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  1. ulinator and Eric went for a bike ride.

    5 days ago

    17.8 mi
    9.3 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,325 ft
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    1. ulinator

      Another bike tour was decided spontaneously in the newly formed trio Swet, Eric and me. Knowing that the days are now much shorter than a week or two ago, we saddled our aluminum horses at 5:30 p.m. and drove roughly south.
      Above all, Swet is still in build mode, which means that she is not too keen to experiment and gives preference to known routes without much ups and downs.
      With a lot of persuasion and gentle coercion, however, I managed to convince her to some extent of a lap to Koenigsfeld - a lap that I already appreciated in my early days as a biker and that gives me just as much pleasure today as it did then .
      As always, it was tough towards Locherhof, once through the depression and up again and Mariazell was already in sight, which we left on the left to Weiler.
      At the end of the village in the direction of Königsfeld, we turned right and met the finely graveled, almost sandy bike path that brought us to the edge of the forest parallel to the road to Burgberg.
      Short climbs and descents alternated, small wooden bridges provided solid ground for a short time, so this part was varied and felt quite quickly completed.
      In Burgberg, after a short break, we met the bike path again, which from then on brought us closer to our intermediate destination on a very pleasant slope along the Königsfelder Weiher.
      The health resort was crossed along the considerably heavily frequented main road and left again along the Doniswald towards the golf course.
      Instead of using the road to Buchenberg, we opt for the gravel forest path, which first rose briefly and then fell sharply to the Waldau ruins.
      From there there was one last steeper slope to be mastered to Hardt, after which all difficulties were behind us.
      All but one, because the advanced time ensured that dusk quickly set in, which I was able to delay a bit by taking off my sunglasses at the beginning, but which finally prevailed later.
      So we decided to drop the original plan to return home via the Sulgen and drove the shorter route via Mariazell and Locherhof. This means that the map does not look like a classic round, but - admittedly: somewhat crippled - balloons.
      Shortly after 8:00 p.m. we reached the home straight and Swet can now proudly claim to have climbed a step, because even if all the slopes are moderate or short, there are still some and require a bit of bite.
      It did well (even if I was cursed a little at first) and the many impressions and sights along the way fool you over some difficult hurdles.

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      • 4 days ago

  2. ulinator and Eric planned a hike.

    7 days ago

    16.8 mi
    2.1 mph
    2,400 ft
    2,400 ft
    1. ulinator

      The Scheffelweg was previously only known to me as a geocacher and in the end I completed it in three parts and a few extra dangles, because at that time I could not imagine hiking such a route in one go.
      I would like to make up for that now and the coming autumn will certainly offer some opportunities for this.
      I have not yet set a specific date, but the trend based on my free time would be mid-October.Since I like to tackle such undertakings early, the latest start should be at 8:00 a.m., and earlier if possible.What awaits us are wonderful high-altitude trails along the Neckartrauf, which offer ever changing views of the valley towns of Altoberndorf and Aistaig.
      Striking highlights are not missing either, and I'll just list a few of them: at the start of the Stockbrunnen there is the somewhat hidden ruin Waseneck, after a descent to Altoberndorf it goes over the Kreuzweg to the Kreuzberg chapel, from where we hike back down to the valley on the opposite side to the Schlatthof near Boll.
      This is followed by one of the most beautiful sections near and mostly above the striking Oberndorf rocks, where, thanks to countless seating areas, there is certainly also a place for a rest.
      The last valley crossing takes us through Aistaig back to the other side, where we reach the Lindenhof via forest paths. Garnished with many valley views from the other side, we return to the Stockbrunnen via forest and field paths.
      Those who want to join are cordially invited. Everyone should organize their own travel and meals.
      I think the duration of 8 hours calculated by Komoot is easily feasible and can therefore be used as a guide from my point of view.

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      • 7 days ago

  3. ulinator went for a hike.

