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¹Der Weg ist das Ziel
²drei mal links, gibt einmal rechts und umgekehrt
³Schatz, nach der Kurve gibt es bestimmt keine Steigung mehr
⁴es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter
⁵immer glücklich unterwegs.

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  1. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went for a hike.

    October 10, 2021

    6.01 mi
    3.1 mph
    1,025 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Wonderful tour near Amorbach.
      It started at the parking lot at the cemetery. Shortly across the street then onto the Philosophenweg with the fence post gallery to the Albertsteig. This serpentine-like path is very beautiful and some chestnuts are stored on the way. At the top we left it and went to the parking lot for 4 cars, which were shared by 7, to the stairway to heaven. This detour was worth it and the realization of the "SommerBergerG Art EN" was that our feet were too big for the stone steps. On some steps there was only room for the ball of the foot, so you are probably entering at your own risk.
      After a short stretch of wide path, we went straight back onto a path and the 200 meters difference in altitude (to the start) were quickly behind us.
      The next gravel path greeted us and at the Fuß-Pils hut we went back to the next beautiful forest path.
      This is the second time I have visited the Gotthard ruins and it was impressive again. In any case, you should take the tower with you.
      The next path brought us back to Amorbach. Here we actually wanted to go to the other side to the Schwenderskapelle and Zittenfeldener Quelle, but here a blister on our feet thwarted our plans and we went back to the Philosophenweg.
      But we'll come back and take the Wildenburg ruins with us, which would have been too long for us for this tour.
      Very nice day and a tour to recommend.

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      • October 16, 2021

  2. Michael 🏞 🥾 went mountain biking.

    October 9, 2021

    29.8 mi
    10.9 mph
    3,325 ft
    3,350 ft
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    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Canceled tour, very heavy forest roads with obstacles.
      This tour didn't grab me, but after a long time I would like to report about it to save the inconvenience of the way. For that I once borrowed the e-bike from the woman and it wasn't all bad
      The beginning was nice as always and the trail at the Scharstein Chapel was great. At the end of the descent, when you come to the wider path (km5.6), this in the direction of Unterschnorrhof (Fechenmühle) is closed due to forest work.
      A new way had to be found and later it went along the Steinbach. Considering the shortcut (km 11) was not a good idea. Already after 80 meters I was reminded of a hike with the thought: you will not drive it up to the top. But I hadn't remembered the strong gullies in the tracks and the impassable middle. Again and again there were branches on the way. Some couldn't be seen through the grass. The surrounding tree was also a challenge with the e-bike and I longed for my bike.
      So it is better to drive past the beautiful pond over the Binsendelle.
      A beautiful forest trail began at the Kreuzsteintor and took me towards Hundsrück. Before you get to the tar, a "path" goes down to the left. There are some branches on it (picture 6 looking back on the path), and for a while I wondered if I should really try.
      Well, the urge for a new way and the manageable length on the map had drawn me and I tried it.
      Be slow at the next major intersection. Before you get on the path, there is loose ground and my front wheel was a quarter sacked.
      The next descent wasn't much better, but everything was easy to roll over.
      At the bend on the right I still thought that it was worth it after all, but then I pushed over the 100 branches.
      At km 18.6 there is another bench with a view of Unteraltenbuch, which I found very nice.
      Here I also decided to break off my tour and start the journey home. Actually, I wanted to be even closer to the Stadtprozelten and the war memorial of the Dorfprozelten. The return trip was mostly on gravel roads. When you are past Wildensee, the narrow path is also a short challenge. Since I was really drawn home, I took the shortest route (long tar road, but nice view) to Dammbach and rode the bike path back

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      • October 16, 2021

  3. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went mountain biking.

    September 26, 2021

    34.6 mi
    8.1 mph
    3,975 ft
    3,900 ft
    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Great tour with some nice forest track floors. Sometimes a few downhill trails were hairy (through stones and rinsals of water), but good.
      Of course, the way back from the English via the Eselsweg was also great.

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      • September 26, 2021

  4. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went mountain biking.

