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  1. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.

    2 days ago

    1. Mtb

      Enduro tour at the Walenseethe tour impressed me, could become a darling. S2-S3 departure without prohibitions. Reminds me of a tour in Klostertal that I like. Pay attention to dry weather, otherwise even heavier - possibly many places too heavy. Tour has on the dark side until mid-July snow fields - please consider - not dangerous early July!High to high Camatch about 150hm 45min push, down 50-100hm (ebike times, 1.6Akku).
      Very heavy descent, partially exposed. Martin has chosen the tour. You should take your time on the tour. A breakdown and you have 3-5hrs. to run into civilization!
      We drove the tour after this:
      3Akkus, that's what makes ebike fun. The day was almost too short.

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      • a day ago

  2. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.

    2 days ago

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    1. Mtb

      Repeat tour with Martin, Julius, Werner and Jürgen. Alpine Enduro Tour in very exposed terrain. Signed as MTB Tour. Only for safe Alpine enduro riders.
      Push 50hm up, down everything mobile (S2-S3), depending on ability.
      Author Julius:

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      • a day ago

  3. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.


    1. Mtb

      Stronger enduro tour S2-S3, 70hm pushed, partially exposed.from Lank on 300m a lot of storm wood.From Dornbirn the Steckenweg (uphill Trail S2) on Emsreute to Schuttannen, above carting funicular over to Staufensee, Kobelalpe, Weissenfluhalpe, Grässakopf, Lustenauer hut, Hochälpele, Dornbirnfor comparison: 1400hm with the first battery (Martin 1550m), a total of 1.88 rechargeable batteries consumed at 2580hm. Yamaha 500Wh, mostly in the third stage of five stages (not economical).

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      • 06/15/2019

  4. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.


    23.7 mi
    3.6 mph
    5,425 ft
    5,300 ft
    1. Mtb

      Stronger enduro tour S2-S3, uphill partly steep
      about 50hm push / carry, partly exposed and narrow

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      • 06/10/2019

  5. Tourer went mountain biking.


    55.0 mi
    7.1 mph
    6,000 ft
    5,925 ft
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  6. Tourer went mountain biking.


    35.9 mi
    4.7 mph
    6,625 ft
    6,925 ft
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    1. Carola

      Wow, looks great. How is the difficulty please?

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      • 06/17/2019

    1. Jupp / Toggenburg

      What is the descent from the Hochalp to the bottom of the river? S2 / S3? Mobile?

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      • 07/07/2019

  7. Tourer went mountain biking.


    34.5 mi
    4.7 mph
    5,500 ft
    8,275 ft
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  8. Mtb and Tourer went mountain biking.


    1. Mtb

      Stronger ebike tour with several Uphill Passages, had Julius, who is uphill expert!Have taken on Schellenberg after the castle a short heavy trail and then drove right the dirt road. Think 50m left and then down would have been the right path. Then briefly Uphill in Feldkirch-Tisis (reversible), pushing 50hm up to the Sarojasattel, departure from Sarojasattel is almost S3 (heavy, barred and exposed). Departure Gafadurahütte Planken S2-S3 - when wet extremely difficult. Departure from Planken to Nendeln S2, a bit steep (winter protection zone). Exit Paulatrail above Paula hut S2-S3, continue down S1-S2.The Paulahütte had 850hm, you can also drive separately - or instead of the Sarojasattel from the driveway.Was a 2Akku tour, had 15% rest, Martin had empty (both Yamaha PW-X). 300hm Eco, rest tour. Only briefly when Uphill full throttle. Shown at Garmin 2750hm, komoot 2480m. It is interesting that the integrated battery of the Giant brings 1.2kg more on the scales than the standard Yamaha 500Wh, with the same performance. At 2Akku 2,4kg more!

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      • 05/25/2019

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Distance776 mi
Time181:53 h