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  1. Marcus 🤴🏻 went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      Currently (23.07.21) the Hochjoch Bahn is out of service !!!
      We had to go back a little and use the Zamang Bahn. That is not a problem, because the mountain stations of the two railways are practically next to each other, but you save a bit of driving at the starting point. 😉
      The last tour was again a highlight but also a little bit of disillusionment. 😔😉
      After almost three weeks of hiking vacation, our bodies waved the "white flag" just before the Zamangspitze and didn't really want to.
      Nevertheless, the tour was a nice end, because the wonderful views, the lakes and the peaks put a big smile on our faces once again.
      There is also a lot of fun and learning stations for families, so that you can spend the whole day here.We will definitely go back to the beautiful Montafon, because there is still a lot to "hike". 👍🏻 bye bye ...

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      Unfortunately komoot messed up ALL photos this time! 😬The tour was a suggestion from touren.montafon.at
      "Unfortunately" we only found the part up to the Nova Stoba nice and interesting. The path was varied, partly a bit sweaty (😉) and shortly before the Gantekopf came the foresight.
      From the Nova Stoba onwards, "mass tourism" set in and the quiet was over. 😎
      So strength and on to Alpe Nova (for a milk drink 🤪) and back to the cable car. The way there was again a gravel path which is not so nice for the feet but makes the area attractive for bikers. 👍🏻
      Well and that's it again. Until the next tour ... 🤟🏻

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      • 3 days ago

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      Komoot messes up the first few photos again!Because it was so beautiful (Silvretta reservoir), we had chosen a circumnavigation of the lake and the choice fell on the Lünersee. Since such a tour usually does not have that many vertical meters, we looked for an "addition" - the Gafalljoch including Lüneregg!You should be at the cable car relatively early to get a parking space in the immediate vicinity. We were really lucky, even though it was "already" 10:00. So let's go ... 😉
      Once at the top, orientate yourself first and ... ... ... 😵‍💫😳🤪
      There's a lot going on here!
      So I went straight through the restaurant terrace (yes, really) to get to the dam and escape the hustle and bustle. When we had enjoyed the view from there, the first "hammer" came! Things were getting better and we needed something to "tune in" first. As soon as this hurdle was overcome, it went briskly towards Lünersee-Alpe.
      Shortly before that, the sign for the Gafalljoch came on the left.
      The path is easy to walk on, but it gets steeper and steeper as it goes (Stöckerl are not wrong, also for the descent!).
      Up at last ...
      WOW what a view / feeling! Here we let our soul dangle a little and had a little snack. After refreshment (ohhh a paraglider ...), we went up to Lüneregg to get a better all-round view ... ... ... ... just amazing!
      The way down was almost like high for us, only with a stop at the Lünersee-Alpe.Annotation:
      If you want, you can go back down via other paths, but for us it was completely sufficient that day.
      Back to the alp. There was a lot going on here again and you missed the calm of the yoke a bit. Nevertheless, there was a delicious "snack" and a cold hop drink ... 😉The way to the cable car station is now quite easy, as there is little going up and down. Only the gravel surface made our feet tired over time and we were happy when we arrived.Conclusion:
      The lake can definitely be circumnavigated in many ways, depending on your "preferences". For us it was a very nice and relaxing day trip.

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      • 4 days ago

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      Unfortunately, komoot changed the order of the first few photos ... 😬🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
      The goal of this hike was to circumnavigate the Silvretta reservoir with a visit to the Wiesbadener hut. The reservoir itself can only be reached via the Silvretta High Alpine Road, which is subject to a toll, but driving on it is a dream. 👌🏻The 🅿️ at the reservoir is cool, which is very gratifying. As the way to the Wiesbadener hut, we had decided on the "summer path (only for experienced)", as otherwise it is only very monotonous on gravel paths. The summer path, on the other hand, is somewhat demanding, varied, not so overcrowded and it runs a little above the "reservoir circular path". So you have a great view of the lake, the "bikers can not drive long here and the" are not driven here to graze.
      So sporty on the way with a bit of rest, we watched the goings-on on the "boulevard" a little further down to the hut. 😉
      But it wasn't a walk, because we occasionally went over scree and through small watercourses (surefootedness!).
      When we arrived at the hut, there was a lot of activity. Many climbing fans flocked to the "normal day tourists" from all sides and so it was really cozy at the tables.
      It doesn't matter, put wet things to dry on the stones and first order energy dispensers:
      Delicious bacon dumpling soup, shandy and (of course) a Kaiserschmarrn. 👌🏻
      ... How do they manage that again and again ?!
      After a good hour we had recharged our "batteries", enjoyed the magnificent view and were ready for the way back.
      Nevertheless, one should look at the DAV information boards on the subject of "glaciers" in the building.
      😬You really feel different when you see the pictures and read everything like that.
      For the way back we had agreed on the gravel path, as we wanted to go on the other side of the lake and over the dam.
      As mentioned at the beginning, running here wasn't much of a pleasure. The whole time just gravel is a bit monotonous.
      Nevertheless, we were faster on the way and were able to take some time for photos and observe the "little things" along the way. 🌼🌸🌺🦋🪲🐌
      Well, that's it, the tour around the Silvretta reservoir with a detour to the Wiesbadener hut.
      The tour is really great and definitely recommended.
      So have fun hiking afterwards ...

