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  1. Dan went for a hike.

    October 25, 2020

    2.23 mi
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    75 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Dan

      Sunday-autumn excursion:
      Today my wife and I visited the approximately 320m long treetop path on the site of the former women's lung sanatorium in Beelitz-Heilstätten, which was built in 2015.
      After we had mastered the stairs of the ascent tower, we walked on steel-wood footbridges about 20m high. From up here there was a beautiful view of the spacious area, the colorful autumnal landscape and the relics of the former buildings.
      It's worth seeing how nature reclaims its kingdom - whole groups of trees with large diameters are now growing on the roof structures!
      One tower offers a great viewing platform at a height of 36m.
      In the distance you can see the Fläming to the north of Berlin and to the south.
      I was here about 2 years ago. I also took part in a very interesting tour. Here you got all the information about the buildings. A quick look into one or the other house was also possible. Unfortunately, everything is now surrounded by construction fences.
      I would still recommend this tour, even if I see the current entrance fee of 12.50 euros per adult a bit too high.

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      • October 25, 2020

  2. Dan went mountain biking.

    October 22, 2020

    13.8 mi
    11.5 mph
    400 ft
    400 ft
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    1. Dan

      Today I was the “lunchtime child” and was allowed to leave my job early. Thank you, boss!Almost 20 degrees and sunshine are unusual for the end of October. And so I used the weather and drove this lap, the course of which I had been planning in my head for some time.As the starting and finishing point, I chose the parking lot of the Buchholz ice cream parlor and restaurant in Falkenhagen (Mark), which is known and loved far beyond the municipal boundaries.
      If you follow the road from here in the direction of Regenmantel (the name rags), you will reach a rest area with a viewpoint after a few hundred meters. This offers a great view over the Galgensee, which is besieged by many gray geese during these weeks.
      Between Falkenhagen and Lietzen you now ride on one of the most beautiful cycle paths in the Märkisch-Oderland district. It runs parallel to the NSG Lietzener Mühlental and partly looks like a "green tunnel". There is also a great vantage point with a rest and refuge hut.In Lietzen I then looked around the large area of the Commandery. This is the last still recognizable knight seat of the former Knights Templar (later Order of St. John) in Brandenburg.
      It was built in 1232.
      So, enough asphalt. Now we went back to Falkenhagen via field and forest paths via Döbberin.Once there, I followed the main road that runs through the town. The area between Schwarzer See and Burgsee is a very beautiful spot. The well-known inn and restaurant “Schweizerhaus” can also be found here by the lake.
      At the end of the tour I visited the stone church, which was built in the first half of the 14th century.
      Today I got to know a very beautiful (autumn) landscape with many bodies of water, beautiful forests, easy climbs and descents.
      I can imagine doing more bike tours here.

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      • October 22, 2020

  3. Dan went for a hike.

    October 15, 2020

    1. Dan

      “Ascent” is of course grossly exaggerated, but at least the Streckelsberg in Koserow is the third highest point on the island of Usedom at 58m.In this section, the mountain forms the highest mountain on the steep coast.
      From the end of the 1930s, the Wehrmacht built an observation tower here. From here one could observe the development of the air situation in the run-up to the important port cities of Swinoujscie and Szczecin. In addition, the tower served as a measuring station for the rocket tests of the Peenemünde research institutes.
      In 1997 it was removed.
      We had to shorten this tour significantly due to yesterday's storm surge.
      About 500m further south of the Streckelsberg a steel staircase leads down to the sea. Here we wanted to run south along the beach to the next set of stairs.
      Unfortunately, the water of the Baltic Sea reached the dunes, which made a walk on the beach impossible.

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      • October 15, 2020

  4. Dan went for a hike.

    October 14, 2020

    1.52 mi
    2.5 mph
    25 ft
    25 ft
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    1. Dan

      In the morning we took a short walk to the Zinnowitz beach and the pier.I've been to the Baltic coast very often, but I've never seen a real storm surge. What's happening? Everything that's not nailed down!
      A strong wind from the northeast hit us on the beach, the waves piled meters high and crashed violently against the pier. To see it all like that was extremely impressive for us.
      The island's fire services were very busy all day. Again and again there were blocked roads and railways because of fallen trees.
      The neighboring town of Zempin no longer has a beach, the water masses were too heavy!

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      • October 14, 2020

  5. Dan went for a hike.

    October 13, 2020

    1. Dan

      Short vacation with my pearl on Usedom, soak up the sea air again before winter ...As soon as we arrived in the Baltic Sea resort of Zinnowitz, we moved into our quarters and quickly cleared our suitcases.Then we went to Heringsdorf. Here we first visited the pier with its countless small shops.
      After a cup of coffee we felt well strengthened and walked along the beach to Ahlbeck.
      Back to Heringsdorf we went up on the beach promenade (incl. Bike path), past beautiful bath houses, guest houses and hotels.

