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  1. Bettina and dermasel went for a hike.

    November 20, 2021

    4.68 mi
    2.8 mph
    100 ft
    50 ft
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    1. Bettina

      Small fresh air tour 🍁🍂
      A little bit of walking again. It didn't want to get really light today. But it stayed dry. 👍
      From the hiking car park it went over the Stever, along the Stever, over at the "dam" again. Off to the forest, from the forest to the heath and back to the parking lot. Strengthened in the "Heimingshof" (very recommendable).
      Go home on the couch. Windfall was taken away for home🍻😉
      It was a nice little tour that would like to be expanded.It was nice! 😘🐰

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      • November 20, 2021

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    1. Bettina

      Back on the bike again🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️
      Today we went back to Henrichenburg. A tour seen here, slightly modified. Many ways were known, some parts were new. The weather was great only the second half was extremely windy and then the fun stopped a bit At the Henrichenburg there was delicious CPM🍽 and lo and behold ... now even the Stauder- Bus behind So this time we didn't have to look out for hops fallen fruit
      All in all it could have been 10km less today. But, the day was perfect for a relaxed, sunny tour. Autumn is full here
      Thanks for the nice day😘🐰
      (7km are missing. Komoot no longer displayed the tour and I had to restart.)

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      • November 1, 2021

  3. dermasel and Bettina went for a bike ride.

    October 10, 2021

    1. dermasel

      The planned way back from Grubbenvorst was a dream to drive from start to finish🍀🌳🐐🌻🐎🌽🐄🌾
      No comparison at all to yesterday, when we drove a lot along federal highways.
      Lots of dirt roads, cute little towns, historical buildings, a thought-provoking memorial and even two ferries made the whole thing perfect
      Thank you for two great days🐭😘Unfortunately, the pictures are not uploaded chronologically at all🤷‍♂️

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      • October 10, 2021

  4. dermasel and Bettina went for a bike ride.

    October 9, 2021

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    1. dermasel

      Since the last vacations did not go as planned for various reasons, we are looking for a short change of scenery on weekends🙂
      We are always happy to visit our neighbors in Holland🇳🇱
      With the destination Venlo and the very best October weather, it was a very entertaining tour, even if the high proportion of roads was kind of annoying at the beginning.
      When it arrived, a welcome beer was already waiting for you
      Shortly before Sitzfleisch we went to Grubbenvorst.
      A wonderful day ends after a delicious meal and comfortably exhausted
      Let's see what the way back tomorrow has in store for us.

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      • October 9, 2021

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    1. Bettina

      Today we went to Königswinter, inspired by a tour by Michael Willuweit from last year. 🤗
      A great tour in really fantastic weather ☀️🌡
      Every climb was rewarded with a wonderful view🏞
      We parked directly at the Drachenfelsbahn. But we did everything on foot. 😬
      Nice uphill, past the Nibelungenhalle to the dragon castle. But since that was anything but cheap admission prices, we saved ourselves that and went straight up to the ruin🙂
      From there it started on beautiful paths up and down and up to the Petersberg. The beer garden was closed, but the Staudergott was actually well disposed to us😏🍻
      Back down to the car and off ... to the hotel 😀 We stay here today and enjoy the evening 🍽🍻🥰
      Let's see what the day will give us tomorrow. Thanks for the great tour today ♥ ️🐰

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      • September 25, 2021

  6. dermasel and Bettina went for a bike ride.

    September 18, 2021

    40.4 mi
    9.2 mph
    825 ft
    825 ft
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    1. dermasel

      Friday evening, floodlit game, joint‼ ️😉❤️🤍🐭😘 visit to the stadium, three points and in top shape the next day
      So we took the chance for a small round
      Along the Rhine-Herne Canal, it then went to the Rhine via the usual HOAG Trasse, Landschaftspark and Ruhrort routes. At the Rhine dike we passed "our place" the first time together since that day😊
      Because of the sheer excitement, a baby had to be breastfed urgently. It was😉
      In Aldenrade we are back on the HOAG route to Oberhausen and back home on the canal.
      A surprisingly beautiful day is drawing to a close and nothing stands in the way of cozy couching

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      • September 18, 2021

  7. dermasel went for a bike ride.

    September 14, 2021

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    1. dermasel

      For a few days I have had a crack on the bike. In addition to celebrating a goal from the guest curve in my own stadium, a crack on the bike is the worst noise there is
      So today I got to the bottom of the matter🧐
      Problem found (bottom bracket), fixed and opened for a test drive to Lake Baldeney. Without a single sound from the camp, it turned out to be a really nice lap that wasn't planned at all. The unexpected often comes ... 😊

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      • September 14, 2021

  8. Bettina and dermasel went for a hike.

    September 12, 2021

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    1. Bettina

      Today we headed towards Cologne with optimopti weather. Parked for free in the Belgian Quarter, we first went towards Melatenfriedhof. There is a lot of prominence there. But we were more interested in the old, interesting gravestones 🪦🌲🪦🌳
      Funnily enough, Komoot stopped recording exactly at the entrance to the cemetery🤨 and only started again when we were out again 🤔 Someone an explanation?!? 🧐
      After these impressions, but you really would have to spend a whole day there in the cemetery, we headed for the old town. Looked and peeped a little here and there. Ate delicious 🍽 Drank bad yellow water from test tubes ’and went home again.Once again (as always🥰) it was a nice day 😘🐰
      Thank you for everything!

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      • September 12, 2021

  9. Bettina and dermasel went for a hike.

    September 4, 2021

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    1. Bettina

      On this rather fresh morning 🥶 we set off towards Utrecht. Parked in a multi-storey car park on the outskirts and bought a day ticket for public transport for little money. So far it was still relatively fresh, which luckily changed in the course of the morning☀️🤗
      Basically we just went for it. Back and forth and back and forth. Eaten delicious. 🍔I nibbled on ice cream. 🍦And back home again. The obligatory dam tree was not included today. "For reasons"
      Conclusion: Utrecht is a beautiful, small city that lives. Great alleys, pretty houses, canals, cute little shops, lots of and varied gastronomy. Lots of nice people and even more bikes 🚲🚲🚲🚲
      But Amsterdam is a lot nicer🤭😄
      It was a beautiful day ... something different again. Holland is always worth a trip. Even if only for a day.
      I omitted the last 4km because I accidentally ended the tour while eating🙈

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      • September 4, 2021

  10. dermasel and Bettina went for a bike ride.

    August 14, 2021

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    1. Bettina

      That was a perfect day. The tour was great.Everything fit, from front to back ☺
      Thank you! 🐰 ♥ ️

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      • August 14, 2021

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