    September 5, 2021

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    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Today we started with the incline of the graveled, wide path for millions. Once you have reached the top, it goes down to Volkersbrunn. After crossing the street, it continues with a slight incline.
      After 6.1 km there was the first small forest trail. Here you have to decide whether you want to drive dry and narrow up the hill, or down in the valley with a few swamps.
      We had chosen a good choice with above.
      At 7, 3 there was a wider forest path with some muddy spots that took up the entire width. At the next junction the gravel hit again.
      We left it again as soon as possible and came down a forest meadow path.
      The next decent trail came at 13.7 km. Forest path, partly paved with stones and ruts. Do not think anything for weak nerfs.
      Then we went to Elsenfeld to pick up an ice cream.
      Then it went to Rück-Schippach over the vineyards. At the end of the vineyard (at 22 km) I always find the small trail intoxicating.
      Until now I've always been lucky that nobody came up to meet me and was able to let it go well.
      After Himmelthal at 23.8 km there is another small meadow path. Then it was back on the bike path from Eschau to Heimbuchenthal.

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      • September 5, 2021

  5. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went for a hike.

    September 1, 2021

    7.95 mi
    3.2 mph
    850 ft
    850 ft
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    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Finally nice weather on the day of departure, what do you think about on the way home? You could also go hiking in dry conditions. Quickly took a look in Google, discovered the suspension bridge and selected it as a start. Shortly before that there was a parking lot where the water rushed. 2 damming of the brook was the reason. Komoot does not have the stream and path on it on its map.The easy tour was quickly put together and the highlight should be at the end. Shortly after the start, we noticed from a distance that the suspension bridge was not what we were hoping for.
      This time it went up a forest path. The road was only graveled to the side and reminded us more of home than the other days.
      Further on, it doesn't matter whether you walk up on the embankment or in the depression. But this is a little softened by the water. Of course, you can also admire a view of the valley from above.
      Shortly before the end of the forest, you can already see the beautiful view of the plain. Even the stack of wood put on fit perfectly into the picture. Here I also recognized the small building that I defined as a chapel.
      Then you could see the Illerschleife through the treetops for the first time.
      The interest was great again and I went to the supposed chapel, this was confirmed. What I found imposing was that the trunk of the tree next door had almost the same diameter as the width of the chapel.
      On the way back there was a wish tree with lots of notes in front of the parking lot. Also a nice thing and interesting what the children want.
      At the ruins of Kalten Castle you had a beautiful view of the Illerschleife.
      Then it went over steps and a forest path down to the Kalden Tobelbach. Of course we do it to the left of the stream. The highlight “Lieblingplatz” is really very nice and should be visited.
      If you come back to the old path, there is another ruin on the right that is apparently not worth writing. The swamp area is large and you can see some ducks by the water. Some trees are light green that caught the eye.
      Then the path goes uphill again until you come to the “Betzers” on a tar road down to the Iller.
      When we arrived at the bottom, a cyclist came across the field towards us at the first farm. With a little imagination you can see a way here. With a wide view, you could see the road blocked by a sign between the house and the shed (dog kennel ??). So we went along this "path" too. On the other hand, I realized that you can leave all the buildings on the right and that a better recognizable path has been mowed at the last barn. I was surprised that you can simply declare a cycle path as a private path. But I recognized this in many places. On the one hand you can understand it ...
      Leave the next building on the right again, as the path is only one entrance to the courtyard.
      Past fields it went to the barrage. At the beginning there is a small mooring where you can lift your canoe out and at the end of the barrage a path has been created that you can water it again.
      Here I saw a fish ladder in live for the first time. Most of the time they are inside the building or underground.
      Unfortunately the water was so brown due to the rain that you couldn't see anything. At the parking lot on the left was a building with a window that lay under the surface of the fish ladder. Unfortunately, the panes were so populated with living beings and dirt that you could only see the top 2 cm of the water there, but nothing was recognizable here either.
      We continued on tar for 400 meters until we entered a path on the right. It was here that I noticed the Jakobus pilgrimage route for the first time. In retrospect, I thought I had seen it before.
      New trees were planted in the small, fenced-off clearing. In the end, a fence was made out of sticks. That gives enough animals shelter and thought it was a great thing.
      In the further the path in the small forest became a bit muddy in places. Then it went between the pastures in the direction of the suspension bridge.The bridge is small, but built fine and stable. The year of construction was 2007 with a length of 84.5m and there can be 60 people on it at the same time.Here it went back to the starting point.Small, fine, varied circuit that is not very demanding, but has enough “sights” to offer. Just the thing for a couple of hours. This round is taken by several. We met some who we have already met on this tour. But it wasn't too crowded in this beautiful weather.
      The only downer, there is no place to stop

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      • September 5, 2021

  6. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went for a hike.

