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Lipper aus Leidenschaft, mit Fahrrad und per pedes in der Region unterwegs, zumeist gemeinsam mit Tinchen, meiner Frau.
Fernab jedweden Wettbewerbs möchte ich den interessanten Teil meiner Touren mit Euch teilen und mich von Euren Unternehmungen inspirieren lassen !
Freue mich immer über schöne Touren-Vorschläge und nette Menschen zum Erfahrungsaustausch.
Kontakt: Michael-Komoot@web.de

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4,361 mi

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478:33 h

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  1. Michael and Tinchen went for a bike ride.

    October 10, 2020

    30.2 mi
    9.9 mph
    3,075 ft
    2,975 ft
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    1. Michael

      Inspired by yesterday's tours by two Komoot friends from the very beginning (thank you, Dietmar and EMTB! I hope I can speak of “friends”, although we haven't met yet😉) we too headed north of Hamelin today opened.
      I tried to put together an even better one from yesterday's two great tours.
      Unfortunately, this has gone into the Buxe 😂
      The weather was great, the well-known highlights (Hohenstein / Süntelturm) as well, and those unknown to us (Hamelspringe / Bad Münder) as beautiful as the pictures promised.
      With the route guidance in between and afterwards, however, I had properly "clicked" myself, or perhaps the wrong sport was preset (mountain hiking? 😂)
      We were allowed to push a few times, and the overland return trip behind Bad Münder was not really overstimulated ..... therefore not necessarily recommended for descending now ❌.
      But definitely the highlights! A great mountain, beautiful forest sections and magnificent views just have to be connected sensibly.
      The only depressing moment of today's tour was the realization that the number of memorials on the Hohenstein has increased significantly

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      • October 10, 2020

  2. Michael went for a bike ride.

    October 4, 2020

    37.2 mi
    12.1 mph
    2,600 ft
    2,600 ft
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    1. Michael

      Spontaneous decision to get on the bike today gedreht and take a well-known lap to Bad Pyrmont to the three towers.
      That means, a few new sections were in there, because the ⛰ mountain was approached "from behind" over Grießem ....
      Strong wind 💨 today, but kindly not always from the front 😉! If so, it got violent. I also found the climbs difficult today, despite the second battery 🥵 ....
      The great forest paths are littered with broken branches today, concentration is required. Nevertheless, great round, which can be recommended, also has sections for the Mountis ⛰.

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      • October 4, 2020

  3. Michael went for a bike ride.

    October 3, 2020

    27.3 mi
    11.6 mph
    1,800 ft
    1,800 ft
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    1. Michael

      Today I went to Detmold alone, zigzagging a few points, for which I would like to add highlights. Contrary to expectations, the weather from Mosebeck was really great☀️
      Despite the public holiday, the bike paths are completely empty, the city center as well ... where are all of them? 😉

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      • October 3, 2020

  4. Hannes Scott Genius 720 and 5 others went mountain biking.

    October 2, 2020

    27.2 mi
    9.5 mph
    475 ft
    425 ft
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    1. Manuela

      It was a very nice tour

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      • October 2, 2020

  5. Andreas aus Bielefeld and 5 others went for a bike ride.

    October 2, 2020

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    1. Manuela

      Thanks for the great tour 👍

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      • October 2, 2020

  6. Michael went for a bike ride.

    September 27, 2020

    16.8 mi
    11.2 mph
    1,100 ft
    1,100 ft
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    1. Michael

      Duties of democracy done, even if my favorites were no longer on the slip 😉.
      Before that, with Tinchen to Detmold, should actually be a bigger round. Then at the hangar I noticed that somehow I don't feel like riding my bike today ... so back and on the couch. Afterwards, watch a little regional league at the junior, and the weekend is already over again

