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  1. Grifo went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    7.96 mi
    3.5 mph
    750 ft
    750 ft
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    1. Grifo

      My winter hike began in Neuses, a village or small district of Freigericht in the Hessian part of the Vorderespessart. Here I first went to the southern hill and crossed the L3339 at a wayside shrine. After some dirt roads I crossed the Hessian-Bavarian border near the Albstädter Lakes. These three fishing ponds along the Wehmigbach lie on the edge of the forest and belong to Albstadt, located in Bavaria. From here it went uphill through the forest towards Michelbach. The forest paths led along the western slope of the Steinkaute and finally brought me to the upper slopes of the northernmost wine-growing region in Bavaria, the Apostle Garden in Michelbach. From some vantage points, such as a steel hut, a stone vineyard house or a simple chair, you have a good view of Michelbach in the Unteren Kahlgrund and, in good weather, further west into the Rhine-Main area. A direct path downhill then brought me to Michelbach. There I first approached the castle via Bogenstraße and then left Michelbach again via Barbarossastraße. At the end of the village it went to an unpaved point over the Weibersbach and so to the fields north of Michelbach. The hike through a wintry landscape finally brought me to Maisenhausen, a privately owned old farm. The path continued past Albstadt to a small barbecue area or a memorial in the middle of a forest, and from there to a hill south of the Wehmigbach. Trudging through deep snow on a field path, I then crossed the depression with the Wehmigbach and reached the northern hill. On the bike path along the L3339 I met Hessenweg 2, which runs in this area on the Hessian-Bavarian border. I then followed the H2 along the hill to get back to Neuses via a branching dirt road downhill.The first photos have already been published, but not yet properly placed. Placement and further photos will follow.

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      • about 13 hours ago

  2. Grifo went for a hike.

    January 15, 2021

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    1. Grifo

      Short winter hike in the Freigericht: From the parking lot at the gondola pond, I walked the Vorderespessartblick circuit. It went first to Horbach and from there over the ridge and past numerous small and large ponds to Waldrode. From there it went over icy paths on the ridge, which, because of the many fields, allows a wide view of Gelnhausen in the Kinzig Valley, the Vogelsberg and the Wetterau, among others. The path then led downhill through the forest back into the valley, where I followed the Näßlichbach back to the gondola pond.

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      • January 16, 2021

  3. Grifo went for a hike.

    January 5, 2021

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    1. Grifo

      Small round in the open-air court: It started in the center of Neuses, past the church on the Kirchhohl to the playground on the upper edge of the village. The path to the left of the playground led the muddy path to a barbecue area, a wayside shrine and finally to a biker hut. Again a paved road under the feet, we went uphill to Rodfeld, where the Rodfeld Tower is at the parking lot. This enables a distant view from west to north to east, e.g. also to the Ronneburg. The Fernblick restaurant next to it is unfortunately currently closed. Then we went downhill in the forest via the Huguenot path to the fishing ponds of Albstadt, and from there past the tennis facility in Albstadt back to Neuses via dirt roads.

