Active relaxation in the forests of Bavaria

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In the Bavarian forests — from the Fichtelgebirge, over the Bavarian Forest to the edge of the Alps — you will find an unspoilt nature that can only be discovered in a few German forests. We have selected six hikes for you, which will take you on quiet forest paths to exciting places and — above all — to yourself. While you walk along ancient trees, through lonely gorges, ascend to peaks or visit glittering lakes, you leave your everyday life behind and find yourself in the here and now.

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  • Difficult
    324 mi
    2.2 mph
    35,150 ft
    35,225 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    On the 520 kilometer Frankenweg you hike from the Rennsteig to the Swabian Alb. The varied long-distance hiking trail you can go in 24 stages and wander through six Franconian resorts. The paths lead you partly on natural trails with gradients that you can easily walk with good footwear.The starting point of the Frankenweg is Untereichenstein, from where you dive directly into the green wilderness of the Franconian Forest. In the lovely region of Obermain • Jura you walk on the Kordigast and the Staffelberg, from whose summits you enjoy marvelous views over the Maintal. Continue on the Frankenweg in the Franconian Switzerland. Here you will find bizarre rock formations, mysterious caves and picturesque villages. In Nuremberg, you will experience a beautiful landscape with romantic valleys, sublime castles and small towns. Then you reach the nature park Altmühltal, where you walk past picturesque Jura heights and juniper heaths. Afterwards, the trail leads you past the Franconian Lake District and finally brings you to the destination of the long-distance hike: Harburg on the Swabian Alb.More inspirations for your hikes in Franconia can be found at

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  • Difficult
    110 mi
    2.2 mph
    11,475 ft
    11,900 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    During the Austrian War of Succession, the Pandours, a Croatian elite unit of the Habsburgs, with their leader Freiherr Franz von der Trenck went on fire and plunder through the Bavarian Forest.You can follow their tracks today on the long-distance hiking trail Pandurensteig. The long path marked with a scimitar will take you through glorious low mountain ranges, untouched forests, traditional towns and villages and past highlights such as the Great Stake (a total of 150 kilometers of quartz reef that has been awarded "Bavaria's Geotop No. 1"), the ruined castle Weissenstein with the "Transparent Forest" and the wild and romantic Ilztal.At this point we introduce you to the Pandur trail as an eight-day hike. The individual stages are sometimes quite long and especially suitable for persevering hikers. However, as there are a number of small villages and towns along the route, you will have no problem subdividing the longer stages and planning your personal hike on the Pandurssteig. Thanks to the well-developed Bavarian bus and train network, you can also plan only individual stages as day hikes. Timetables can be found at 1: From Waldmünchen to Cham
    Distance: 23 kilometers - Duration: 6 hours
    Stage 2: From Cham to Prackenbach
    Distance: 32 kilometers - Duration: 8 hours
    Stage 3: From Prackenbach to Patersdorf
    Distance: 18 kilometers - Duration: 4 hours
    Stage 4: From Patersdorf to Rinchnach
    Distance: 24 kilometers - Duration: 6 hours
    Stage 5: From Rinchnach to Spiegelau
    Distance: 17 kilometers - Duration: 4 hours
    Stage 6: From Spiegelau to Perlesrut
    Distance: 26 kilometers - Duration: 6 hours
    Stage 7: From Perlesreut to Fürsteneck
    Distance: 15 kilometers - Duration: 4 hours
    Stage 8: From Fürsteneck to Passau
    Distance: 19 kilometers - Duration: 5 hours
    More information about the Pandurensteig you get under

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  • Difficult
    32.8 mi
    2.2 mph
    3,450 ft
    3,500 ft
    Expert Hiking Tour. Very good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    In the Fichtelgebirge in the north of Bavaria spring many of the major Bavarian rivers. The source trail leads you from Münchberg in the north over the wooded ridges of the Fichtelgebirge to the sources of the four main rivers to Marktredwitz. On the way you visit the origins of the Saale, the Eger, the White Main and the Fichtelnaab.You stroll through quiet forests, past hidden forest ponds and small lakes and visit one or the other view summit. On this three-day hike you can expect varied landscapes and unspoiled nature - the perfect hike to actively relax in the forest and find a little bit of yourself again.With around 18 kilometers of distance per stage, the hike is especially suitable for enduring hikers. Even if there are no other accommodations along the way, you can also split the tour over several days with various detours to nearby towns and villages. The start and end of the hike can be easily reached by train.Stage 1: From Müncheberg via the Saalequelle to the Torfmoorhölle near Weißenstadt
    Distance: 16 kilometers - Duration: 5 to 6 hours
    Stage 2: From the peat bog to Nagler See
    Distance: 21 kilometers - Duration: 6 to 7 hours
    Stage 3: From Nagler Lake to Marktredwitz
    Distance: 17 kilometers - Duration: 5 to 6 hours
    More inspirations for your hikes in the Fichtelgebirge can be found at

