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Ich streife in Nordrhein-Westfalen - vornehmlich im Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis durch die Wildnis ;-)
Mein Outdoor-/Bike-Radius umfasst die Städte: Düsseldorf - Bochum - Dortmund - Hagen - Lüdenscheid - Marienheide - Wipperfürth - Leverkusen und eben alles, was dazwischen liegt. Ich fahre mit E-Motion Fahrrad, genieße die Landschaft und halte sie in Bild und Ton fest. Die Fotos sowie die Tourbeschreibungen sind in komoot und die Videos poste ich auf meinem Youtube Kanal namens "mitrilmo".

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  1. Mo went for a hike.

    4 days ago

    1.16 mi
    3.4 mph
    75 ft
    100 ft
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    1. Mo

      "Alpacas in the fog" What sounds like a film or book title is just a snippet of thought that came to me this morning on a (lacy) small, foggy tour around Rüggeberg. Of course I don't want to withhold the other wisdom from you that has now been secretly added. So, here are a few thoughts on fog:The nerd: If nature is too lazy to render the entire environment, it's called fog.
      The dreamer: The world still rests in the fog, forests and meadows still dream (E. Mörike)
      The idiot: Ouch, a cloud crashed here!
      The nerd: If you read life backwards, it means fog.
      The single: Cloud 7 is also only fog.
      And so the foggy nonsense can clear up and bring us a beautiful, clear September day.
      Stay healthy
      Your Mo

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      • 4 days ago

  2. Mo and Lurt Bancaster went for a bike ride.

    September 18, 2021

    49.5 mi
    11.0 mph
    2,350 ft
    2,550 ft
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    1. Mo

      Based on the legendary musical Starlight Express, Lurt and Mo, alias Rusty and Greaseball, head for Bochum and back on old railway lines. While reading these paragraphs, the theme music from Andrew Lloyd Webber's fast-paced roller-skating show hums - that's what we did throughout the tour (sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes with and sometimes without an audience). On the international eat-an-apple day, we start in Schwelm with early morning fog and 11 ° C and cycle over the northern railway line, through the Schee tunnel, over the coal railway line and through the Schulenberg tunnel to Hattingen. So far, all known paths that we routinely master on wheels to the satisfaction of our audience. Then we go on the towpath, this time down the Ruhr to junction 27 "Dahlhausen swimming bridge". From here it is not far to the entry point of the Springorum route, which we really want to get to know. Spoiler: the bike path is excellent for cycling and is a recommendation. So now we're rolling to Bochum - to the casting for the Starlight Express (just kidding). The musical has been running in the 700 year old university town since 1988 (June 8th, 1321). At the end of the Springorum cycle path we take a well-deserved break, to which two more cyclists (!) Join (cheers), and then come back to the Ruhr south-east strengthened. We follow the Ölbach on a well-developed cycle path with a distant view of the university down to the Ruhr valley cycle path towards Witten.
      Now comes the ultimate tip for everyone who does not want to climb up a 20% incline from the Ruhraue, but also want to climb a 17% incline in Wengern to get to the Elbschetalbahn: just take the Wittener Strasse and right past Landhaus Robbert, then come on the right a shallow driveway to the route (if we had known this earlier, the numerous stays in the oxygen tent would have been significantly shorter). We cycle leisurely over the viaduct along the route to Albringhausen. A short stretch of road and we are at the Cafè Kännchen. Unfortunately, with the now beautiful weather, it is so crowded that it is not worth the wait and we continue on the Glückauf-Trasse. At the Schee junction we come to the part of the tour that we already cycled in the opposite direction early in the morning (so just read backwards in the text above, then you will know where we are going now). After a good 80 kilometers, the steam locomotive Rusty and diesel locomotive Greaseball arrive back in Schwelm. For Greaseball it is now another 10 kilometers to Rüggeberg and the 100 kilometers are already on the clock.
      It was again a lot of fun and now we are waiting for the engagement with the Starlight Express. Maybe we will soon be seen as the two new electric locomotives Lurt and Mo. We will keep you up to date.
      VG Mo (and also from Lurt)