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      • January 5, 2021

  4. Grifo went for a hike.

    November 27, 2020

    1. Grifo

      I spontaneously decided on a short hike. Because of the autumn weather, I stayed in my corner and decided on a route around the Staufen. The start and finish was the parking lot at the Waldgaststätte Gundelhard, which can be reached from Kelkheim and Lorsbach. However, it is not possible to drive through it because of the barrier and the agricultural path.
      First it was a slight uphill on the Sonnenweg along the forest edge. With the turn on the Amtsbotenweg it went steeply before I had to deal with a really crisp incline on the Neuburger-Haag-Weg. Only the last section became flatter, and I have already reached the rocks of the Großer Mannstein. Unfortunately this time everything was in the fog. There were no Taunus mountains to see the Großer Feldberg and the Altkönig. Königstein and its castle were also hidden in the gray, as was Fischbach at the foot of the Staufen. Not to mention the Frankfurt skyline and the distant heights of the Spessart and Odenwald. All these places are otherwise easy to see.
      We continued on the Alfred-Hermann-Steig, which first passed the highest point of the Staufen and then led back steeply downhill to the Amtsbotenweg. When I turned right, I took the narrow path on the left at the next intersection, while the Amtsbotenweg goes downhill to the right. The narrow one actually leads directly to the Mendelsohn-Bartholdy rock, but ultimately also over some small rocks. I had therefore decided on a narrow beaten path that turns off to the right after a few meters and, through thicker vegetation, also led downhill to the rock. From the Mendelsohn-Bartholdy rock you can see Eppstein and its castle, as well as the imperial temple on the right of the rock. If visibility is good, this continues to Niedernhausen, as well as the mountains Kellerskopf and Hohe Kanzel.
      Then we went to the emperor's temple itself, next to which there is also a small hotel or restaurant. From the temple, built in 1894 to commemorate the founding of the empire in 1871, you have almost the same view, but here you can also see the Atzelberg (formerly with an observation tower, now only with a transmission tower) in the north.
      To get back to Gundelhard, I chose a different route than before. First back to the Mendelsohn-Bartholdy rock, I finally went on a path above the viewpoint that runs halfway up the slope through the Lorsbach valley. Unfortunately, this path has no name, but in the end it leads to Rendezvous-Platz and on to Walterstein, a rocky promontory in the Lorsbach valley. Since the valley here has some tight curves and the rock is surrounded by trees, the view from Walterstein is also rather modest. At most the rocks themselves could be interesting. The place with its bench is well suited for a rest.
      It went further uphill. This path meets the Sonnenweg again later, and would have been the shortest and most direct route to Gundelhard. However, as soon as the path is flattened, you come to the edge of the forest, which, due to its altitude, allows for a distant view. This time, even with the sun breaking through, it wasn't possible. Normally you can see Frankfurt, the beginning of the Kinzig valley and the Spessart in the east, beyond the airport and Darmstadt to the Odenwald in the southeast, and in the south over the Kapellenberg near Hofheim and the Lorsbach valley, the Bergstrasse with Melibocus and the plain of the Rhine valley to to the cooling towers of Biblis.
      Since I generally want to avoid walking paths twice, this time I walked straight downhill from the edge of the forest. Over some meadow paths, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, I only met the Sonnenweg again later, which finally led me back to Gundelhard.

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      • November 28, 2020

  5. Grifo and Vasili went for a hike.

    November 18, 2020

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    1. Grifo

      An autumn hike that is slightly different from a hike in summer (cf. 07/30/20). It was not possible to visit Runkel Castle again, as it has been in 'hibernation' since November 1st. Because of the slight lockdown, a visit would probably not have been possible either. It won't open again until mid-April. The Lahn Mamor Museum in Villmar was also closed. This time it went to the Unica quarry in the immediate vicinity of the museum. As before, a very beautiful hiking route that runs outside of the villages only on hiking trails and meadow paths. And since the road between Villmar and Runkel was closed, there was no street noise to be heard.

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      • November 19, 2020

  6. Grifo went for a hike.

    November 4, 2020

    11.4 mi
    3.8 mph
    1,300 ft
    1,300 ft
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    1. Grifo

