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  1. Mtb went for a bike ride.

    5 days ago

    1. Mtb

      The circumnavigation of the Churfirsten / Walensees came to me with a verl. Weekend in Waalenstadt to mind. The Vorderhöhi Pass is a paved transition from Wildhaus to Amden am Walensee. Popular with touring and racing cyclists. That you can cross from Wildhaus to Amden was known to me from MTB Alpenüberquerungen. The tarred even I have discovered here: We drove the route more on side roads, especially along the Rhine.The tour is without difficulty down to the length. You can drive in both directions, the chosen direction is easier from the slope.Battery consumption woman: 1.4Akkus, I 1.7Akkus (upwards 4th of 5stufen). If you want to drive less, you could take the train from Weesen to Sargans or Buchs.Left:
      Vorderhöhi Pass: (from
      "This passport to Toggenburg had gained momentum in the 1970s, when the access road from Weesen to Amden was endangered due to an imminent rockfall and had to be closed in. The military built an emergency road within a very short time, but today only by hikers and cyclists is used. "

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  2. Mtb went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

    1. Mtb

      I ride the tour once a year, because I really like it.Scenic very nice, with wet paths not recommended. S2-S3. I skipped the Süserspitz this time, it had rained a lot the day before. The roads to Sünser Spitz were virtually under water.Ebike Enduro round, very steep ascent on the summit track (31% to GPS!). Support 30hm, push repeatedly because too steep or broken away from cows (cows' grooves), sometimes rocky or blocked or wet. Back long drive on the freight road from Hintermellenalpe to Mellau.

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    1. Mtb

      planned round for Saturday with ebike
      only street source:
      "According to Watson, the circumnavigation of the Churfirsten is one of the most beautiful bike rides in Switzerland." This Thursday I checked if that was true. "-> Buchs (L, 2h30)
      I started shortly after 10 o'clock in Wesen. There you can park at the station for 50 centimes an hour. Because I have no idea how long the tour lasts, I pack my headlamp into the backpack for safety. From Wesen leads a bike path (lakes route) right on the lake along to Walenstadt. At the beginning of the bike path leads over gravel roads and forest roads more or less directly along the lake. Then the valley gets narrower, the motorway comes closer and you have to drive through 2 long tunnels, which are well lit. Finally, I reach the former rest stop Walensee. The bike path leads steeply uphill directly behind the service area. Then it goes in easy up and down to Mühlehorn. There is currently a diversion, so again added a few meters. From Murg then unfortunately most must be driven on the main road. Fortunately, there is usually a separate bike lane and the main roads are also not too busy. After about an hour I reach Walenstadt. The bike path leads through Walenstadt and then past Tscherlach towards Flums. Shortly before Flums, I lose track of the bike path and therefore take a short time. Finally, I find the bike path but again at the train station.Now it is always directly along the Seez to Mels. On quiet side roads I cross Mels and reach Sargans. There I leave the bike path to shorten a bit and drive only at Malerva back on the bike path. Here you can decide whether you want to drive to the Rhine dam and then on the Rhine dam to Buchs, or you follow, as I follow the five-cycle cycle path along the Vilterser-Wangser-Kanal to Trübbach.In Trübbach must you make the same decision again. After Buchs the cycle path leads either over the Rhine dam, or along the railway tracks. Since there are still enough kilometers ahead of me, I decide in turn for the a little shorter variant along the Bahnschienen.Buchs -> Wildhaus Lisighaus (WS, 1h50)
      After the short lunch break in Buchs I drive on the main road to Grabs. You pass Werdenberg, the allegedly smallest city in the world. In Grabs it is about 55 kilometers to overcome the first major slope. Over 600 meters of altitude the bike path leads up to Wildhaus. However, the slope is pleasantly flat and you gain only slowly in height. However, the further you go up the Grabser Berg, the better the view of the Rhine Valley. At the Tobelsäge on 905 MüM, the cycle path joins the main road from Gams to Wildhaus. On this busy road you have to cover a few meters. After all, you can dodge for some 100 meters on a sidewalk. On this I drive up to the campsite Schafbergblick, just below the village center Wildhaus. From there you can drive almost flat to Wildhaus Lisighaus, where you again meet the main road in the direction of Wattwil.Wildhaus Lisighaus -> Starkenbach (L, 0h20)
      Now follows a short but fast descent on the main road to Starkenbach. Partly one could dodge on different cycle paths, which lead beside the main road down the valley. But since it has little traffic and above all goes downhill, I stay on the main road. Starkenbach -> front Höhi (WS, 1h40)
      In Starkenbach I turn left and drive now on the Panorama Bike Route towards Vorder Höhi. First flat and then a little steeper leads a narrow paved road through the forest up to the front Höhi. At a distance of just over 7 kilometers, you have to overcome the 650 meters difference in altitude. On the last kilometer before the Vorder Höhi you leave the forest and reach a pasture area. At the moment there are no cows anymore. Before Höhi -> Wesen (L, 0h20)
      After a short photo break on the pass I start with the 1100 vertical meters down to Wesen. On a narrow and sometimes steep Apshaltstrasse I drive past Altschen and Sell to Untersellen, where I meet the main road that leads from Arvenbüel to Amden. On this main road I drive then through Amden down to Fli down. Then it goes through beings back to the station of Wesen.Fazit: The bike ride is definitely beautiful. Varied and also the view can be seen. However, I would recommend the tour more for road cyclists, for the typical mountain bike tour is an asphalt portion of 100% but too high. In addition, the bike path along the Walensee beautiful alternate with less beautiful sections. Touring: SCM "from Hikr taken