    August 31, 2021

    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      You can also hike in the rain. The new rain jacket survived its first trip well.
      This tour could also be called “The 100 Source Tour”, because it was rushing from everywhere.
      It started at the Am Fischbichel parking lot. There it went on a small path directly along the lake. Not long before the first watercourse crossed the path. I had to bend down to get through the rock arch. But it was worth it.The topping changed on Saloberstr. up to the Alatsee again on tar. There is also a parking lot here, if you want to shorten the round.
      At km 3.2 we left the Maximilliansweg for a short time and took the stairway, which further up became a small root path.
      Due to the weather including fog, we had no view of the Zugspitze despite help. Shortly afterwards we came to the Salober Alm and crossed the Austrian border. Since this has closed, it went back to Germany and a natural path into the forest. Again and again you change the border here. A very varied route, both in terms of the environment and the ground. After a free stretch there was also a small root path from km 5.3. Then the path went up over boulders.
      Shortly before the highest point, you could experience a few views of the valley. Still quite foggy.
      200 meters further on the lookout rock after the Salober summit, the fog was almost imperceptible. Almost 180 degrees view and we could already see our planned way back on the Vils
      The small summit path was great to walk and the valley views were beautiful.
      The fog got thicker again at km 7.4, so we decided to take the path into the valley at 7.5 and not walk over the Falkenstein as planned. This descent was quite steep and stepped. But the ground was firm. In the upper third we heard bells and thought directly of cows. When we finally got down there were goats. A long hall greeted us here. A chapel was still on the side of the road and we changed the border to Germany for the last time. There was a sign here: Border crossing only allowed from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
      Near the Vils it was flat along the path.
      At 10.1 km there was a “Celtic tree circle”. Various trees in one place with a description of the plant and character traits in relation to humans. Very nice, I would plan more time here next time.
      The next highlight of this tour was at km 11.1, the path going from the Zirmeweg. This is a way of the cross. Partly steep root path. Have already seen a few crossroads, but such a path was not among them. The way to the grotto was blocked by a sign because of rockslides. Then it went up again, and Komoot's display is undoubtedly understating the altitude.
      The castle ruins of Vilsegg were of course taken along and the view was worth it again.
      A beautiful waterfall was waiting at the bottom.
      The wide gravel path went to the back of the rock. Then a turning hammer could be seen. The further path was marked with spray paint here on the rocks and trees. If I didn't have a komoot, I would probably have turned back. After the ascent, we continued on a beautiful forest path, which was briefly interrupted by a scree field.
      Then we came out again at the Alatsee and the darkness slowly set in. That's why I took out the flashlight at km15.Nice varied tour that I would go again plus the extension of Falkenstein, a longer stay in the Celtic tree circle and (Zirmen?) Grotto.
      Would say the nicest of our vacation, despite the rain

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      • September 4, 2021

  7. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went for a hike.

    August 28, 2021

    9.91 mi
    3.0 mph
    800 ft
    850 ft
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    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      This round started right at the quietly located Hotel Amber. Another starting point would of course be the Reichenhall train station.
      The Grundnesweg no longer exists, so we had to turn back again at km 0.5, i.e. at the main road. Further.
      Unfortunately, the path at the Rosengarten and Rupertuspark is still tarred. Once you have crossed the Saalach, deck chairs invite you to take a bath in the forest.
      At 2.2 km there is a small water treading facility in the stream water. Or rather, an entry railing. Here at the bridge, the path should also have passed from the tar in our well-known gravel.
      Since there were many paths at the beginning (up to about 4.4km)
      At the Listsee we admired its clarity. It is deep green in color and you can see the entire floor clearly. Maybe it's because it is fed underground.Then it went on with the gravel, which was occasionally a bit coarser, then a floor could actually be seen. Stone slabs also decorated the floor. So a little more varied than on the Jenner.At 7.6 km a small forest path went into the forest. Here I couldn't fail to test the path. A small hallway went over a stream, then there was a raised stand and behind it there were trees in the way. Because of this, and because I don't know where the path ends, I turned back again.
      A short time later, you arrive at Thumsee. The first inn pays special attention to its outdoor area. Everything in the best shot, which was confirmed again from the other side of the lake.
      At the lake we could catch wonderful views. Water lilies with individual yellow blooms could be seen on the bend.
      After crossing the street we found ourselves on the old brine pipeline path. Here you can still see the pipes of the brine sticking out of the earth.
      This is also advertised for the Zwergerlweg. The traditional costume children from Reichenhall have repeatedly set up houses, holiday paradises and hammocks along the roadside over a length of 3.4 km. But sometimes you have to look carefully so that you don't miss any.
      The Weier right at the beginning is the oldest water lily farm in Germany and was established in 1936. A very nice way that led us back to Bad-Reichenhall.When crossing the Saalach, we liked the steps of the waterfall. I can also recommend the tour of the Alte Saline, which is still in operation. The walk through the city center invites you to refresh, but not every restaurant is open all the time.Nice tour, Thumsee with Wichtelweg also something for children. Unfortunately not completely accessible with a wheelchair / stroller because of a few steps.