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      • September 19, 2021

  3. Mo and Lurt Bancaster went for a bike ride.

    September 4, 2021

    50.9 mi
    11.5 mph
    3,175 ft
    3,200 ft
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    1. Mo

      First of all: the tour is absolutely suitable for young people - don't worry. The key to the title are the six railway lines, which are linked to form a circuit of around 80 kilometers. When I told Lurt about it, I only gave him the title, he was enthusiastic and immediately involved. Let's start from the back:
      Rock 'n' roll is generally the short form of rocking and rolling and both can be found in the sport and the tour profile at first glance. The rolling rocks to be mastered lead to an altitude of almost 970 meters. The list of drugs on this trip, i.e. the intoxicating substances, can hardly be enumerated. Here are a few examples: we have seen how you harvest grass plantations on a large scale with combine harvesters, how serotonin, endorphin and adrenaline are released in the body when climbing Wuppertal-Cronenberg and how even alcohol-free cyclists produce dopamine if you are really thirsty . So that the tour report remains suitable for young people, we hide the title part between Trassen and Drugs - I'm just saying bees and flowers. So now for the actual tour: the start for Lurt and Mo was different due to their homeland and so the meeting point was Radevormwald-Leye (glider airfield). It was foggy, the sun was scarce at first. From the ROLL field (small title allusion) we went to the first route, the Bergerhofer railway line (5 km), which leads down to the Wuppertalsperre. We cycled up the Feldbach valley to the cozy tank dam and then in Lennep we took the second route, the Balkan terrace (3.5 km for us). Not far from the Eschbachtalsperre, our way led to the third route, the route of the tools (4.3 km), which began for us at Remscheid Central Station. From Remscheid-Hasten we then had to "torture our way up" to Wuppertal-Cronenberg in order to get to the fourth route, the Sambatrasse (for us 7.5 km). We were able to cycle down to the Wuppertal Zoo in a nice and shady way. It took longer because we allowed ourselves a stop in the Burgholz station beer garden and had a nice chat with other bikers (cheers and thanks at this point). But the weather was just wonderful. A short transfer under the suspension railway brought us to the fifth route, the north railway route (for us 12 km). We cycled to the Wichlinghausen train station and then took the sixth and last route, the Schwarzbachtrasse (1.8 km). Then we went back to Schwelm (Lurt) and Rüggeberg (Mon).
      Road cycling is always fun and definitely recommended. And when the weather cooperates and you still meet nice people, it's perfect.
      Stay healthy
      Mo (and thanks to Lurt - that was great fun again - was fun)
      P.S .: and again we filmed more than photographed

