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  1. Frank went for a hike.

    about 20 hours ago

    Auftakt Lago di Garda Challenge 🔄: Um den Asbacher Weiher 🔄😀

    5.70 mi
    3.4 mph
    375 ft
    425 ft
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    1. Frank

      Once around Lake Garda at half price - I couldn't say no to this Black Friday offer. As with the Camino de Santiago, which I started a year ago, you can go hiking anywhere and the kilometers are counted towards the virtual path around Lake Garda. You have 1 year for the 250 km. I really hope that I can

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      • about 17 hours ago

  2. Frank went for a hike.

    November 16, 2022

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    1. Frank

      ... And now for the second part of the saying. Not quite such a "saving ornament" 😉 like this morning, I was on the road a little longer this time.


      Thanks again to @Sus for the suggestion.😊🙋‍♂️


      @Feli und Mani : Unfortunately, I couldn't spontaneously incorporate the walk at lunchtime into my daily routine

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      • November 16, 2022

  3. Frank went on a Tour.

    November 16, 2022

    1. Frank

      Thanks to @Sus for the inspiration for the tour title and thus also for the small morning tour.😀👍🙋‍♂️

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      • November 16, 2022

  4. Frank went for a hike.

    November 13, 2022

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    1. Frank

      On my last tour I was on the Asberg. And today I was - also on the Asberg. On the other Asberg.


      This Asberg belongs naturally to the Altenkirchen plateau, which, together with the adjacent Asbach plateau, forms "the lowest north-western floor of the Westerwald" according to Wikipedia. You can reach it

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      • November 13, 2022

  5. Frank went for a hike.

    November 9, 2022

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    1. Frank

      There are two Asberg mountains in our area. One is in the direction of Altenkirchen near Weyerbusch.


      The other can be found above Bad Honnef. This Asberg is 430 m above sea level. the highest elevation of the Rheinwesterwald volcanic ridge. I have decided to climb both Asberge in two tours and have started

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      • November 9, 2022

  6. Frank went for a hike.

    November 6, 2022

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    1. Frank

      So far I haven't made it to the Asbach district of Niedermühlen, located on the Mehrbach. I had already seen the pilgrimage chapel there from the other side of the Mehrbach in July on my tour from Flammersfeld to Kescheid.


      Today I set out from the parking lot at the church in Limbach to get to know this

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      • November 6, 2022

  7. Frank went for a hike.

    November 2, 2022

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    1. Frank

      I am not only interested in transmission masts from a purely technical point of view. Since they like to be found at high altitudes, they are often also beautiful hiking destinations. In addition to the large SWR transmitter Linz in Ginsterhahn, there is a second smaller mast "Linz/Dattenberg" in the

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      • November 2, 2022

  8. Frank 🌳 & Dackel Gustav, Sonja and 106 others like this.
    1. Frank

      I found this round at ich-geh-wandern.de:



      The Wölmersen WÖ1 hiking trail actually existed, see here:


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      • November 1, 2022

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    1. Frank

      @Stephanie 🌱 gave me the idea for this tour through her comment a week ago. In Neustadt there are two narrow suspension bridges over the Wied, which I connected with each other over this round.


      One of them, the one at the Ehrenstein Monastery, is my favorite suspension bridge because it swings so beautifully

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      • October 30, 2022

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    1. Frank

      Why always continue driving from the motorway service area? Why not go for a walk? According to this motto, I did a lap today from the Fernthal service area on the A3, to the Roßbacher Häubchen, which is certainly well known to local hikers.


      The bonnet rises above the town of Roßbach on the Wied. However

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      • October 26, 2022

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