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  • Intermediate
    4.81 mi
    2.3 mph
    275 ft
    250 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    The extensive Ebersberger Forst east of Munich is a wonderful hiking area. On wide forest roads and winding forest trails you can explore the naturalness of the forest on your own. On our round trip, we will not only guide you through the forest, but also on promising paths around the sparkling Egglburger See. The tour is rounded off with a stop in the quaint Gasthof "Zur Gass".Starting point of your hike is the trail parking lot on Anzinger Straße. Alternatively, you can also take the train to Ebersberg and start your round here - this lengthens the route by about four kilometers. From the trail parking lot you follow the Anzinger Straße for a few meters until a hiking trail leads to the left into the forest. Between towering coniferous trees you reach the Antoniweiher. The romantic forest pond is a nice place for a little break.From the Antoniweiher, the route makes a left turn and heads south. Soon you have reached the edge of the forest and before you the Egglburger See spreads out. Continue through the sleepy Hinteregglburg and along the southern shore of the lake to the Gasthof "Zur Gass".Strengthened, you continue your round the lake. After a few steps you will reach a picturesque avenue of over one hundred years old oak trees, which is quite rightly a listed building. At the Ziegelhof the oak avenue turns into an apple tree avenue. Turn left again and you're back in the Ebersberger Forst. The last section leads you through the silent forest back to the trail parking lot.You can find more information about nature in the district of Ebersberg here:

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  • Intermediate
    2.47 mi
    1.2 mph
    1,175 ft
    1,200 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    Above the Pfrontener district Kappel rises the striking Edelsberg. In addition to the long tour to the summit lure but also its meadows and forest-covered slopes for long walks. Our round trip leads you from Kappel through the picturesque Höllschlucht up to the Kappeler Alp. Especially nice: Here is not only a cozy alpine hut, but on a small side summit and a summit cross - so the hike is also equal to the summit tour.The starting point Kappel can be reached from Kempten by train. Get off at the station Pfronten-Weissbach in the bus line 71, which drives you directly to Kappel - parking is also available here. From the edge of the village it goes straight into the forest. First you have to wander over a wide forest road, which soon becomes a rising forest path. This will take you along different waterfalls through the rustic forest in the direction of the Kappeler Alp.Just before you reach the hut, the forest opens and you look over wide mountain meadows. Only a few steps and you already enjoy the magnificent view of the Allgäu mountains at the summit cross. Afterwards you have earned a long break on the Kappeler Alp. The descent back to Kappel then takes over the meadow path. The snakes itself - to live up to its name - over open glades and small meadows by the forest.Our tip: At the starting point is the high ropes course Höllschlucht. So if you want to exhaust yourself a bit after the tour, you can scramble through the trees on different courses.Even more hiking trails around Pfronten can be found at

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  • Intermediate
    9.49 mi
    1.9 mph
    2,275 ft
    2,275 ft
    Intermediate Hiking Tour. Good fitness required. Mostly accessible paths. Sure-footedness required.

    The Bavarian Forest is famous for its pristine forests, quiet valleys and of course its mountains. The highest mountain, the king of the Bavarian Forest, is the Great Arber. Thanks to the gondola lift, the 1,456-meter-high summit is easy to reach for everyone. On the other hand, you have to earn the panorama of the neighboring Kleiner Arber yourself. On our round trip we lead you from Bodenmais on forest paths over the Hüttlschachten up to the summit cross. After a rest in the Chamer Hütte, the tour continues through the wild and romantic Rißlochschlucht back to the starting point.Bodenmais, the starting point of your summit tour, can be easily reached from Zwiesel by the Waldbahn. If you arrive by car, there is plenty of parking. First you follow the signposted hiking trail "Grüne 6" out of the village and into the rustic mountain forest. The path rises quickly, until you crack the 1,000-meter mark at the so-called "thousands".A little later you cross a forest road and now let you lead from the trail "Blue 7" to Hüttlschachten. The bay, a former mountain pasture, attracts with sunny places and a wonderful view for a long rest. From here it is only a few steps to the Enzianwiese, where you meet the long-distance hiking trail "Goldsteig". Follow the last few meters up to the summit of the Kleiner Arbers.After you have enjoyed the beautiful view and have arrived in the Chamer hut, it goes to the descent. Our route takes you along the "Green 2a" marker directly into the wild and romantic Rissloch gorge. A narrow path leads along the swelling valley down to the valley - sturdy shoes and surefootedness are required here. The highlight in any case is the Rißlochfall, which pours in several cascades on huge blocks of stone. Over the last few kilometers, the creek runs back to Bodenmais.You can find even more hiking trails in the ARBERLAND under

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Active relaxation in the forests of Bavaria
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