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      • September 5, 2021

  4. Mo went for a bike ride.

    August 21, 2021

    44.5 mi
    10.4 mph
    3,400 ft
    3,400 ft
    1. Mo

      Hello. On the international day of geocaching (modern GPS scavenger hunt), which always takes place on the 3rd weekend in August, Lurt and I have found our very own treasure. Important side note: Those who cycle with emotion should make sure BEFORE a tour that they have enough emotion with them, otherwise a bike tour will eventually turn into a hiking tour. But more on that later.
      We started in the beautiful town of Schwelm and quickly we went to the north railway line towards Hattingen. If you like, you can go on a treasure hunt in the Schee tunnel - is it even allowed to reveal that? During an underground stopover, we discovered and passed the city limits between Wuppertal and Sprockhövel and the state border between Rhineland and Westphalia. Our next destination was the Deilbachtal nature reserve. It's located in Switzerland. Yes, you heard correctly: in Switzerland! OK. it is Elfringhauser Switzerland, but at least as worth seeing as the other. We then discovered our personal treasure on the packaging of an original Swiss power bar. The altitude meters reveal why the area around Elfringhausen is called "Switzerland" and therefore power was necessary in several ways. The bar has an unmistakably triangular shape and consists of chocolate and nougat. The stylized Matterhorn is shown on the yellow and red packaging. And if you take a closer look - ATTENTION SPOILERS - you will also discover an upright bear there. This is the so-called Bern bear, the heraldic animal of the city that is home to the Swiss (well, actually, the American) chocolate factory. Well strengthened, we passed the Bergische Diakonie, then cycled into the land of the Düssel to Aprath and from there to the beautiful, medieval, former moated castle "Schloss Lüntenbeck". Wedding spectacle was the order of the day there. After a little komoot confusion and a few right-left combinations through the terrain, we managed to get back onto the northern railway line. We then cycled towards Schwelm with a steady headwind (yes, there is one here too). Partly unemotional, we pushed the bikes the last stretch across the finish line. "If you love your bike, you push it!" It was a nice tour with the best weather and we discovered a lot of new things. Also, that there is Switzerland in the Ruhr area between Hattingen and Wuppertal.
      LG der Radler-Mo (and of course from Lurt too)
      P.S. This time I took very few photos, but had the GoPro in action (new German ACTION), i.e. the short film of the tour is in the works ...

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      • August 21, 2021

  5. Mo went for a bike ride.

    August 13, 2021

    1. Mo

      This tour through the Bergisches Land has a few surprises in store that I would like to share with you. The starting point is Ennepetal-Rüggeberg. Since it is a circular course, it can of course be moved as desired for all subsequent cyclists. Via Königsfeld, past a wooden handle and the Demeter company Schultenhof (recommended organic store), you go to Wuppertal Beyenburg with its imposing monastery church of St. Maria Magdalena. Down the river we get to (well, actually rather "to") Erfurt. The epitome of wall coverings awaits us: the woodchip wallpaper. Contrary to what you might think, it does not come from the city of the same name, but from Wuppertal and was developed by Hugo Erfurt over 150 years ago. Down the river we come across an inglorious chapter of Wuppertal city history, the location of the Kemna concentration camp. A memorial commemorates the dark hours of German history.
      Over the Wupper and through the Marscheider Bachtal nature reserve, we climb several meters in altitude to be able to see the traffic on the A1 autobahn 50 meters down on the Blombachtalbrücke - a dubious and, above all, noisy pleasure. So quickly on to Wuppertal-Ronsdorf and the idyllic Ronsdorf dam. The dam dams the Saalbach and is therefore also called the Saalbach dam. And how could it be otherwise, the dam, completed in 1899, originates from Otto Intze's engineering spring. A beautiful, wooded circular path, which invites you to walk, hike or cycle, spans the body of water over a length of approx. 2.4 kilometers. We follow the Saalbach downstream through the historic Gelpe Valley and are amazed when we land in the Zillertal. No, not cycling too far, here is actually a Zillertal and all that is missing is the lady hunters. If you would like to try a "Bergisch coffee table", you can get one in the Haus-Zillertal café-restaurant. The name "valley" already suggests that the next destination could be a "mountain". And right, it goes to Cronenberg or Cronenfeld. Musically from alpine Zillertal rock, we swing into cozy samba sounds. The former 10 kilometer long railway line between Cronenberg and Elberfeld, called "Samba-Trasse" owes its name to the red rail buses that ran on it at the time, which rocked its guests along the winding route. We cycle or roll comfortably downhill to the zoological garden, which opened in 1881, and past the tiger enclosure. So and now another surprise for everyone who didn't know: The chemical company Bayer was founded in Wuppertal, not in Leverkusen, in 1863 and part of the plant is still here. On the factory premises we discover something strange that leads or floats through. If a train doesn't run on a track, but hangs on it, is it called? The answer shouldn't give you a headache now and if it does, you know what can help it. We come to the Nordbahntrasse in Wuppertal-Varresbeck and the Schwarzbachtrasse in Wichlinghausen, to finally return to Ennepetal via Schwelm. The almost 60 kilometers had a few surprises in store, right?
      VG Your Zillertaler Schürzenjäger-Mon
      P.S .: please do not ask me how komoot sorts the pictures - maybe it is called "crawling box"