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      • October 13, 2020

  6. Dan went for a hike.

    October 8, 2020

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    1. Dan

      We started this tour in cloudy weather in the Leipzig district of Plagwitz.
      Here we first walked along the Karl Heine Canal. This canal was built by the industrial pioneer Karl Heine in the middle of the 19th century. A section about 2.5km long can now be navigated with smaller boats. Canoes can also be rented at a station.
      If you follow the course of the canal, you will soon reach the Klingerhain. There are very beautiful old trees here.
      A small bridge leads into the palm garden and reaches the Elsterbett of the White Elster, the flow of which is regulated here with the palm garden weir.

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      • October 9, 2020

  7. Dan went for a hike.

    October 8, 2020

    0.94 mi
    1.5 mph
    100 ft
    100 ft
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    1. Dan

      The Völkerschlachtdenkmal can be easily reached from Leipzig main station in about 15 minutes by tram.The monument weighs around 300,000 tons and was inaugurated in 1913 - 100 years after the European allies in the Battle of Leipzig put Napoleon and his troops to flight.
      There are 16 stone warriors in the crypt. After 364 steps you reach the 91m high viewing platform, which unfortunately was not accessible at the moment.
      But the first outside tour also offered a great view.

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      • October 9, 2020

  8. Dan went for a hike.

    October 7, 2020

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    1. Dan

      The first point of our Leipzig sightseeing tour this morning was the city skyscraper on Augustus-Platz. At 142m it is the tallest building in the city. From the platform at a height of 120 m there is a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings.Then we went to the Bayerischer Bahnhof, which was built between 1840 and 1844 for rail traffic to the south. Today the entrance portal of the former counter hall is a landmark of the city. There is an inn with a brewery in the neighboring buildings.Now the botanical garden was on our way, which was founded as a herb and plant garden in the 16th century.
      Today you can see around 9,000 plant species on the approximately 3ha large area.
      For a moderate 5 € you get access to the greenhouses. I especially loved the cactus exhibition and the well-tempered butterfly house.
      After a 30-minute walk we reached Leipzig Central Station, which was built between 1909-13. Today the historic walls contain 24 platforms and a modern shopping center.At the end of our tour we marveled at a gigantic mural on the Brühl that was created by an artist. It shows the beginnings of the peaceful revolution with the Leipzig Monday demonstrations up to the fall of the wall and beyond.
      Unfortunately, two new hotels are currently being built here, so the work of art will probably disappear forever.

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      • October 9, 2020

  9. Dan went for a hike.

    October 6, 2020

    4.16 mi
    2.3 mph
    175 ft
    175 ft
    1. Dan

      Short trip to Saxony ...... but this time not to my hometown Dresden, but to beautiful Leipzig.We have quarters in a hotel near the main train station, which we want to explore later.This afternoon it was the turn of the old town. Here we looked at some sights. The market square with the old town hall, the Thomas and Nikolaikirche, of course.
      Then we went to the Schwanenteich, past the opera, to Augustusplatz. The university, the city skyscraper with the MDR and the world-famous Gewandhaus border the square.
      Finally we walked past the Moritz Bastion, to Burgplatz and the new town hall.
      I also really liked the shopping arcades, which have been well integrated into the old town.
      Worth seeing here is the Mädler-Passage with the well-known “Auerbachs Keller”, it reminded me a little of Milan or Naples.
      Here you can also watch the streams of people passing by while having a hot coffee.

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      • October 6, 2020

  10. Dan went mountain biking.

    September 23, 2020

    27.0 mi
    11.3 mph
    425 ft
    425 ft
    1. Dan

      Maybe the last hot day of this year, you have to do something outside!My daughter is about to go on an alpaca tour and thinks the animals are very beautiful. That was the idea for the destination of my today's bike tour - the farm in Altlandsberg.Since I don't like doing the same tour there and back, I planned a nice lap the evening before.
      And so today I first drove along Straussee, then to Spitzmühle. Here I passed the northern tip of the Bötzsee and the southern tip of the Fängersee.
      I soon ran out of paved roads and rumbled along forest paths with gravel, roots and lots of loose sand. Driving again took some strength.
      At some point the path got narrower and narrower and I had to turn around at an impassable point.
      After another 15 minutes I finally reached Wolfshagen and could see the town of Altlandsberg.
      We continued south on Bollensdorfer Allee, an old cobblestone street with various barns and ruins.Near the alpaca farm, I missed the little path that goes over a bridge. And so I involuntarily extended the lap by a few kilometers.
      I drove across a field, under a large power line with gigantic masts, and reached Neuenhagen and the industrial park. Here I was finally able to cross the river and now I went back north again.
      The farm is on the edge of a small residential park. There are good living conditions for horses, goats, rheas, llamas and alpacas.
      Yes, my daughter was right, the alpacas are beautiful! When they approach and look at you with their dark eyes. I was also very fascinated and took some pictures.
      For my way back I chose the well-paved bike path from Altlandsberg via Radebrück to Eggersdorf. In Eggersdorf I wanted to reward myself with a soft ice cream - unfortunately it's a day off today.
      Okay, no ice cream then.
      Eggersdorf is more or less in Strausberg (construction is going on everywhere) and so I soon reached my destination.

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      • September 23, 2020

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