Eine Tour ist für mich richtig schön, wenn die Strecke sehr abwechslungsreich ist, Panorama & Natur oder kleine Orte stehen immer im Vordergrund und ich möglichst viele Eindrücke sammeln kann. Bin meist rund um Erlangen unterwegs, ansonsten Steigerwald oder Fränkische Schweiz.

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  1. SUNNY went for a bike ride.

    2 days ago

    20.8 mi
    11.5 mph
    300 ft
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    1. SUNNY

      After the nice mood pictures of the Komootler yesterday, a quick lap was simply a must after work .. Incredible looks at home ... ⚽️😳 ... ok, I'll be back in the second half ...
      It started quite unspectacularly, fresh wind, no sun, perfect cycling on the canal, a wonderful atmosphere even without the glitter of the river. Up to the Solarberg, only 4 boys and no 🦟, even without the sun just so beautiful again ... back along the river path through manure-yuck and sometimes deep grass ... and then suddenly the sky is incredibly pink ... over Eltersdorf in return it is ultra black and the first lightning bolts can be seen ... for the happy ending ⚽️and arrived home shortly before the rain, perfect😊

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      • about 21 hours ago

  2. SUNNY went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. SUNNY

      Seen from the train, how beautiful the Forchheimer Wiesengrund is currently in bloom and quickly rescheduled ... discovered that there is even a hike "Irrigation like that." after the storks romping around shortly before Pinzberg, I took a piece of this interesting tour with me ... continue quite banally on the bike path towards Ebermannstadt, as a knee-already program 🙄, but at the moment every route is super nice, like that also this. Unfortunately, there was not enough time and the train only goes every hour, so I got back on in Kirchehrenbach 😊

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      • 3 days ago

  3. SUNNY went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. SUNNY

      This morning it was wonderfully cool and everything was very wet, the perfect day to do my favorite tour again ... a short tour, but there is everything that a nice hike needs an iydiller river with muskrat and dipper guarantee and of course a lot of other animals, wonderful views, picture book places, mossy and shady fairytale forest with great rock formations and of course a cave.

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      • 4 days ago

  4. SUNNY went cycling.

    6 days ago

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    1. SUNNY

      If you disregard the sauna feeling even at 10:30 p.m., the constant supply of protein in the mouth and eyes, a wonderful evening end 😁
      There is a smell of hay everywhere, deer and rabbits hobble over the mown meadows, the best place to sleep is fought with a loud roar on the ponds, the herons fish in the evening light and no one is on the move ..

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      • 5 days ago

  5. SUNNY went mountain biking.

    June 17, 2021

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    1. SUNNY

      Yesterday it would be Markus' footsteps to the Hohler Stein and Kemitzenstein, thank you for the great tour template.
      The Staffelberg is a must in any weather, except for me everyone enjoyed the beer garden, nobody enjoyed the view and the rocks 😁 the tour was largely in the shade, through picture-book locations, shady valleys, a small Rauschebach everywhere, to ingenious rock formations. Attention Tiefentalschlucht, here you have to carry your bike at the end, it should be difficult with the e-bike.

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      • 7 days ago

  6. SUNNY went for a hike.

    June 16, 2021

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    1. SUNNY

      Yesterday I just went to the lakes near Bad Staffelstein, on the way there I discovered the Kurpark, a really beautifully laid out area that invites you to stroll or linger at 30 ° you want to sit at the graduation tower all day ... at the lakes there weren't any water birds, but I think all kinds of dragonflies red, green, brown, blue, black and a lot of fish ... you can walk or cycle very nicely around the lakes and you will also find an idyllic spot on the shore.

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      • June 17, 2021

  7. SUNNY went for a hike.

    June 15, 2021

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    1. SUNNY

      Luckily, the Frauenschuh bloom just caught, you can't see it in the pictures 🤔 but the bloom is almost over.
      But last week my knee wouldn't have made it. Otherwise, the tour offers everything that a varied tour needs 😊view, a cool stream, flowering meadows, a number of orchids, shady forest paths, a castle ruin, beautiful rock formations and insects at eye level wherever you look.
      First of all, I have to buy an identification book for my beetle collection 😊

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      • June 15, 2021

  8. SUNNY went mountain biking.

    June 14, 2021

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    1. SUNNY

      Today after work there had to be a round of frustration-reduction ... nothing like riding a bike and going to the wild horses, here you can def. great to switch off ... This year there are almost no thistles on the wall, just wanted to see if they were already in bloom ... 😱
      With the wild horses there are 2 newcomers and unfortunately also one departure ... oh wonder the hoopoe flew past several times .. let's see if there is a usable picture at some point.
      It's unbelievable how green and overgrown everything is and I think the ponds haven't seen so much water for years ... the dam at the Gründlacher is flooded, I had to carry the bike and wade through the mud .. as soon as you stop, the snags burst out a ...

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      • June 14, 2021

  9. SUNNY went for a hike.

    June 13, 2021

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    1. SUNNY

      (Pictures mixed up today, too lazy to pin 😊)
      1:10 by train from Erlangen and still never been there ... Kronach turned out to be a beautiful town, a lot of half-timbered houses, alleys, little squares and the fortress Rosenberg towers over the town, what a wonderful view from the forest.
      In addition, the old state horticultural show on the Hasslach invites you to take a walk.
      Super nice trip and the area promises great hikes.

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      • June 13, 2021

  10. SUNNY went for a hike.

    June 10, 2021

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    1. SUNNY

      Uhi there was fog this morning, the plan was actually a little round in the morning freshness without sultriness and thunderstorms ...
      Even the canal bridge turned out to be a single network 😍 See for yourself, everything is included ... from fog to sun and of course animals 😉
      In the forest you are almost eaten up 🦟🦟 couldn't run fast enough 🙄 long trousers would also be better, overgrown paths and nettles were also there today.

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      • June 10, 2021

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