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      • August 14, 2021

  6. Mo and Ursel von der Alm went for a hike.

    August 11, 2021

    7.56 mi
    2.7 mph
    725 ft
    750 ft
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    1. Mo

      It should be a leisurely hike around Rüggeberg (funny way on the Japanese day of the mountain "Yama no hi"). That was the plan. Tigerentchen, Ursel and I set off south from Rüggeberg with the sun in our hearts under a cloudy sky and turned right into the forest in Herminghausen past the alpacas. The route planned with komoot should be 14 kilometers and run partly on the so-called "Wappenweg" and partly on the alternative route of the "Westphalian Jakobspilgerweg". Through the forest we soon came across the Heilenbecker Dam, a drinking water dam completed in 1896. Of course I could, no I had to, tell Tiger Duck about the hydraulic engineer Otto Intze and the construction principle of the dam. We halved the 2.4 km long dam circular hiking trail near the bank in order to get to the other end and walked back through the forest towards the Klütinger Alm. Still three! The alpine goats were quite unimpressed by the arriving hiking trio. Again through the forest we went up to the village of Filde. The rain of the previous days had softened the paths and so the ascent was a muddy and sometimes wet affair. The pilgrimage symbol, a stylized yellow shell on a blue background, told us that from here Santiago de Compostela is only a mere 1,930 kilometers away on foot. So the motto was "give rubber". Unfortunately, Tiger Duck took that too literally, because from here on her hiking boots, like the secret messages addressed to Ethan Hunt in "Mission Impossible", unfortunately dissolved by themselves. In the gentle cycle, we first made a decent snack in the forest. Well strengthened, we went down to the beautiful valley of the Ennepe (again on the Wappenweg). After passing the so-called "Bergische Landwehr" (ground monument), the border between Rhineland and Westphalia, we reached the city limit between Ennepetal and the Hanseatic city of Breckerfeld. The crisis team came to the conclusion that hiking without a shoe sole is only suboptimal and so the hiking trio became a hiking solo. "Only one in three reaches the goal!" Ursel and Tigerentchen, on the other hand, had multiple luck, because on the one hand the Burgermühle (country inn) was open and they didn't have to struggle up the ascent to Rüggeberg. I just say "Yama no hi"!
      And here is a tip about "give rubber" - many hiking boots have a sole with a cushioning wedge based on polyurethane, or PU for short (a research invention from Leverkusen). Like us humans, this PU foam is subject to an aging process and becomes brittle over the years. The foam usually does not even reach school age and dissolves. Now the quiz question: How old were Tiger Duck's hiking boots? Oh yes, the tip: before a hike, check whether your shoes are in order, then everyone will probably reach their destination. Or sit in the beer garden of the nearest country inn and let the summiteer pick you up by car.
      Stay healthy
      Your Mon solo

