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  2. Explorer went hiking.


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    1. FMali

      Class recordings👍

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      • 05/18/2019

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    1. Explorer

      The Leuchtenburg we knew from 5 years ago, the new porcelain museum, with its extremely imaginative equipment and architecture has made the day a great experience. After the hungry tour, by the way, the Schlossgasthaus, accessible only by entrance, had completely stopped its warm and cold hearty cuisine at 3.30 pm and offered only one sort of the remaining cake.
      Highly recommended is the way in the architecturally simply great built cash desk area located café catering, which also offers without entrance on a hike delicious offer in the sweet area and about the men's room with the most brilliant view "never ever" captivates. :-))

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      • 05/12/2019

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    1. Explorer

      After one of the best poppy-seed cake and espresso Doppio for a long time, followed by espresso specialty short course by the very knowledgeable owner and barista Kafferösterei in the Schubertmühle, gabs today a small but no less beautiful tour through the valley of the Great Striegis, near Gellertstadt Hainichen.

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      • 05/05/2019

  5. Explorer went hiking.


    1. Handrick

      What beautiful pictures, that's a joke. I see black, purple

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      • 05/01/2019

  6. Explorer went hiking.


    1. Handrick

      Always nice there. The man's day is always neat operation.

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      • 04/29/2019

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  9. Explorer went hiking.


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    1. Handrick

      What a beautiful valley on the Eger. Then rented a holiday apartment, so you could enjoy the scenery in peace 😊

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      • 04/23/2019

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Komoot spornt mich an, immer neue Highlights unserer schönen Heimat, aber auch entfernte Ziele zu entdecken und andere Menschen damit zu inspirieren.
Ich finde es genial an Komoot damit zeigen zu können, dass auch oftmals vergessene oder unentdeckte Naturschönheiten unser Leben sehr bereichern können und nahezu jede Gegend ihre entdeckenswerten Besonderheiten hat .

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