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      • September 4, 2021

  8. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went for a hike.

    August 26, 2021

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    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Already the approach via the Vorderbrandstr. was a bit hairy. A narrow street where 2 cars are just passing each other. I was lucky 3 times, once it was narrower.
      At the parking lot I had no network with O2, so the parking app didn't work and had to throw in money. Since we only had a paper guest card (plastic was possible), we could not use the discounted parking.
      At the beginning it was a bit of a mountain to get used to for the first time on a broader path covered with light, small gravel. "Unfortunately" we had to find out that here in the Allgäu, almost all the paths up to the path are covered with this surface. If you see the good: the shoes stay quite clean and you can walk comfortably over them, not like the rough gravel with us. But I prefer the forest path.The thought was, rather steep uphill as downhill, and we sweat well. Most of them went straight on, and we only met 5 other people on this section to the station.
      Instead, after 750 meters, the first beautiful viewing route came through a herd of cattle pasture. The stones were then a little bigger at the top and I can remember a few paragraphs.
      At 1.75 km below the Krautkaserlift station there is no left path. This goes over an electric fence that is pushed down and continues along the rock to the right.
      Directly behind the mountain railway, after a short stretch, a wide path continued uphill. This brought us past the Mitterkaser Alm and the climbing rock (equipment !!). In between we were greeted by some marmots from their den. Always a whistle when a dog was approaching.
      From the Alm the rush of people was of course a little more due to the mountain railway, and it increased a little towards the station. Past it it went to the summit cross of the Jenner.
      Had to wait a good 7.5 minutes for a photo of the cross. But the view, especially from the forecourt, was worth it.
      Here the rain started, but decided to go on, which we did not regret. At 5.6 km I recommend (like us) to leave the main path and hike along the fence. After that, 2 flat headwaters had to be crossed on the wide path. At the mountain restaurant Schneibsteinhaus it went freshly strengthened. At least here it is history with the white sandals. The beginning is more the entrance to a cow pasture and we were already thinking of going on an alternative route. But then we recognized the path. For me wonderful, small dirt path, partly covered again, with an occasional incline. From approx. 7.2 km it turned into a washed-out, dry stream, where you could also walk sideways over grass. Later it got a bit (more) muddy, which we knew from the beginning. The bushes also made it a bit narrower before we hit the second path at the top. However, the traces revealed that quite a few were walking along here.
      Since the mountain was completely covered in fog, we saved ourselves the further ascent for a view and we went over rocks with a few heels to the Torrener Joch. Shortly before and after that there were cows on the way here too. Then it went steeply downhill over the usual gravel surface.Then we passed some huts. Covered signs were attached to the roadside from approx. 9.2 km. Some people were named here who once had an accident here (lightning strike, frostbite, falling rocks, falling, ...).The path with the sward in the middle (KM10.4) would have been a nice change, but we still had our familiar underground.At 11.1 km, my curiosity was aroused by the sign: "Historic schnapps distillery". At the building of the Grassl Prisberg gentian distillery, booth: “I'm in the village”. The fountain is apparently used to cool the schnapps when the “shop” is open.
      At 11.4 km we learned how fast it can go with fog in the mountain. Short miles of visibility were shortened to 15 meters in 10 seconds. Later it broke up a little. So we went down the mountain without a wide view. A few more troops came towards us. Despite the drizzle, they were in a good mood and a small exchange of words took place.
      At the water basin, the lake was still in the fog. Bathing and walking are prohibited as it is water for the snow cannons. Also said: come let's go around to the left (not the way) and when I looked around, the fog was gone. It then went slightly upwards past a couple of trails until we got back to our beginning.Fasit: Despite mostly the same (light, fine gravel), but easy to walk on, beautiful tour with wonderful views. If you stay on the wide paths, they are all well developed. Loose stones, rocks, ledges, gullies and rarely mud can be seen on the trails. In this weather, one or the other source can run into the path.