      Headline: light and shadowDon't worry, it was a nice hike. On the one hand, light and shadow refer to the position of the sun. In autumn it no longer rises so high in the sky. And so it creates a different light than in summer. And in the forest, where there are trees with more or less leaves in autumn, the interaction with the autumn colors creates a special atmosphere. On the other hand, the heading can of course also be related to the alternating areas with healthy forest and deforested forest. Unfortunately, when you go hiking you can see both at the moment.The hike took place in an area between Niedernhausen and Idstein. The start and finish of the circular route was the parking lot at Alteburger Markt near Heftrich. There are information boards about the Limes and the location of a former Roman fort. The hike then led once over the mountain. Unfortunately there were numerous clear-cut areas on the mountain. From the outskirts of Bon Oberjosbach it went roughly westwards through the forest. At the height of Niedernhausen I turned north again and once again ran over the mountain to Hohlen Stein. This group of rocks was actually once in the forest, but has now been exposed by felling. This made a new highlight out of the rock, because from here you can see the western Taunushöhe and to the north of Idstein. From the Hohlen Stein it went further downhill to Oberseelbach, and from there further west to the fields in front of Niederseelbach. Halfway between the two villages, I turned north on the bike path towards Idstein. This path leads to the height between Niedernhausen and Idstein, and also to the reconstructed Roman tower on the Limes. From the height you can look down to Idstein and further north, but also into the valley towards Niedernhausen; and from a section even the Feldberg. I then roughly followed the Limes via Dasbach, partly on the Limes adventure trail, partly on small detours, e.g. along the edge of the forest near Lenzhahn. Back in the forest, it went straight back along the Limes to the Alteburg near Heftrich.

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      • November 8, 2020

  7. Grifo went for a hike.

    October 28, 2020

    9.89 mi
    3.5 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,075 ft
    1. Grifo