    September 12, 2020

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    1. ulinator

      The vague idea of experiencing a sunrise in the great outdoors once more became the deed. For many people, when it was still asleep at night, I parked my vehicle on Plettenbergstrasse and hiked the steep ascent across the forest in the light of a flashlight. I was surrounded by a great atmosphere and the path I was actually very familiar with seemed to never end.
      Since the GPS reception was extremely poor today, I was transferred digitally here and there. So one should excuse some implausibility of the route guidance.
      Arrived on the plateau, my way led me to the cross, where I sat down for a while and watched with fascination as the blackness of the night became almost imperceptibly the gray of an early day.
      When the first colors began to show up, I decided to head for the prominent points on the plateau in order to capture the constantly changing lighting conditions and moods. For this reason, my recording is not suitable for imitation, because I kept shuttling back and forth between the Kreuz and Zollernblick until the position of the sun had reached a point at which the play of light and color decreased somewhat.
      I followed the descent, which I had already walked several times on the way to the Schafberg, but turned right and made my way through forest paths of various types.
      At the golf course I got a glimpse of the nearby Hausen am Tann and the forests behind, partly still shrouded in fog.
      There was still a piece of asphalt to walk before I used an almost unrecognizable path through the tall, damp grass again, which gradually brought me to the second ascent to the Plettenberg, but this time coming from the south side.
      The sweaty, steep, almost alpine path was nothing new to me either, as it was a short stage of this year's 24-hour hike.
      The few hours of sleep and the omitted breakfast, however, took a toll here, because the ascent was unusually difficult for me. But the viewpoints motivated and so I reached the plateau, completely soaked and puffing, for the second time, which on this side directly on the Traufweg has much more beautiful views to offer.
      The descent to the hut was convenient for me to regenerate energy that I could use for the steep and stony to rocky way back in the upper part.
      In a small left loop I used the gravel road back to Dotternhausen, where my vehicle was waiting for me at the now lit parking lot.
      The alignment of the viewpoints on Plettenberg is not exactly ideal for sunrises, but the mood with the changing light conditions is always indescribably beautiful.
      I am sure that I will be heading for other worthwhile destinations early in the morning. The perforated stone, for example, would be well suited with its free-standing rock nose. For today I was satisfied, but like after a good meal, hunger comes back at some point. 😎

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      • September 12, 2020

  4. ulinator planned a hike.

    September 5, 2020

    6.16 mi
    2.5 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,125 ft
  5. ulinator went on a Tour.

    September 3, 2020

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    1. ulinator

      A highlight of this year's vacation was a visit to the Hirschgrund Zipline Area. In a valley cut near Schiltach, along the Heubach, seven cable cars were laid in the forest and across the valley.
      Since Junior now easily meets the required minimum weight of 40 kg, we were able to reserve an appointment without any problems.
      A little below the official parking lot, our guide (a guide, to put it more precisely) gave us the equipment, consisting of a harness, a helmet and a pulley with safety carabiners and, of course, instruction on how to use the material when it matters .
      In a harmonious group of seven, whose members came from Bamberg and Pforzheim, among others, we climbed a steep forest path up the slope to the first two exercise routes.
      Over a length of just 20 meters (which is still more than in some high ropes courses) we drove rapidly from tree to tree and got used to the hand movements of inserting the pulley and releasing and releasing it again.
      Then it went seamlessly to the first lift, which is over 200 meters long and 50 meters high and is already going at full speed. You literally fly out of the forest and at the end you are professionally slowed down by the guide who has driven ahead or, if necessary, pulled the last few meters to the finish platform.
      And right on this track there was a rescue operation, because one woman from our group did not have enough momentum and she missed the grip on the loop on the brake block. So she drove back to the middle of the track and got stuck 50 meters above the ground.
      Equipped for such cases, our guide quickly moved to the lady and put her on the lifeline. With the help of me and another helper, we finally pulled them to the platform. Although this experience is pure routine for the employees, for the poor participant the oven was unfortunately out. Although she successfully drove two more trains, she disengaged herself and hiked back to the parking lot on one of the numerous emergency exits.
      We, however, continued to have a lot of fun. Every lift has a special trick, be it a high speed or a start with a run-up, valley views on the way in all directions or even a rather leisurely ride with the risk of not getting enough momentum (which didn't happen to any of us).
      After three more descents, we were allowed to complete a last, steep ascent, which was very nice to walk thanks to natural paths and was upgraded with two tree trunks, into which steps were cut, with an exciting component called the "sky ladder".
      The final act is undoubtedly the masterpiece, because the last zipline called Gründlebahn extends over a whopping 570 meters and 82 meters in height. Time enough to snap photos on the way and still enjoy the view.
      After the successful last landing on the target ramp, it was unfortunately over after a good two hours. There was a short descent back into the valley, where a last obstacle was set up within sight of the parking lot: a stream crossing on a rope bridge. Then the circle was closed, the equipment was put down and the action was over.
      In any case, Junior and I both agreed that it was a really great campaign that could have gone on even longer. So I can only recommend it. On the well-designed website you can find all the information, as well as a booking calendar, which is also necessary, because as soon as we were sitting in the car, 21 other visitors in three groups took up the challenge.

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      • September 3, 2020

  6. ulinator went for a bike ride.

    September 2, 2020

    30.6 mi
    12.6 mph
    2,350 ft
    2,375 ft
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    1. ulinator

      Another bike tour decided on instinct began in stable but also cool late summer weather on the doorstep and the trend was clearly in the direction of north-west.
      On dirt roads uch mostly circumnavigated Seedorf, Waldmössingen and Heiligenbronn and reached Rötenberg, a former turning point of earlier bike tours.
      Today I crossed the village and drifted a good five kilometers down a pleasant slope into the valley to Rötenbach.
      For the first time in my life I rode the famous Kinzig Valley Cycle Path to Schiltach.
      Along the stream, I was led unerringly on the cycle path to Schramberg, which is quite tough compared to the watercourse.
      So the ascent over the Alte Steige was correspondingly difficult for me today.
      Sweaty and cold I arrived on the Sulgen, emptied my bottle and started to walk home.
      Looking back from the bathtub, it was overall a very nice tour with a lot of Kinzig valley impressions 😁

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      • September 2, 2020

  7. ulinator went for a hike.