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  4. Mtb went hiking.


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    1. Mtb

      Hiking tour from Gurtis via Sattelalpe to Gurtisspitze. Descent via Bazoralpe.
      The tour is slightly alpine, poles do not hurt.
      Stop at Sattelalpe possible.
      The track is very committed. You could think a chairlift leads to the Gurtisspitze. We were certainly accommodated by 200-300 hikers, very rarely in Vorarlberg.

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      • 08/11/2019

  5. Mtb planned a hike.


    5.37 mi
    1.3 mph
    2,525 ft
    2,550 ft
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    1. Mtb

      Hiking tour for 11.08.2019

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      • 08/10/2019

  6. Mtb and Frank Mueller went mountain biking.


    19.1 mi
    4.1 mph
    4,250 ft
    4,225 ft
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    1. Mtb

      stern bike tour with 200hm push up and 50hm down (alpine and exposed).
      Departure from Hirschberg S3, quite blocked.
      I remembered the tour more mobile.
      Below the Hirschberg is the Wölferguntenalpe. A stop is always worthwhile. Very nice retired Alphirt.

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      • 08/09/2019

  7. Mtb went mountain biking.


    15.5 mi
    4.3 mph
    3,975 ft
    3,875 ft
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    1. Mtb

      after work ebike tour
      Very often steep, down partly S2-S3 Trail. I'm in front of the Bödele and just before the valley pushed over a meadow, just look at the map. Before Bödele at the end of the road you could turn left. The final driveway to Hochälpele is a trail on the ski slope.
      The tour is sometimes quite difficult in the downhill on wet.
      In Switzerland, the 1Aug. Holiday. In Dornbirn one celebrates the day also with "Gegenfeuer" at the Schwende Alpe. There was a bigger party going on.

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      • 08/01/2019

  8. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.


    1. Mtb

      Enduro tour at the Walenseethe tour impressed me, could become a darling. S2-S3 departure without prohibitions. Reminds me of a tour in Klostertal that I like. Pay attention to dry weather, otherwise even heavier - possibly many places too heavy. Tour has on the dark side until mid-July snow fields - please consider - not dangerous early July!High to high Camatch about 150hm 45min push, down 50-100hm (ebike times, 1.6Akku).
      Very heavy descent, partially exposed. Martin has chosen the tour. You should take your time on the tour. A breakdown and you have 3-5hrs. to run into civilization!
      We drove the tour after this:
      3Akkus, that's what makes ebike fun. The day was almost too short.

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      • 07/21/2019

  9. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.


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    1. Mtb

      Repeat tour with Martin, Julius, Werner and Jürgen. Alpine Enduro Tour in very exposed terrain. Signed as MTB Tour. Only for safe Alpine enduro riders.
      Push 50hm up, down everything mobile (S2-S3), depending on ability.
      It often has avalanche pits until July. Their crossing is quite dangerous (cavities, slip off). Do not try too early in the year.

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      • 07/21/2019

  10. Mtb went mountain biking.


    21.6 mi
    5.7 mph
    5,225 ft
    5,050 ft
    1. Mtb

      Enduro tour on Hohen Freschen from Rankweil.
      High above Dafins reading path (S3 exposed, about 15% push - 250m), Freschenhaus. The driveway is quite narrow from Freschenhaus, you have to go in gutters, which is not easy, but it works. With Ebike to the summit only about 50m push, depending on the exercise.
      Down via Freschenhaus, Saluveralpe, Gaphohlalpe, Alpwegkopfalpe, Wengen. S2 levelYou can drive around as far as the reading path guideway, reading path (like downhill).The tour I drive safely once a year after work, always nice.after Garmin 1700hm, 1,5Akkus, drove pretty fast.

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      • 07/18/2019

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