      Überschrift: Wanderung mit HindernissenWar mal wieder auf einer denkwürdigen Wanderung unterwegs gewesen. Die Strecke war nicht anstrengend, dafür aber abwechslungsreich und schön gewesen. Das einzige, was wirklich als etwas störend empfunden werden könnte, ist der Lärm, den der Verkehr im Weiltal erzeugt. Dafür gibt es aber als Ausgleich ein paar Sehenswürdigkeiten wie Burg und Schloss, bis hin zu Fernblicken in den Taunus hinein.Ich hatte das Auto an der Landsteiner Mühle geparkt. An der daneben stehenden mittelalterlichen Kirchenruine bin ich dann etwas die Straße bergauf gegangen und dann rechts in den Wald abgebogen. Meine Strecke führte im weiteren Verlauf über den bewaldeten Berg nach Neuweilnau, wo ich dann hoch zum Schloss gewandert bin. Danach ging es bergab zum Schnepfenbachweiher und über die Landstraßen hinweg in den Wald Richtung Rod an der Weil. Auf halber Strecke erreicht man dann nach einem Linksabzweig den Aussichtspunkt Weiltalblick. Von hier aus führte mein Weg weiter Richtung Rod an der Weil, weil ich mir die Überreste der noch nicht erforschten Ringwallanlage mal ansehen wollte. Ein Teil des Walls ist wirklich sehr gut zu erkennen. Weiter ging mein Weg ein Stück auf freier Fläche auf der Erhebung in östlicher Richtung, bis ich erneut wieder im Wald war. Um aber auch mal Ausblicke in den Taunus zu haben, bin ich zunächst etwas bergab Richtung Niederlauken gegangen. Leider war der eingeplante Weg am Waldrand nach Oberlauken zugewachsen und nicht mehr begehbar, so dass ich wieder bergauf zum vorherigen Waldweg zurück gelaufen bin. Dieser führte mich dann später am Waldrand weiter an den Ortsrand von Altweilnau. Hier bin ich durch den alten Ortskern mit altem Rathaus und Stadttor weiter zur Burgruine gelaufen, von deren Bergfried aus man im Mittelalter den Knotenpunkt der alten Wege in diesem Abschnitt des Weiltals kontrolliert hat. Zu guter Letzt führte mich die Wanderung dann wieder durch den Wald zurück zur Landsteiner Mühle. Auf diesem leider nicht aufgezeichneten Teilstück lag eine größere Felsformation, die vom Waldweg am Felsentor passiert wird. Über die 100 Stufen gelangt schließlich zur Albertruh, einem Aussichtspunkt, von dem aus man zum Pferdskopf und zur Landsteiner Mühle einerseits, und nach Altweilnau andererseits blicken kann. Über eine steile Bergab-Passage ging es dann zurück zur nahe gelegenen Landsteiner Mühle.Denkwürdig war die Strecke, weil ich mit einigen Erschwernissen zu kämpfen hatte, einige davon durch mich selbst verursacht. Ich ärgere mich heute noch etwas über meine Fehler!
      Erschwernis Nr. 1: Entgegen der Vorhersagen am Vortag hat es doch am Vormittag geregnet. Sah erst wirklich so aus, als ob der Regen pünktlich am frühen morgen enden würde. Als ich aber etwa 30 Minuten unterwegs im Wald unterwegs war, fing es an zu schütten. Die Nässe hat mich dann etwa 2 Stunden lang begleitet, was aber wegen guter Regenschutzkleidung kein Problem war. Allerdings habe ich in dieser Zeit nur mit dem Mobiltelefon fotografiert und die Spiegelreflex im Rucksack verstaut. Erst am Schnepfenbachweiher hörte es dann auf zu regnen.
      Erschwernis Nr. 2: Nach etwa 1/3 meiner angedachten Strecke habe ich mich für eine Streckenverlängerung entschieden. Und dabe habe ich dann zu meinem Entsetzen feststellen müssen, das mein Mobiltelefon, welches zur Navigation, Streckenaufzeichnung und zum Fotografieren genutzt wurde, schon auf weniger als 10 Prozent Batteriestrom stand. Da war ich in etwa an der Ringwallanlage bei Rod an der Weil.
      Erschwernis Nr. 3: Ich hatte eine Powerbank dabei......, aber auche das falsche Ladekabel! Und ärgern, und ärgern, und ärgern! Also habe ich das Telefon nur noch so wenig wie möglich genutzt. Fotografieren lief ja schon über die Spiegelreflex, Navigation ging nun über die klassische Wanderkarte. Die Strecke hatte ich ja in etwa im Kopf. Allerdings lagen ja noch 2/3 der Strecke vor mir.
      Erschwernis Nr.4: Wie immer musste ich auch dieses mal meine Strecke ändern, weil ein eingeplanter Weg nicht mehr existierte oder begehbar war. Das betraf den Abschnitt etwa auf Höhe von Niederlauken und Oberlauken. Ich bin dann einfach den direkten Waldweg geradeaus weiter gegangen. Ursprünglich wollte ich öfter mal am Waldrand entlang gehen, um mehr Ausblicke in den Taunus zu haben.
      Erschwernis Nr. 5: Kurz nach der Burg Altenweilnau war das Telefon dann platt. Und das kurz vor dem Ende der Wanderung, etwa 2 Kilometer vor dem Ziel. Ich war überrascht gewesen, dass es überhaupt noch so lange durchgehalten und die Strecke aufgezeichnet hatte.
      Erschwernis Nr. 6: Nachdem ich etwas an den Felsen bei den 100 Stufen herumgestiegen und mich auf den Weg weiter zum Parkplatz an der Landsteiner Mühle gemacht hatte, musste ich mit Schreck feststellen, dass ich meine Wanderkarte verloren hatte. Ich habe sie trotz Absuche an den 100 Stufen nicht wiederfinden können. Vom Weg her war es nicht weiter tragisch, war ja nur noch etwa 500 Meter Luftlinie von der Mühle entfernt. Und den Weg bergab ins Tal habe ich auch schnell gefunden. Aber trotzdem: Und ärgern, und ärgern, und ärgern!
      Auf jeden Fall steht fest: Im nächsten Jahr laufe ich diese Strecke noch einmal. Und dieses mal wird es besser laufen und die Strecke komplett aufgezeichnet.Sehenswürdigkeiten:
      - Landsteiner Mühle, einschließlich der Kirchenruine (wird gerade restauriert)
      - Schloss Neuweilnau (Sitz von HessenForst, Innenhof aber zugänglich)
      - Weiltalblick (Schutzhütte mit Ausblick)
      - Ringwallanlage bei Rod an der Weil (etwas abseits des Weges)
      - Burg Altenweilnau (Bergfried von Mai bis Oktober geöffnet)
      - 100 Stufen, Felsentor und Albertruh (Felsformationen und Aussichtspunkte)
      Da der letzte Teil der Strecke nicht aufgezeichnet worden ist, sind auch die Fotos aus diesem Abschnitt nicht richtig im Tourenverlauf eingeordnet. Allerdings sind sie in der Karte dank GPS-Aufzeichnung einigermaßen an der richtigen Stelle. Dadurch kann man wiederum auch den fehlenden Weg nachvollziehen.

