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    1. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring

      From home to work by bike

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      The rain radar app showed a time window of approx. 1:30 hours in which there should be no rain. Let's go....
      So nice to see a little bloom from the winter snowball (Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn').
      What else was:
      Chromometer Museum Hamburg discovered
      Seen Lokstedter water tower again
      Geschwister Scholl Strasse is relaxed to cycle from Lokstedt.
      Short relaxed walk out of the office
      Weather station discovered
      Hamburg souvenir shop discovered
      Snapshot Borgweg, conversion due to bus and bicycle

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  3. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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      Leaving after the tour Lohbr├╝gge

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    1. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring

      District: Bergedorf
      Population: 39,168 *
      Population per km┬▓: 3,003 *
      Area: 13 km┬▓ *
      Public transportation
      S-Bahn: S2, S21 (stop: Bergedorf)
      The starting point and end point of the round tour was the M├╝mmelmannsberg underground to take the Boberger dunes with you. The tour was planned by Michael and we improvised a bit, but we kept to the plan well. We both used the tour as training for longer distances and were traveling with more weight. Michael with + - 5 kg and I with approx. 12 kg. The weight of 12 kg was okay for the approx. 25 km. But I will surely see where I can still reduce at least 2-4 kg.
      The Boberger Niederung reveals itself as an elongated dune landscape, Hamburg's last hiking dune and every Hamburg citizen should have seen it once ... Hmm or maybe not, then too much would happen.
      We took a break at Sander Dickkopp and enjoyed the view and the quiet there. The Sander Dickkopp is an old water tower. Afterwards it was also used for gastronomy. The restaurant is permanently closed. If you prefer to go to a cafe, you should go straight to the center of Bergedorf and take a break there. After the center of Bergedorf, there is no great rest stop on this tour. We then spontaneously decided to have coffee and a roll in a gas station.
      It also went well with the weather, it was raining a bit more at the time. So we spent about 30 minutes there. We have not looked at the possibilities in M├╝mmelmannsberg.
      In the northern area of the Boberger Niederung nature reserve (NSG), the Authority for Environment and Energy accidentally determined so-called background measurements to significantly increase the levels of dioxins in the ground, which probably originated in the 1960s.
      It is therefore blocked a bit.
      We also walked a very small part of the European hiking trail E1 ;-) Of course Michael has already walked a lot more kilometers along the E1. ;-)There are many interesting points in Lohbr├╝gge, these can of course be read here.
      From my point of view, the area as a whole was clean in nature, and overall there were very few people on the move. Usually a few joggers and dog owners. The fact that so few people were on the move was certainly due to the weather. Although it was much better than announced.
      Michael, you are welcome to add information. As last time it was fun and I look forward to the next time.

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  5. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring

      So, I wanted to do some errands. Only by bus and train. Unfortunately delays, failure of the train, replacement traffic in 30 minutes ... etc. I can also walk there ... Komoot does not accept comments from my web client ... It runs today ... So and for current reasons only a picture....

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      A new way home, 2 km more, but a good alternative. Less rain Ôśö than expected, and fewer people than expected. In city Park? 2 joggers ­čĆâ, no one else. A hiker's best friend, my opinion, the umbrella Ôśö.Hmm ... for me only the display of the tour works on the mobile app. I get an error in the web browser on the PC. Well, let's see if that changes somehow. If you know the problem, you can leave a comment. ;-) Hmm .. dat is fine ... is somehow another link ...

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  7. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring went for a hike.

    February 17, 2020

    1. Ma­čî×NeverStopExploring

      Hello oarlockdon't worry so much .... Not all questions can be answered.What we know so far:
      Reason for flight: flood disaster
      Refugee year: 2048So 1 year before Balde Runner 2049 - just so we know what it looks like thereJogi is 88 years oldStatus (acceptance): naturalizedCountry (acceptance): MexicoMore information:
      B1 (top left in the corner - meaning unknown)
      Flag (as of 2020 - Mexico)
      Name: Jogi L├Âw
      Title: On the run
      Image: Looks like today's national coach of the German national soccer team.

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      • February 17, 2020

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