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  1. PS-Outdoor went mountain biking.


    32.6 mi
    11.3 mph
    1,850 ft
    1,875 ft
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    1. PS-Outdoor

      Wanted spontaneously make a small round with the bike, then I'm just just started driving the nose after 👍
      Partly on the Remstalradweg to Urbach from there then cross-country through the forest to Welzheim at the gas station small coffee break 😁 then it went back through the golf course over Alfdorf and Mutlangen to Wetzgau!
      Was a nice sporty little tour that turned out a bit bigger 😂 but hey what's up? The main thing is it was fun ✌️

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      • 08/04/2019

  2. PS-Outdoor went hiking.


    3.60 mi
    4.4 mph
    725 ft
    775 ft
    1. PS-Outdoor

      Target was at the same time starting point forgot to turn the recording until later noticed
      But for a small spontaneous tour with a small cave ok

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      • 07/14/2019

  3. PS-Outdoor went mountain biking.


    17.8 mi
    11.7 mph
    800 ft
    800 ft
    1. PS-Outdoor

      Little round with my brother to Leinzell to eat ice cream, while driving on the way back stabbed me bee Maja in the foot 👍

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      • 08/04/2019

  4. PS-Outdoor went mountain biking.


    9.40 mi
    14.6 mph
    425 ft
    475 ft
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  5. PS-Outdoor went hiking.


    3.46 mi
    3.4 mph
    600 ft
    525 ft
    1. PS-Outdoor

      Since today I have not only the miracle and joke cave on the program, it was after a leisurely coffee break and about 5 km drive back with the cave adventure a short walk and I stood in the middle of the forest, the search begins 1.5 hours later, but then found 👍
      The water grotto !!! Inside, a large hall where in the rear area a small slip-through is in another small hall with great Sinterschmuck👍 but you can see immediately that this cave is not completely unknown, but in spite of everything was quite nice 😀

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      • 04/24/2019

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    1. PS-Outdoor

      Crawled out of the sleeping bag pretty early this morning
      At 8.00 o'clock we started right at the beginning a nice climb to warm up 🤣🤣
      Arrived at the Oswaldhöhle I stood in front of a large entrance led to a smaller hall then crouch briefly and you're on the other side 😉
      And is already at the miracle cave !!!
      Quickly moved and through the small corridor into the interior 1st hour later again appeared in the daylight 🌞
      Small break-------

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      • 04/22/2019

  7. PS-Outdoor went hiking.


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    1. PS-Outdoor

      Yesterday still a nice tour in Veldensteiner forest made 👍
      The beginning of the way is quite beautiful on a trail unfortunately not very long
      Then it was almost only on gravel roads along but with little height difference to the small hole stone and the big brother 😉 so along the entire path rock again and again rock from the ground and here and there are smaller caves 😁

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      • 04/22/2019

  8. PS-Outdoor went hiking.


    6.84 mi
    4.0 mph
    850 ft
    850 ft
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    1. PS-Outdoor

      A really nice spontaneous tour on the way 👍👍👍
      With a great view of the ruins and a worthwhile visit to the King Otto Dripstone Cave
      The tour lasts roughly 45 minutes and what should I say I was absolutely baffled when we arrived in the Advent hall 😲 I did not know what to say 🤩🤩🤩 unfortunately, photographing is not permitted on my way I came even at the small Holloch over the actually not even small is there are 2 gears that led a little inside the 1e right at the beginning by a small loop of the 2e follow the main course in a hall and crawl through the back shortly and another passage into the interior follows 😉the large hollow hole is more one Grotto where any festivals are held.

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      • 04/22/2019

  9. PS-Outdoor went hiking.


    1. PS-Outdoor

      The first section was pretty crowded today until the Weltenburger Enge!
      Only in the forest was it calmer and then, when I was along a narrow path, was the total peace so I could enjoy the nature and happened to find a small cave not very large but there were still remains of stalactites and sintering to discover😀
      When I arrived at the liberation hall I felt like I was totally overrun at a folk festival so I decided to come back another time and to take a closer look at the event 😉

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      • 04/19/2019

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