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  1. Chaika and iRobert went on a Tour.

    June 13, 2021

    14.3 mi
    5.9 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,600 ft
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    1. Chaika

      Sorry that I can't present anything new to the dear readers, but the trails around Einsiedel have done it to us. If only it weren't for the steep climbs 🥵 After all, I've saved a few grams of weight tubeless 😊

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      • June 13, 2021

  2. Chaika and iRobert went on a Tour.

    June 6, 2021

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    1. Chaika

      The day before the storm in the Erzgebirge came down so much that we almost canceled the tour to Lengefeld. But then curiosity won out and we set out on our second trail exploration. And what should I say? It was worth it again. In the high humidity we sweated like we hadn't for a long time, and in some places it was really adventurous. But the trails were exactly to our liking. They meandered through the dark forest, beautifully narrow, rooty and stony at S 2 to 3 level, and a few kickers invited to small jumping maneuvers. In the wet it was not entirely without, but everything was manageable with the exception of a few places. And the best thing is: there are many more trails waiting to be explored.

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      • June 6, 2021

  3. Chaika and iRobert went on a Tour.

    June 5, 2021

    8.50 mi
    4.7 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,250 ft
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    1. Chaika

      After exploring the two Gutsberg trails last weekend, this week we first went east of the Zwönitz steeply up the mountain to the Goldener Hahn to examine some highlights that were newly drawn in Komoot. Our expectations were low, especially since you could already see on the driveway that the forest had ravaged the forest and probably destroyed some paths. We were all the more surprised to find two new trails that were flowable and, thanks to some kickers, were also really fun. The trail to the water treading pool was also very nicely prepared and at the end it was crisp and steep, so that you had to take the brakes properly. When we arrived at the bottom, the rain shower announced by the weather service caught us, but it only lasted for a short time and was bearable under the thick canopy of leaves. After a few minutes it was very steep again on the other side of the Zwönitz up the mountain and with full swing down Gutsbergtrail I again. The phrase "second run, double fun" always comes true. It was even more fun than the first time it was driven. Actually, we should then go up again to join Gutsbergtrail II when it grumbled ominously over us. Fearing the announced storm, we stopped and drove back to the car. When loading the bikes the rain got stronger and stronger, and when we sat comfortably in the dry, things really started. Conclusion: perfect short lap with perfect weather timing.

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      • June 6, 2021

  4. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 29, 2021

    11.5 mi
    5.6 mph
    875 ft
    800 ft
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    1. Chaika

      When iRobert and I met here, the internet was already there, but the GPS was still made of paper. Today, of course, Komoot offers completely different opportunities to discover new things, and so we set out to explore some trails above Einsiedel near Chemnitz. The search was worth it, and it was nice to walk on old and new tracks again after a long time.

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      • May 29, 2021

  5. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 24, 2021

    14.8 mi
    6.8 mph
    975 ft
    975 ft
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    1. Chaika

      For those of you who are reading this, this tour is sure to be boring. I didn't get around to taking photos either. But we had more fun than it was in a long time. Despite the holiday, the hotspots in the heather were deserted and we were able to work on our jumping technique in peace. It went better than expected and the bike park season could now begin.

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      • May 24, 2021

  6. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 23, 2021

    9.31 mi
    6.4 mph
    625 ft
    650 ft
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    1. Chaika

      At the moment it doesn't look like it at all, but this morning the weather forecast said it would rain in the afternoon. So we got the fatties out and did a little lap in the heather. In some places the terrain was a bit impassable, and in some others it was pretty tough through the mud, according to the motto "drive across, see more". But the wide tires rummaged through everywhere and we had our fun.

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      • May 23, 2021

  7. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 22, 2021

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    1. Chaika

      So far I have mostly hiked in the Bielatal, or we cycled on the mountain bikes from Děčín to the Schneeberg. In search of new challenges, after some research in Komoot, it quickly turned out that there is still a lot to discover in the corner. Since the parking spaces in the valley are usually well occupied, we started from the Markersbach hiking car park in the direction of Zeisigstein and drove up the Grenzweg to the Grenzplatte. The view was wonderful, but a rather noisy group of hikers let us quickly run away again for an energy bar. On an S2 trail that had not yet been marked as a highlight, we made our way down to the Bielatal, fought our way up the Dürren Biele and had fun on the S2 border trail downhill. From there it went straight up again to try out an S2 trail below the climbing rocks. At first we were skeptical whether it would be drivable, but it went better than we thought. After a short rest and with rather tired legs we kicked back on the plateau and were amazed when we met a nice young man at the bog pond, whom we only knew "from the Internet". Torsten cycled up the wide path and after 80 km looked a lot fitter than we did after our 22. After a nice chat about mountain biking in general and in particular, we went to the Car back, where a very tasty pasta salad was waiting for us. Torsten still had a few kilometers to go. Torsten, we hope you haven't gotten wet yet! That was a very nice round with some new highlights.

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      • May 22, 2021

  8. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 16, 2021

    12.9 mi
    8.2 mph
    700 ft
    800 ft
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    1. Chaika

      After three days off, today I had the leisure to put my "real" back into operation. It is difficult to get them out of the 🎒 again and again. And I also noticed that I got a little out of practice. But I think I licked again ...

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      • May 16, 2021

  9. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 15, 2021

    20.5 mi
    7.7 mph
    900 ft
    950 ft
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    1. Chaika

      According to the weather forecast, it should be 1 p.m. today. So we were already sitting at 9:45 a.m. - incredibly early for our standards 😁 - on the🚲🚲. We wanted to circle the Dresdner Heide with the fat bikes in just under three hours. And it actually went like on 🪢. We had reached the lowest point earlier than expected and were just about to start the ascent when it started to 💦 much too early. But what the heck, we thought, and kicked up under the thin, low-hanging branches of the Mordgrundbach. Then the fat bikes 🚿🧽 too quickly, the dirty 🎽🩳 undressed, the oven preheated in which the prepared 🥔 columns were already, and off under the 🛀. It was a very nice tour again.

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      • May 15, 2021

  10. Chaika and iRobert went mountain biking.

    May 14, 2021

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    1. Chaika

      Yesterday was income tax day, but today I had a day off. Between two 🌧 we did a little lap through the heather. It looks very idyllic in the photos, but when we got home, not only were the bikes turned on from top to bottom.
      P.S .: The connoisseurs among you will immediately see that the altitude meters may not be quite right. I had the cell phone in my pocket today. Maybe I always do this now 🤪.

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      • May 14, 2021

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