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Komoot for Lezyne

From smooth bike paths and exciting gravel trails to the most epic singletracks around — get out and ride it all with komoot and Lezyne.
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Whether you want smooth asphalt for your road bike, bouncy singletrack for your mountain bike, or an off-the-grid adventure to tackle on your gravel bike, komoot — used in sync with your Lezyne device — allows you to more easily plan and experience better rides.

Plan better routes

Komoot lets you easily plan the most optimal route for you and your bike. Whether you ride gravel, road or mtb, just select your sport in the planner — and let komoot plan the perfect ride for you.

Komoot for Lezyne

Simple to set up and compatible with a host of Lezyne GPS devices, komoot and Lezyne help you easily make the most out of every moment on your bike.


Seamlessly connect your komoot profile in the Lezyne GPS Ally v2 app to get started.


Once your komoot profile is connected, you’ll see all or your planned and completed Tours displayed in the app. Just select the one you want to ride, and start navigation at the tap of a button.

Save it all to komoot

Once you're done, your adventure will be saved to your komoot profile, so you can add photos, create some Highlights and share it all with your friends.

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