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7,063 mi

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714:21 h

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  1. Weze went for a bike ride.

    24 minutes ago

    Etappe 2: Von Herbstein nach Gedern – Vulkanradweg

    38.6 mi
    10.7 mph
    1,775 ft
    1,750 ft
  2. Weze went for a bike ride.

    a day ago

    33.5 mi
    11.3 mph
    1,200 ft
    1,250 ft
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    1. Weze

      A magnificent section of the Vulkanradweg in the Vogelsberg Mountains. It offers a nice change between fringing bush hedges and open countryside with great views. And again a treat for ears and soul thanks to the loud singing of countless little feather friends! Dear goodness, how such magnificent euphonies

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      about 21 hours ago
  3. Weze went for a bike ride.

    2 days ago

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    1. The Fulda valley is getting wider and more urban and is lined by the foothills of the Vogelberg. Magnificent willows accompany the river, which one often comes very close to on this section.

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      2 days ago
  4. Weze went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    34.8 mi
    10.1 mph
    2,175 ft
    2,150 ft
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    1. The Fulda cycle path knows how to please in this section. The low mountain range landscape is open, the Fulda valley is wide and there is room for agriculture on gentle slopes with grain and rape crops. The cycle path leads through the middle of the river and is simply beautiful, often leads close to

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      3 days ago
  5. Weze went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

    35.4 mi
    11.2 mph
    1,625 ft
    1,500 ft
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    1. This section of the Fulda Cycle Path can be described in a few words: It felt like a great tour through a seemingly endless meadow, lined mainly with willows, beeches and oaks, in which a million warblers were singing happily today.

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      4 days ago
  6. Weze went for a bike ride.

    May 6, 2023

    5.38 mi
    9.0 mph
    125 ft
    150 ft
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    1. At the end of the Werrawonne, a leisurely walk around the "Werratalsee" quarry pond. Then we go home.

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      May 6, 2023
  7. Weze went for a bike ride.

    May 6, 2023

    8.88 mi
    8.3 mph
    375 ft
    375 ft
    1. Small section of the Werratal cycle path in Thuringia with a reunion with Frankenroda, which was a stage destination in June 2020 during Corona times. Has not changed noticeably. The way back was via the route of the former Werratalbahn. Nice nice nice.

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      May 6, 2023
  8. Weze went for a bike ride.

    May 5, 2023

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    1. Hallelujah, this section is a fine bike path. Weiland via the district road, now through the most beautiful landscape in spring garb very close to the river and along the former border.

      A thunderstorm was imminent and then came along with a violent roar and hail. After 30 minutes the weather turned innocent

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      May 5, 2023
  9. Weze went for a bike ride.

    May 4, 2023

    35.1 mi
    11.2 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,300 ft
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    1. Today we went to the Weserstein, i.e. to Lower Saxony. Partially next to and on highways. But that was okay, as this section also has very nice stages as a cycle path right next to the river. The river and hilly landscapes are also a source of joy in this part of the Werratal cycle path.

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      May 4, 2023
  10. Weze went for a bike ride.

    May 3, 2023

    33.7 mi
    9.3 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,175 ft
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    1. Cold air, warm sun like on the ski slopes in the Dolomites, that's how it went. Another very nice section, different from yesterday, but nice to cycle. In order to get really close to the Werra, you simply take a hiking trail.

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      May 3, 2023
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