      • November 1, 2020

  8. Grifo went for a hike.

    October 12, 2020

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    1. Grifo

      Little 1.5 hour walk in the morning after dropping off my car for a tire change. I walked through the lower Lorsbach valley to Hofheim and back on the other side to collect the car again. I was able to see what traces the forest workers left in the forest this summer. The route is not exactly beautiful now, even if the Lorsbachtal could be safe if there was no road noise. But that's how civilization is always in your ears. It's always worth a short walk for locals and connoisseurs. For hikers (passing by), however, I would rather recommend the paths further up on the Taunus slopes, where the traffic is no longer so strong, i.e. past the master tower.

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      • October 12, 2020

  9. Grifo planned a hike.

    September 23, 2020

    9.24 mi
    2.1 mph
    1,550 ft
    1,325 ft
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    1. Grifo

      Since I know my corner very well: If there are people who want to see a lot on the edge of the Rhine-Main area, but also want something to eat and drink, I took the liberty of suggesting a route. The basic idea was that you can arrive and depart by public transport. In addition, there should be interesting things to see, a beautiful route, and various restaurants and bars. Arrival e.g. by S-Bahn line S2 Dietzenbach-Frankfurt-Niedernhausen or regional train Frankfurt-Limburg. The following points are on the line:
      - Hofheim train station
      -Altstadt Hofheim (including cellars, ruins of moated castle, turrets, old town hall, gastronomy)
      -Cohausen Temple and Gray Stone
      Mountain chapel
      -Meisterturm (with catering)
      -Ring wall system
      -Gundelhard (gastronomy)
      -Gimbacher Hof (with catering)
      -Great man stone
      -Emperor's temple (with gastronomy)
      -Eppstein (including Burg, Wernerplatz, gastronomy)
      -Bahnhof Eppstein
      The route can also be done in the opposite direction. If you lose yourself halfway, you can turn off at Gundelhard and walk downhill to Lorsbach station.

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      • September 23, 2020

  10. Grifo went for a hike.

    September 16, 2020

    12.7 mi
    3.5 mph
    1,750 ft
    1,750 ft
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    1. Grifo

      The hike started early in the morning at dusk around 7 a.m. and ended at 30 degrees in the shade around 2:30 p.m. The start and finish was the parking lot at the Niederwald hunting lodge. It was the repetition of a hike from 2018.
      From the parking lot we first went along the small highlights of Ostein's ornamental forest through the coppice forest. So if you have left the Magic Cave, Rittersaal, Rossel, Naheblick and Hermitage behind you, you come to the Germania, de, Niederwald Monument. Via Monopteros, under a chairlift, on the upper slope of the Rheingau vineyards, to the St. Hildegard Abbey in Eibingen. From here it went through the vineyards past Rüdesheim towards Assmannshausen, but also passed the Ehrenfels castle ruins, with a constant view of the Rhine including the Mouse Tower and Bingen on the other side of the river. This time I crossed the village in Assmannshausen and took a little detour via the Assmannshausen Höllenberg. But this dangling does not necessarily have to be made, because later I returned to the steep ascent up to the Jagdschloss.
      I have also renamed this ascent for myself, the "5 banks path". If you walk it, like me, at the end of a hike, you know why there are 5 benches here. Alternatively, lame feet can take the chairlift.

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      • September 17, 2020

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