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  1. HWF went for a hike.

    6 days ago

    6.26 mi
    3.2 mph
    650 ft
    675 ft
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    1. HWF

      After the fog has cleared, a lap around the bulwark of the Sun King Louis XIV on the peninsula mountain via Traben.

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      • 6 days ago

  2. HWF went for a hike.

    November 18, 2020

    10.4 mi
    2.6 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,400 ft
    1. HWF

      In spring-like weather in November on the right and left of the Moselle around Piesport.
      The steep path leads up to the "Moselloreley". The natural monument rises almost vertically from the banks of the Moselle. From 1852 to 1872 and from 1937 to 1939, copper ore and galena were mined in the rock massif.
      Adjacent by the "Piesporter Goldtröpchen" vineyard, which is reminiscent of an open amphitheater and is protected from the north winds by the rocks of the Moselloreley.
      Following the Moselsteig trail up to the Piesporter Schutzhütte (KM 7.5), now on a non-accessible path down into the forest, above the "Piesporter Grafenberg" vineyard. On this path (Rowenley, path no. 14) to the Moselle bridge Neumagen-Dhron, you should definitely not follow my footsteps! - It would have gone even more!
      Be sure to follow the panorama path at the top.
      Relaxed hike back in the sunshine in the Moselle loop through the vineyard "Piesporter Treppchen" with a final view of the "Moselloreley".

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      • November 18, 2020

  3. HWF went for a hike.

    November 14, 2020

    10.4 mi
    2.8 mph
    1,825 ft
    1,800 ft
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    1. HWF

      The hike to the Klidinger waterfall (also Schießlay) - gemeinde-kliding.de/seite/356718/klidinger-wasserfall.html, the highest waterfall in the Eifel with a drop of 28 meters, is a little adventure. Especially the ascent to the upper part with its unspoilt nature requires surefootedness and stamina. It is located in a small side valley of the Erdenbach, which flows into the Uessbach east of Bad Bertrich.
      At the waterfall Duck found a nice #TaunuStornes, he hiked with us and will be released back into the wild tomorrow on the Moselsteig.
      Nice directions here, my tour expanded a bit:
      Booked: bewegunghilft.de

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      • November 14, 2020

  4. HWF went for a hike.

    November 12, 2020

    8.08 mi
    3.2 mph
    925 ft
    900 ft
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    1. HWF

      Irmenach im Hunsrück is a municipality in the district of Bernkastel-Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate. It belongs to the community of Traben-Trarbach and consists of the two districts Irmenach and Beuren, which are only about one kilometer apart.
      Our tour took us over the open landscape, through magnificent forests and along the Lommersbach. Numerous rock entrances on the Lommersbach testify to a bygone era when several mills and slate pits were still active in this valley.

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      • November 12, 2020

  5. HWF went for a hike.

    November 11, 2020

    4.01 mi
    3.0 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. HWF

      Logistics round in the valley towards evening, recording in favor of the campaign bewegunghilft.de

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      • November 11, 2020

  6. HWF went for a hike.

    November 9, 2020

    4.60 mi
    3.2 mph
    600 ft
    725 ft
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    1. HWF

      Hausrunde-Südost with Sir Henry, down through the Gondenau to Ahrings-Müller and the old road (Bachweg) back to the Hiewel.
      Gondenau is a former slate and ore mine in the Trarbacher mine field, approx. 3 km east of Traben-Trarbach / Mosel (slope side to the Ahringsbach valley).
      The first documentary mentions of slate and ore mining in what was then the county of Sponheim can only be found in the late Middle Ages.
      In 1949 the mine was closed.
      By 1948, 50,000 tons of gangue had been recovered. From this, 3,200 tons of lead, 4,200 tons of zinc, 12 tons of copper and 1 ton of silver of metal were made up (melted).
      (My entry in Wiki)

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      • November 9, 2020

  7. HWF went for a hike.

    November 8, 2020

    5.09 mi
    2.6 mph
    425 ft
    400 ft
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    1. HWF

      Walk in the hallway

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      • November 8, 2020

  8. HWF went for a hike.

    November 7, 2020

    8.79 mi
    2.9 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,275 ft
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    1. HWF

      An autumn hike on the other side of Bremmer Calmont.
      The Himmelsleiter leads steeply up through the Frauenberg vineyards in Neef to the Petersberg vantage point, the Petersberg chapel and the Eulenköpfchen, where you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Bremmer Moselle loop and the Calmont, the steepest vineyard in Europe.
      From Petersberg now down to the ruins of the former Stuben monastery. The ruins of the Stuben monastery are an impressive testimony to a large nunnery that was built opposite the Calmont in the 12th century - de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kloster_Stuben
      Following the river downwards with a view of the Calmont, to the former wagon ferry opposite Ediger, now an old corridor path steeply up the wooded slope towards Hochkessel. The Hochkessel is one of the highest mountains in the immediate vicinity of the Moselle. It lies between Neef and Ediger-Eller at a height of 421 m above sea level. N.N. On the summit are the remains of a refuge from Celtic times.
      Back through vineyards, I and my friend Duck reached the starting point of our wonderful, cultural and historical hike in the Calmont region.
      The women of parlors - by Josefine Wittenbecher
      Booked: bewegunghilft.de

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      • November 7, 2020

  9. HWF went for a hike.

    November 6, 2020

    6.24 mi
    3.2 mph
    800 ft
    825 ft
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    1. HWF

      On the way from Reil to the hot stone district.
      Reil lies on the Moselle and is heavily influenced by viticulture and tourism.
      The hot stone housing estate belonging to Reil is located a little above at 250 meters above sea level with a great view of the Moselle valley.
      The legend
      The Count Palatine had offered all the wines in the world to the devil, to whom his soul was pledged. Nobody was enough to buy him off. The torn off man was already rubbing his hands and began to heat the Reiler slate, because the deadline would soon pass. There, fueled by the hellish heat, grew a Moselle wine that the Count Palatinate had never tasted before. So he took heart and served his opponent the last test drink. As soon as the shaggy felt a drop of it on his tongue, he forgot the victim and the stove and smacked his lips loudly:
      "Finally the drop from the hot stone!"
      The Count Palatine now knew what he would fill his cellars with in the future. . .

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      • November 6, 2020

  10. HWF went for a hike.

    November 4, 2020

    6.89 mi
    3.0 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,100 ft
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    1. HWF

      Southwest house round after gardening - late harvest, today with Sir Henry.

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      • November 4, 2020

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