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  1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz went hiking.

    a day ago

    7.66 mi
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    125 ft
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    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      Woods and bogs, rabbits and ring walls, burial mounds and spring blossoms, deer and cranes - all compressed to just twelve kilometers. Later more...

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      • a day ago

  2. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz went hiking.

    4 days ago

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    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      We spent yesterday's Easter Sunday with a magical combination of city walk and a tightrope walk on the ridge of the Elbe.
      Here are a few pictures in advance - report, comments, highlights and many more pictures follow.

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      • 3 days ago

  3. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz recorded a Tour.

    4 days ago

    64.9 mi
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    1,875 ft
    1,875 ft
    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      On our car hike to Hitzacker, eight storks suddenly came in a very concentrated and shy manner near the road behind the tractor of a farmer working on his field.
      There had to be a natural stop ...

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      • 4 days ago

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    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      After a long time finally back in the kayak! The weather top, equal to the first fast sunburn cashed and overstated by a hair of Alster steamer St. George. 😀 The Alster rappelvoll, very gusty wind, many sailors were in a lull, others tinkled over the water - typical Alster. WSP did not know where to go first ... oh, it was adorable. Next week we continue.

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      A surprising round in the middle of nothing and the finest nature was that today. And we thought there would be a walk in the midst of crowds approaching us. How to be positively fooled - later more.

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      • 17/04/2019

  6. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz went hiking.


    9.43 mi
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    50 ft
    50 ft
    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      Today again in the moor, in a NSG in Hamburg, where we wanted to go for a long time, but never did it, because it is just at the other side of the city. Here are some pictures, comments and texts follow.PS: We're having a lot of trouble with the comment function, but this one did not work until after the tenth attempt or so. So please do not be surprised if we do not answer right now, hopefully this will happen again in the next few days.

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      • 14/04/2019

  7. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz went hiking.


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    125 ft
    125 ft
    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      After the North Sea we drove today to compensate for the Baltic Sea. In the interests of fairness, we will probably go to the South Seas next week ... 😂 ... but more likely is the West (en) Lake ...
      Adorable it was, despite very fresh and rather cold east wind. And it was full, we were surprised. Description and texts follow.

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      • 10/04/2019

  8. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz went hiking.


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    2.5 mph
    100 ft
    100 ft
    1. R🅰️ndn🅾️tiz

      Useful information:Conclusion + Tips - is it worth it ?:
      You must have experienced the Wadden Sea with its incredible tides, you can not really describe it in a few words. The endless vastness in every direction, the salty air, the eternal cries of seagulls, the everlasting wind, the sparse landscape, all this is quite unique. If you appreciate many words, read Theodor Storm's Schimmelreiter. The Wadden Sea is one of the areas of our homeland that must have been seen. Probably nowhere else can virtually every conversation be denied in two words: "Moin!" (pronounced: Morjn) and "Jo!", nobody needs more here.
      Navi Address:
      25845 Nordstrand, Alterkoogchaussee (no house number). Coming from the country, continue towards the harbor Strucklahnungshörn, right hand the dike. Shortly before the harbor, turn left down towards the parking lot, it is also signposted.
      Depending on the weather, of course, but you should always have windproof clothing with you, windless days (like today) are as rare here as garrulous coastal dwellers.
      Foot traffic:
      The dikes are quite firm and easy to walk on, the roads are mostly good, sidewalks, however, only sporadically available and the paths in the island are sometimes a bit bumpy.
      Yes, so, there are fish sandwiches, then there are fish sandwiches and fish sandwiches are also available. Maybe ... well, let's leave that. But, yes, there are some restaurants, from the café to the pizzeria, well, to the fishbread stall ...
      We leave that at home and prefer to ride a bike.
      Seagulls circle, oystercatchers tripple, seals howl and that is not a cliché, but harsh reality. Quite rightly, the Wadden Sea enjoys national park status, this is already a very own, fascinating world.
      Pause spaces + storage facilities:
      Benches can be found on the dikes every hundred meters and as a shelter, the bus stops in the worst case do excellent service.
      It was pretty clean, but not perfect. Of course, especially the sea repeatedly flooded so many garbage, that you do not come afterwards with the collect.
      Traffic (cars, bicycles, people + dogs etc.):
      There are two seasons here: season and non-season. But even in the non-season like now, there is already a lot going on.
      Miscellaneous (official site, Wiki, Youtube etc.):

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      • 09/04/2019

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