    August 27, 2020

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    1. ulinator

      After visiting the wolf and bear park, which today presented us with many beautiful scenes of both species, we made a detour to the nearby Burgbachfelsen and the associated waterfall.
      Especially for Elian, whom we were allowed to take care of today, the wild nature around us was an excellent adventure playground.
      Even the rocky approach to the waterfall awakened the little alpinist in him and the waterfall itself is of course worth more than a look.
      The rock can be climbed relatively easily via a gravel and rock path, as well as a few roughly hewn stone steps in the upper part and offers a beautiful view of the low-lying valley with the viewing house at the top.
      Here, too, the little man blossomed and could hardly be stopped when it was time to "climb".
      In the end, the schnapps fountain was just right, even if we had mineral water and apple spritzer on the program.
      It was foreseeable that the return trip would have a drowsy effect, but it was also highly deserved.

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      • August 27, 2020

  8. ulinator and Eric went for a bike ride.

    August 25, 2020

    24.8 mi
    11.5 mph
    2,575 ft
    2,575 ft
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    1. ulinator

      After I had already driven a good dozen kilometers with Junior to get used to it, but I didn't want to let Eric down, it came to a second tour with the clear announcement: but not 40 kilometers! Well, that worked
      Otherwise, my intention was to show Eric the Trichtinger Mühlental and then to try a pleasant variant back to the heights in Oberndorf.
      We fought our way over the Stockbrunnen to Beffendorf and used the infinite variety of the network of paths there to finally get back to the starting point via Seedorf. With a cool headwind, it was time.
      We especially recommend the Mühlental along the stream over two small bridges and despite the continuous incline it is very pleasant to drive.
      If you like the Drehwurm, you can drive up the Rondell in Oberndorf and if you don't feel like visiting the Lindenhof, you can use the long but much flatter Bösinger Steige to the Stockbrunnen. It was all there and it was fun 👌😉

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      • August 25, 2020

  9. ulinator went for a bike ride.

    August 22, 2020

    25.6 mi
    12.0 mph
    2,650 ft
    2,625 ft
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    1. ulinator

      After a heavy rain phase that lasted the whole morning, it was actually called for to stay at home - I don't lack suitable indoor hobbies.
      But the small scraps of blue sky finally seduced me to go somewhere against the wind and somehow I was tempted to drive up the mountain, which is why I took the shortest route to the Schramberg valley town again.
      This time, for the first time, I decided on a variant through the Berneck Valley, which I have only driven downhill so far, knowing full well that it could be tough.
      So the way towards Tennenbronn was set and in a pleasant but long-lasting incline it went up through the rock-reinforced valley along the cheerfully rushing brook. Yes, it was tough, but the many visual impressions around me, which I know very well from various hikes, knew how to motivate and the Sarajevo Club seemed to have organized a live band especially for me when I passed it.
      The forest became lighter and I finally found myself in front of the curvy ascent towards Hardt - not dramatic and with an average of 12% also feasible without an e-bike 😎, but after five kilometers uphill it should not be underestimated.
      So bathed in sweat I found myself at the highest point after a route garnished with many beautiful valley views and headed for Hardt. From here it would not be far to the front door, but I felt the desire for something more, knowing full well that everything I would take detours from here would mean further - albeit short - up and down trips.
      On the Königsfelder Straße I drifted down a pleasant slope and passed the today extremely well-attended ruins of Waldau near Buchenberg, which I like to use again and again for a visit including the tower climb. Today, however, I drove past it and took the last few meters over Angelmoos to the Königsfeld golf course and finally got to the beautifully landscaped center of the health resort.
      For the way back I used the bike path to Buchenberg, which is fantastic to ride and leads over and over again over small bridges and gentle curves through the forest or along it. Past the idyllic pond, I finally reached Buchenberg, also equipped with a small ruin, and pedaled up the Höhne, where the cycle path to Weiler started again.
      In terms of nature, I drove uphill and downhill over coarse sand, always pressing the brake in good time, as the path makes a hard bend more than once exactly in the depression, which you can miss thanks to the ground 😁
      A last upswing after a short forest stage brought me to Weiler, from where I went back home via Mariazell and Locherhof, where I used the paddling pool at home to cool off for the last time this summer, as the great heat wave now seems to be over.
      All in all, I made good use of the unexpected rain-free hours.

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      • August 23, 2020

  10. ulinator went for a hike.

    August 17, 2020

    2.57 mi
    3.1 mph
    350 ft
    325 ft
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    1. ulinator

      Another lunch break was used to exchange the heat of the office for the heat of the great outdoors, the latter also sweaty, but much more bearable.
      Since I was very well entertained by my colleague M. during the entire lap, this time I did not get to capture a few visual impressions. Let me see it.

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      • August 23, 2020

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