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      • August 12, 2021

  7. Mo and Ursel von der Alm went for a hike.

    August 1, 2021

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    1. Mo

      It's all around Rüggeberg at a snail's pace. Distance 5.22 kilometers, time in motion 1 hour 11 minutes, but time on the clock 2 hours 45 minutes. Now you ask yourself: how does that work? Quite simply: you hold on to every flower, every blade of grass, every bee, every beetle, butterfly, frog, newt, stick, stone, just everywhere. And so the average speed is not 4.4 km / h as shown in komoot, but really ultra-slow 1.9 km / h. If we had been even slower, we would probably have traveled back in time.
      But how fast is the snail's pace now? First of all: the snail's pace is measured in minutes, not hours. Land snails (e.g. amber snails) manage about two centimeters per minute, Roman snails about seven centimeters and some nudibranchs a phenomenal eleven centimeters. I think we agree: a snail's pace is, in short, SLOW!
      But hey: we're not on the run. And so we enjoy the fauna and flora around Rüggeberg. We have brought you a few macro pictures of the micro adventure. We, that's Ursel and I, who used the great weather for hiking today. There are so many beautiful things to discover right on your own doorstep - without packing your suitcase, without jet lag, without traffic jams, without travel stress and the corona test obligation for travelers returning from today, which is expanded. Just put on your hiking shoes, put on your neck, put on your good-mood face, pack your drinking bottle and off you go. Much of what we saw today reminded us of past vacations. And so the micro-adventure was also something of a micro-vacation.
      Stay healthy and go outside. It's most beautiful outside.
      What did we see Of course, many insects, such as the white-banded bumblebee hover fly (Volucella pellucens), the scarlet fire beetle (Pyrochroa coccinena) and many forest bees. In the damp corners of the forest we also discovered amphibians, such as a newt in the water and a frog that crossed our path. Ursel absolutely refused to kiss him - I don't understand. Among the butterflies were several peacock butterflies (Aglais io) and a blue buckthorn (Celastrina argiolus), which was nicely spotted. We got to see ladybirds (Coccinellidae) making ladybugs. Just look at the pictures. We are organic laypeople: so no guarantee for the identification of species. If you know better, please speak up, then we'll all learn something.
      By the way: if my mother didn't know the name of a plant, she called it "Blumenie" - that always fits.

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      • August 1, 2021

  8. Mo went for a bike ride.

    July 25, 2021

    12.8 mi
    12.8 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,025 ft
    1. Mo

      Sunday morning, loved ones are still sleeping. Today's mission: "Breakfast". A look in the refrigerator: it will be a "Mission Impossible" - Oh fright, the eggs are gone! So get some fresh eggs by bike. Ringing here comes the egg mon!
      According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, per capita consumption in 2020 was 239 eggs. We'll have to work hard to do justice to the statistics. And by the way: if you buy eggs from the farm for your own use, they do not have to be labeled. So buying an egg naturally becomes a matter of trust. The codes usually printed on the eggs differentiate between the following: 0 = organic production, 1 = free-range production, 2 = free-range production and 3 = small-group production and they also contain the country and number of the producer. I don't want to ignite a discussion with buying and eating eggs, so everyone decides for themselves whether and which eggs will be put on the breakfast table. We decided for ourselves that it should be the ones from the farm around the corner and if I can now get them by bike without any losses, CO2-neutral, I have a good feeling. That is mainly because of the wonderful sunshine and the nice little bike tour. Fortunately, there is hardly anything left to see from the heavy rain catastrophe of the last week. The Ennepetalsperre is well filled and Otto Intze did a good job with the massive quarry stone wall, because it held up. It smells a bit, but not of oil and gasoline like elsewhere in the dams, but just a bit muddy.
      We, so the eggs and I arrived at our destination safe this time and so this tour was something of a trauma overcoming for me. Why? Two weeks ago I drove it too and involuntarily got off the handlebars - ouch. Helmet and gloves prevented worse.
      To use the terminator and above all thematically apt to say in the words of Arnold Schwarzen🥚er: "Ei be back!"
      Breakfast Mission Possible
      Stay healthy
      Your egg mon

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      • July 25, 2021

  9. Mo went for a hike.

    July 2, 2021

    4.90 mi
    3.2 mph
    375 ft
    350 ft
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    1. Mo

