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  1. Steffi went for a hike.

    February 14, 2021

    3.75 mi
    2.8 mph
    700 ft
    700 ft
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    1. Steffi

      Today: familiar lap, different starting point, different direction. So it goes pretty uphill at first, because we are nice and warm.Maybe the last chance to enjoy the great snow here. It is really spring-like and the full between lively. In the forest it was wonderfully quiet and just an enchanting snowy landscape. 3 little deer scurried across my path and again and again the already slightly warming sun on my face. Nice! 🤩

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      • February 14, 2021

  2. Steffi went for a hike.

    February 13, 2021

    3.25 mi
    2.9 mph
    650 ft
    625 ft
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    1. Steffi

      The weather is just too great to be left unused. 😎 The fresh air was also good for your head and it was really wonderful outside! Only up on the mountain did the wind whistle in a mighty icy way. Despite the hat, it became 🧣🧤 a little uncomfortable.

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      • February 14, 2021

  3. Steffi went for a hike.

    January 16, 2021

    3.54 mi
    2.6 mph
    675 ft
    675 ft
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    1. Steffi

      I really wanted to hike through the snow again - regardless of the weather 🙂. After a few minutes I was nice and warm anyway and I had a hot tea with me. In places the paths were icy and smooth as glass, but mostly it was just beautiful and wintry ❄️⛄️ and was a lot of fun! Highlight: I ran into a deer in a hurry twice. 🦌😍 is a special moment every time. ☺️ Unfortunately, my icy fingers were too slow for a photo.
      In any case, it was a nice Saturday snow walk and I hope you also had a lot of time for nice tours!

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      • January 16, 2021

  4. Steffi went for a hike.

    January 9, 2021

    3.13 mi
    2.7 mph
    625 ft
    650 ft
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    1. Steffi

      I ran away rather haphazardly. The main thing is winter wonderland. ☀️⛄️
      Oooh so beautiful!

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      • January 9, 2021

  5. Steffi went for a hike.

    December 19, 2020

    5.21 mi
    2.6 mph
    1,075 ft
    1,150 ft
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    1. Steffi

      Always a beautiful route with all the trimmings: paths, wide paths, up and down, view and forest. In addition, the round allows you to make small adjustments again and again, depending on the form of the day or your mood. Today very muddy in places, but due to the lack of foliage with many beautiful views of Heidelberg. And the forest smells just fantastic of moisture and leaves.

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      • December 25, 2020

  6. Steffi went for a hike.

    November 28, 2020

    6.40 mi
    2.4 mph
    1,675 ft
    1,700 ft
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    1. Steffi

      When hiking through the forest in fog, I always find a very special atmosphere and have been looking forward to this excursion for the whole week. I had hoped that the sun would break a bit through the gray up at the summit. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful in the end 🤩, but luckily I had nothing else to do, so I spontaneously ran a few extra loops and tried new great paths.In the cloud of fog you could hear the moisture dripping from the branches everywhere, sometimes you could only see a few meters away. 🌫 Shortly before the summit a bit of sun broke through for the first time and then ... suddenly blue sky !! ☀️Above the cloud. The valley under a padded blanket. Unfortunately, Komoot messed up the images a bit.
      I really enjoyed the tour to the Heiligenberg, to the Hölderlin facility and back along the Philosophenweg. I can only recommend this to every Heidelberg tourist who loves hiking. I'm sure I'll repeat this again at another time of the year. But today the highlight was the fog-sun drama. A great day that I really enjoyed ☺️

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      • November 29, 2020

  7. Steffi went for a hike.

    October 31, 2020

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    1. Steffi

      So what was going on there?
      What a great weather! ☀️
      Such a nice tour. 🗺
      And then?
      Did I go too late somehow? I was somehow not fit. Did I turn back halfway so I wouldn't end up in the dark on my feet? 🌚 Do I have sore muscles at home (how long have I been out of training? 🤭).
      But then I also had a wonderful afternoon! Did I like climbing on the rocks and according to the original plan I would never have been able to enjoy the beautiful sunset atmosphere on the Rötzenstein. It was wonderfully quiet in the evening forest. It smelled like autumn. Was there a breathtaking rise of the full moon on the way home (which I unfortunately couldn't capture photographically)
      And: there is still one hiking destination open 😃 The next time will definitely come, and then it will work “all around” 😅

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      • November 2, 2020

  8. Steffi went for a hike.

    October 24, 2020

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    1. Steffi

      Small excursion - for a change to the other side of the Neckar than usual. Also very nice trails, also very nice view and of course today: a wonderful golden autumn day 🍁☀️🍂

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      • October 24, 2020

  9. Steffi went for a hike.

    October 4, 2020

    5.11 mi
    2.5 mph
    1,175 ft
    1,125 ft
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    1. Steffi

      Clean the bathroom, wash the laundry and in between - spontaneously - run around the “local mountain” and collect dinner Abendessen
      Such a wonderful autumn day!

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      • October 4, 2020

  10. Steffi went for a hike.

    September 16, 2020

    2.73 mi
    2.8 mph
    750 ft
    650 ft
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    1. Steffi

      Not the route I originally wanted to go and not the sunset I was hoping for. And surrounded by mosquitos without ceasing. But: a very nice evening excursion to clear your head. This time not from Schriesheim, but from Dossenheim. 🙂

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      • September 16, 2020

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