where we enjoyed the finest coffee and delicious cakes.
      The way back led again via Füwa and then largely along the Brandenburg tour to Lichtenow. From there it went via Hennickendorf to the starting point of the tour.

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      • April 4, 2021

  4. Gerd and Jens went mountain biking.

    March 31, 2021

    39.4 mi
    9.7 mph
    1,800 ft
    1,800 ft
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    1. Gerd

      In glorious sunshine, the Krugberg, which is considered the highest elevation in the MOL district, was the destination of the round tour. Past the Strausberg airfield, it went to Garzin. Here the R1 was followed to Buckow. The spruce tree was soon reached via the serpentines, or rather what was left. In 2007 the 200 year old tree fell victim to the storm Kyril.
      Through the Drachenkehle, which is a fantastic hiking trail and also a MTB trail, we "climbed" to the well-known Krugberg, from where you have a very nice view all the way to Pritzhagen.
      In Reichenberg there was the opportunity for a small snack and a fragrant coffee at the "Schweizer".
      Via Ihlow and Prädikow we got back to the starting point of the tour.

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      • April 1, 2021

  5. Gerd went mountain biking.

    March 21, 2021

    40.3 mi
    10.3 mph
    1,075 ft
    1,100 ft
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    1. Gerd

      Immediately after the rain stopped, we went back to the Barnim on well-known and partly new paths with strong and cold headwinds. Only on the way back and now the wind from behind we were caressed by "Klärchen", but we didn't really break a sweat ... 😉

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      • March 21, 2021

  6. Gerd went for a hike.

    March 14, 2021

    5.84 mi
    2.6 mph
    250 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Gerd

      The entrance to the NSG Lange-Damm-Wiesen can be found just a few hundred meters from the train station, right behind the barrier. First a bit along the railway line, you soon come to the Kalkmoor and cross a nice little bridge. Amazingly, there are several relatively well-preserved resting places at short intervals. Cattle and sheep on extensive meadows complete the ambience of this charming landscape. After the Lemke feed mill, which is ideal for a rest in better times, the listed peat house was soon reached along the new road. Past the Neue Mühle, where Mühlenteich and Annafließ merge, the suburb of Strausberg was reached again a short time later.

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      • March 14, 2021

  7. Gerd went for a hike.

    March 7, 2021

    3.21 mi
    2.6 mph
    100 ft
    125 ft
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    1. Gerd

      Very unspectacular round with a cloudy sky around the Herrensee, where everything has already been photographed and described a thousand times. There were a lot of people out there who all had one thing in common - the need for a little exercise in the fresh air 🚶.

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      • March 7, 2021

  8. Gerd and 2 others went for a hike.

    February 27, 2021

    13.4 mi
    2.7 mph
    650 ft
    725 ft
    1. Gerd

      With pleasant temperatures and dry paths, Jens and I followed the hiking recommendation as far as possible. At the lock in Woltersdorf, however, we couldn't avoid paying a short visit to the Knappe bakery ☕🍪.
      It was all a lot of fun and also a funny thought that small groups of hikers from all over Berlin completed their section at the same time.

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      • February 27, 2021

  9. Gerd and Jens went mountain biking.

    February 25, 2021

    38.2 mi
    9.3 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,350 ft
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    1. Gerd

      Just used the last few hours of the great weather and drove to the Barnim again. In Bernau, with its very attractive old town, there was a delicious snack from Arabic cuisine - in hand, of course. Or as it is called in modern German: to go! 😉
      For the way back to Strausberg we decided on a new variant not far from the A10 via Blumberg, Mehrow and Trappenfelde. To Blumberg on the country road (😏), then a flawless trail for MTB, which finally turned into a great bike path with excellent surface and led us to Altlandsberg. As it turned out, this was a section of the ZR1. From Altlandsberg to Strausberg on well-known paths.

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      • February 25, 2021

  10. Gerd and Jens went mountain biking.

    February 21, 2021

    51.7 mi
    10.3 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,625 ft
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    1. Gerd

      The unusually mild and beautiful weather for February lured many people outside today - including Jens and me.
      As the turning point of today's tour, we chose the former command bunker of Grand Admiral Dönitz near Lobetal, which was blown up shortly after the war. A gloomy ruin that has since been conquered by amateur alpinists. Interestingly, we also passed the parsonage where the former party and state head of the GDR, Honecker, lived for some time.
      Via Werneuchen, where there was a particularly great café before Corona, past the former military airfield and Hirschfelde, we reached the starting point of our trip in a good mood.

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      • February 21, 2021

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