      The carrot is gone! No not forever! It's just for inspection - your first. That's why there is a small circular hike today - pedes instead of pedals (around Rüggeberg). In the (home) office we played official micado again today. You know it, don't you? Whoever moves first loses. Nothing for "restless legs"! That was the reason why I put on my hiking boots at the end of the day and packed my rucksack with the essentials for a possible ascent of the Eiger north face. Believe it or not: I actually set off for the first base camp without any scherpas. It first went from Rüggeberg to the alpacas in Herminghausen. Then I headed for the local mountain lake (Heilenbecke) and circled it halfway. I am through the forest to the Klütinger Alm. Anyone reading this will hardly believe that we are in the southern Ruhr area and not in Alpine Austria or Switzerland. Why look into the distance? With this question in mind and a silent trumpeted "Dark fir trees, green meadows in the sunshine!" I trudged lively to the village of Filde. My next goal was the forest or what was left of it after the bark beetle attack. In the border area between Rhineland and Westphalia, I allowed myself a short break shortly after the Bergische Landwehr (a breathtaking ground monument that you can literally stumble over). Then it went back to the starting point. A nice little round "around Rüggeberg" in wonderful weather and occasionally lonely passages. That was good. But I'm happy when the carrot is with me again.
      Stay healthy
      Your Mo
      P.S .: The Möhr is my bike, by the way, not that you get stupid thoughts. Now you get stupid thoughts right?

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      • July 2, 2021

  10. Mo went for a bike ride.

    June 27, 2021

    46.2 mi
    10.2 mph
    2,025 ft
    2,175 ft
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    1. Mo

      BatMO and Lurt Bancaster dare the adventure of a Night on Bike. I quote a more than well-known song text from 1982:
      It's close to midnight - Something evil's lurkin 'in the dark - Under the moonlight - You see a sight that almost stops your heart
      N / A? Who is it by and what is the name of the song? You'll find out (little tip: it was a Michael, but not WHAM!).
      I've wanted to do a tour like this for a long time, but had (he) respect for the extra thrill. But when I asked Lurt if he would come with me (I sold it to him as a great bike adventure for real guys, so as one of the last challenges in our urban, civilized world and not as a babysitting for the Mo), he was right there - he is also scared of nothing. Our plan was for us to ride - uh - bike together and that, in a beautiful spot in North Rhine-Westphalia.
      It took some preparation and highly complicated astronomical, astrological, astrophysical and astro-cognitive (you guessed it, the word doesn't exist) calculations to find the perfect route and the perfect place at the perfect time. Besides, we had nothing to do this weekend anyway.
      I then did a little more research and found out that there are three twilight phases before the actual sunrise. On the previous tropical nights we probably couldn't sleep so well and during one of these waking phases I noticed that it was already quite light at 4:00 a.m. (i.e. 1 hour before the official sunrise) (I didn't even have to turn on the light in the bathroom ). Oh, the twilight phases, which would be "astronomical twilight", "nautical twilight" and "civil twilight" (that's really what it is called). Each of them describes the position of the sun in degrees to or below the horizon, ie phase 1 is 18 ° (it is still quite dark there), phase 2 is 12 ° (you can already see the horizon, but also see stars) and Phase 3 is 6 ° (reading outdoors is already possible, but who wants that at the time). The first attempt at the Night on Bike Tour fell victim to an apocalyptic thunderstorm and made me webbed - you just can't plan everything.
      Now everything was really perfect, three nights after the super moon night and we saw the sunrise exactly over Lake Kemnader - wow! We then cycled on the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path and were there on a Sunday (!) All alone (could that have been because of the time?!?). Then we went home via the Elbschetalbahn and Glückauf-Trasse as well as the Nordbahntrasse.
      Folks - you have to have done a Night on Bike tour like this. But plan them properly, at least what can be planned. Anyway, we had our fun, even if it was a sleepless night.
      Stay healthy
      Your Mo (and best regards from Lurt)
      P.S .: Mr. Reineke, Lemmi Co. didn't feel like coming with you at night (!) At 1:00 a.m. (!), But the fickle Sir Simon accompanied us from Tunnel Schee until it got too light for him at the Cafe Kännchen.

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      • June 27, 2021

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