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      • September 4, 2021

    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Let Komoot do it, was the motto. Starting point, end point actually a restaurant with a beer garden in Großostheim, which would close at the time of arrival, a point outside and the way back activated.Nice tour with a very high proportion of meadow trails. Especially after Sulzbach after the underpass of the expressway, the grass was partly high up to the handlebars, which pulled the strength, but was fun. The path was easy to see and so was the "trail". Only 2 "holes" on the track were not recognized in time.The prospects were admirable too.In Soden after Schloßbergstr. (Km 7.64) it goes through a small "arch of leaves" which makes the path almost invisible. In the small piece, a branch is camouflaged at head height, which is quite stable. Watch out!!!The underpass of the tracks and long towel (very low) was something different, but still kind of interesting.In Kleinwallstadt (from km 38.4) there was a small detour to the alpine hut. Small menu, but the schnitzel was freshly tapped. Everything was good and we spent the biggest downpour in the dry

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      • August 8, 2021

  9. Michael 🏞 🥾 and Tanja went mountain biking.

    July 31, 2021

    1. Michael 🏞 🥾

      Um nicht ganz aus dem Tritt zu kommen ging es trotz Wolken aufs Rad. Hatte ja etwas Bedenken, wegen Höhenmeter und Trails in Collenberg, war aber eine tolle Tour, die ich nochmals mit auslassen der nicht passierbaren Passagen fahren werde.
      Die MTB-Strecken waren gut zu befahren und hab mir Zuviel Gedanken darüber gemacht. Sollte für jede Schwierigkeitsstufe (Außer Freaks) was dabei sein.
      Etwas entspannt ging es über Forstwege am Schloss Mespelbrunn bis zur erneuerten Schutzhütte Eselshöhe (Kleine, modernde Abgerissen und die neuerdings übliche Schutzhütte hingebaut). Kurz danach ging es auf einen Wald-Trail (Abschnitt von H2) der von einem kleinen Baum versperrt wurde. Aber der wurde schnell überwunden.
      Bei der Herta-Elisabeth Hütte ging es weiter auf den bekannten Krausenbacher Weg, über die Scharsteinkapelle und den tollen Waldtrail (KM10,2) mit gelegentlichen Wurzeln und Steinen runter zum Unterschnorrhof (Ferschenmühle).
      Hier geht es erstmals auf Teer durch’s Dorf und hoch bis zum Wald weiter. Belohnt wurde dieser Untergrund durch gutes vorankommen und ein paar sehr schöne Ausblicke.
      Ruckzuck ist man über breitere Wege drüben in Wildensee. Die Verkehrsstr. davor (Km15,8) kommt recht überraschend und es ist zur Vorsicht geraten. Danach geht es am Dorf auf einem schmaleren Weg an der schön gestaltendene Freizeitanlage vorbei.
      In der Vorbereitung mit etwas mulmigen Gefühl ging es bei KM 19,4 auf den MTB Trail Gräbele 1, der seinen Schrecken komplett verloren hat. Am Anfang ist es ein komplett befahrbarer Hohlweg, den seine Böschungen als gelegentliche Rampen ausgebaut wurden. Die Abfahrten der Böschung waren manchmal schon etwas steiler. Danach wurden mit Steinplatten kleine Schanzen errichtet, die man aber auch seitlich auslassen konnte.
      Vor dem Übergang zum Gräbele 2 ging rechts eine kleiner Trampelpfad durchs Grüne auf den breiten Weg. Der Abstecher zur ehemaligen Arbeiterdiensthütte kann man sich aber ersparen. Danach zurück und weiter auf dem Trail. Bevor man auf den breiten Wanderweg (km21.2) kommt, ist ein Hügel aufgeschoben. Auch hier sollte man etwas vorsichtiger sein, das es keine Verletzte gibt.