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      • September 27, 2020

  7. Michael and Tinchen went for a bike ride.

    September 25, 2020

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    1. Michael

      The shame of last weekend, not having conquered a hill in the Lippe region for the first time despite the battery das, had gnawed at the e-cyclist's honor and of course had to be redeemed immediately 😉!So today we headed for the Hungerberg again from Nieheim. So that it’s worth it, a round of the Nieheimer 🎭 Art Path, well known, but always worthwhile, whether hiked or experienced 👍🏽. However, it does not seem to be very busy anymore, because the paths between the works of art are sometimes barely recognizable because they are almost overgrown .....
      This time, at Dietmar's tip, approached the Hungerberg from behind with a dangling ..... I had to push a fair bit 🥵I still had to, think that an E-MTB would get you up there without dismounting.
      No matter how, the view from the tower makes up for everything 👍🏽🙏☀️🏔 !!!
      Make sure you plan in it, super great up there, that's why there are a few pictures too many today 😉!
      Of course, the reward for climbing the summit followed immediately: after a steep descent, an immediate break in the Klosterkrug at Marienmünster Abbey. Great place, super nice and a great crust with fried potatoes 😋. It is remarkable that the stove was fired up again especially for us, actually the kitchen had closed shortly before ... a big thank you for that 🙏!
      The return trip through the fields rounded off a very nice little tour that we can definitely recommend!

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      • September 25, 2020

  8. Michael and Tinchen went for a bike ride.

    September 20, 2020

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    1. Michael

      A wonderful end to a great late summer bike weekend!
      From Hann.Münden (what a great half-timbered town, in the alleys you could think you are on the Moselle (Bernkastel-Kues)!) We went along the Fulda towards Kassel. The Fulda Cycle Path is a dream😍, knows only a few sections on the Weser that can keep up. Almost always close to the bank and with a view of the (astonishingly wide!) River, after about 25 km you reach the outskirts of Kassel, and there a first view of the Hercules and the Wilhelmshöhen .... we should go up 😩🥵 ???
      The fear was unfounded, at least when you are on the road with a battery like us. The entire journey surprisingly green and entertaining. Kassel has a lot to offer on this route!
      But respect all hikers and biobikers who tackle it up to the top 👍🏽. The view (or better said the looks at all levels of the approach compensate for everything 😍🏰🚲 ..... a feast for the eyes, especially in this weather today!
      The way back through the other parks in the city and the detour to the orangery are anything but boring❤️.
      Great city, great bike path, we can recommend the tour as much as we rode it ☀️👍🏽🌳!

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      • September 20, 2020

  9. Michael and Tinchen went for a bike ride.

    September 19, 2020

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    1. Michael

      Aaaaaaaarminia, you play soooo nice😍,
      Come on, let's go to the Alm now ⚽️,
      The sooooo city is wiiiiiie bewitched 🧙‍♀️,
      And just look how the points account grows 🖤🤍💙 ....... 🎶 🎵
      First first division point after almost 11 1/2 years ❤️

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      • September 19, 2020

  10. Michael went for a bike ride.

    September 18, 2020

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    1. Michael

      Fridays free, long weekend and soooo a little weather ☀️☀️☀️☀️. And then the chance for a one-way tour, because Tinchen has to do in the north ... so drove a little towards her!
      The route can be easily divided into two sections, as far as my personal assessment is concerned:
      1) the first 70 km top 😍😍
      Lipperland, Bonstapel, Weserweg to behind Minden: wonderful ❤️
      2) the last 45 km flop 🥴
      Barren, boring, no water in sight, only street with or often without a bike path.
      Perhaps this division is also a little bit influenced by the constant headwind, which did not break through in the Lippe mountainous region, but was unnerving in the wasteland behind Minden and tasted plenty of grain, despite eco support.
      Most of the restorations on the route were tight. A lean wheat was the reward for the hardships 😂, in addition to the foresighted muesli.
      I'm not sure yet whether I want to ride my bike tomorrow 😂.
      Have a nice Friday evening and Schalke 3 points 😉 to keep it exciting ⚽️!

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      • September 18, 2020

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