      Bis hierhin lief alles super, und nach dem Abstecher zur Lochtelhütte (Davor war noch ein sehr kleiner Weiher mit Sitzgelegenheit) fing der Kampf an. Der Weg fing etwas weiter Richtung Hütte an, konnte man aber gut befahren. Bei km 21.9 lag dann ein Baum ohne Umgehungsmöglichkeit im Weg. Geht’s nicht drunter oder Drum rum, dann geht’s halt drüber. Mein Rad kein Problem, aber beim E-Bike war Gemeinschaftsgeist gefragt. Danach konnte man erst einmal gut Fahren, bis dann leichte Kettenspuren auf dem begrünten Stück waren und danach sich auch Sand und Erde dazugesellten. Naja, es war ein Weg, wir konnten es „Fahren“, aber oben auf dem Forstweg beschlossen wir, das es mehr ein hoch-stolpern war.
      Eigentlich war bei km 23,2 der rechte, gestrichelte Weg, der links übergeht auf den Pfad (Schwarze Linie) geplant. Ein lustiger Waldarbeiter hatte aber Baumstämme davor abgeladen und ich nahm an, das der Weg stillgelegt werden sollte. Auf der anderen Seite, war der Weg aber offen. So was ich gesehen habe, ein toller Abschnitt. Leider war meine Frau nicht zu begeistern, nochmals umzudrehen 🤣. Beim nächsten Mal, versuche ich bei so einer Situation wieder mein Glück, obwohl ich auch schon eingegangen bin.
      Bei Km 25.1 ging es schon auf den nächsten MTB(Wander)-Trail „Borderline“ runter zur Kollenburg. Auch wieder mit Spaßfaktor und empfehlenswert.
      Wollten eigentlich über der Burg hinweg fahren, dort ging es aber nur eine Treppe erstmals runter. Da mir ein junger MTB-Fahrer entgegenkam, der meinte, nicht zu empfehlen, wollten wir direkt an der Außenmauer den Weg entlang. Aber auch das war eine Sackgasse. Nagut, dann sind wir den Marienweg runtergefahren. Oben war es mit Büschen beengter Weg. An einer Stelle war der Pfad sogar zur Hälfte noch weggeschwemmt.
      Danach ging es einen breiten Wiesenweg weiter.
      Hintere der Wassertretanlage war die große Gitarre an dem Schuppen gut versteckt. Dachte schon, es wäre ein Fake-Bild.
      Am Samstag um 16 Uhr in Collenberg was zu Essen zu finden, hatte sich als schwer herausgestellt. Das vorab herausgesuchte Gaststätte hatte erst ab 17 Uhr geöffnet. Googlesuche Gaststätte hatte keinen Treffer. Also ging es Richtung Heimat.
      Am Ende der Stadt am Sportgelände fuhren wir nochmals an die Halle und es war ein Schild“ Terrasse geöffnet“ zu sehen. Uns erwartete ein Kroatisches Lokal.
      Frisch gestärkt und mit vollem Bauch ging es weiter.
      Auf eine Safari wurden wir bei Km 34 eingeladen. Auf einmal stehen Nashörner auf der Wiese. Weiter unten hab ich noch ein paar Straußenvögel erkennen können. Ein Hinweisschild hab ich nicht erkennen können. Auf jeden Fall mal gespeichert und werde diesen Weg mal gehen.
      Bei Km 35,1 ging nochmals ein schöner Waldtrail rein. Der endete aber unterhalb der zu sehenden Hütte mit einem Dornenfeld. Da wollten wir nicht durch und es ging die Steigung wieder zurück.
      Wir kehrten wieder zur nähe Lochtelhütte zurück, kreuzten unsren Anfahrtsweg und nahmen den rechten Wiesenweg. Dies war aber total Falsch und da umkehren keine Option war, mussten wir die Räder einen Berg hochtragen. Dann ging es auf den Hohlweg, der unten links vom Wiesenweg war. Auch dieser ist nicht befahrbar, große Spurrillen machten das nicht möglich. Würde sagen ab 37,1 war es wieder befahrbar und dann fing die längste, steilste Steigung an.
      Bei 38,5 ging es nochmals auf einen sehr anspruchsvollen (umgekehrte Richtung) Trail. Der Anstieg war durch große Felsbrocken sehr mühsam. Runter muss man auch höllisch aufpassen.
      Auch das ging vorüber und es wartet bei 41,5 der nächste tolle Trail über den Hasenstabweg an.
      Ab km 49,3 fing der lange Abstieg über den Braunweg zum ehemaligen Auerhahn an. Es war ein schöner leicht herausfordernder Trail, der aber außer dem ständigen Bremsen nochmals Spaß machte.
      Unten angekommen, ging es gemütlich über den Bachweg nach Heimbuchenthal zurück.

      • August 1, 2021

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