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      • 5 days ago

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      ... indescribably beautiful !!!Take a whole day (not just the 4.5 hours that are estimated), pack food and enjoy every moment of this tour.That's why I only let the photos speak for themselves ... 👌🏻

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      • 7 days ago

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      ... as you can see, you can't see anything!This tour could be described like this or something like that.
      I think we were in the mountains ... 🤔
      Well, since we had a visitor, there was no "excuse". So off to ... uh ... nothing! 😉We went up by train and had a little hope that it would be better "above the clouds". Outright misjudgment, but since one was already here, it just started. Always put one foot in front of the other and so the way led to Lake Ganda.
      Did I already mention that it was raining (again)? 🤔 😉 ... did it!
      Therefore only a short photo stop and on to the next checkpoint - Obwaldhütte
      "Only very slightly soaked" we enjoyed a hot drink and dried our things a little more.
      But wait, what was that?
      One suddenly saw a somewhat light, pale yellow structure in the sky ... 🌞 was it really she?
      Quickly put your clothes on and get out on the track.
      Uuuuuand she was gone again!
      Well, it doesn't matter, the beautiful hiking trail made up for it.
      Oh and the rain, which started again easily. 😬
      So it happened spontaneously, because it was so good, to the Alpe Vergalden again. And like the first time, the sky was getting darker and the rain ...
      ... ... ... well, you know it by now!
      At some point we reached the promised goal, tore the door open and ... ... ... the tablet with the "short ones" was already filled.
      I tell you a dream of reception. 👌🏻
      The soup with bacon dumplings tasted excellent again today and because it was the custom, there was milk with it!
      When Master's stories were heard with the right ear, they even elicited one or two smiles from us. Oh, life can be beautiful ... 😉After a good hour we had to go again.
      The things ... still wet
      The rain ... still there
      The glass ... 😉 the guy is awesome!
      And so we went back to the valley in a good mood and looked forward to a warm shower and great stories over dinner.Until the next "wet adventure" ... 🤟🏻

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      • July 18, 2021

  7. Marcus 🤴🏻 went for a hike.

    July 16, 2021

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      Friday...After yesterday's "rain marathon", we wanted to relax a bit and decided to go on a short hike. Another couple from our accommodation made us aware of an alp that offers "cheese tours" - Alpe Vergalda!
      (Currently every Friday 11:00 a.m.)
      So packed my backpack, rain gear (!!!) and off we went. 1 1/4 hours are forecast and they fit. The path is not particularly difficult to walk, it is only about 400 m of steady uphill. 😉Arrived at the top, soaked but happy, briefly put on dry clothes and breathed deeply.To warm up there was:
      Soup with bacon dumplings
      And if you like, you can drink a glass of delicious Alpe🥛 with it!11:00 am, the bell rings and the "show" could begin. With a small alp like this one, it's very familiar and fun. About 25 minutes you will be told everything you need to know about milk processing, animal husbandry and of course cheese production.
      At the end there was a fruit schnapps, mirabelle or gentian schnapps for everyone! 🤪
      We had a lot of fun, even if the weather outside wasn't so fun. Anyway, a chat with the "master" and a short chat behind ... 👌🏻Make the trip there, it's fun, tasty and informative.
      You can then continue walking towards Switzerland, but as already mentioned at the beginning, we wanted to take it a little easier. 😉

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      • July 17, 2021

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      Welcome to Gargellen, a small town with just 100 (!!!) inhabitants. 😬😉 The place is located in the beautiful "Montafon" ski area and has become a popular destination even for hikers and bikers.We decided to take the "Gargellner Fenster Rundwanderweg" to get to know each other.
      As information from the nice lady at the tourist info it was said:
      "... you can go in any weather!"
      Um, you can do it, but if you are lucky with the weather, you should plan a little more time (estimated 2.5 hours) and almost pack your rubber boots.
      Shortly before the Ronggalpe it was very muddy and slippery, which of course was due to the pastureland in connection with continuous rain. So the alp was our salvation for warming up and drinking coffee.
      By the way, the cakes are recommended ... again! 👌🏻😉
      The rest of the way is with "no rain - take off your jacket", "oh rain - put on your jacket" to the end.
      It is still recommended, because the "windows" (information boards) give you an insight into the region around Gargellen, the nature and the place itself.
      We thought it was great to "arrive" ...

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      • July 16, 2021

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      🇦🇹Greetings Di! 👋🏻Our journey today took us to the Montafon ski area - as a hiker! 😎 On the way, of course, we couldn't avoid a stop at the Ehrenberg Castle World.Why?
      Well, that's why: highline179.tirol
      The castle world with all its sights is definitely worth a family trip, but I was 🔥 on the "highline".
      And the part is awesome, you can't really put it into words. 🤪
      During our visit, God played the weather lottery again, but there is nothing you can do about it. Rainwear on and go, because pinching doesn't count! 😎
      Since we had a day of driving ahead of us, we walked up after buying the ticket (highline without cable car € 8 p.p.) and that was good.
      Scan the ticket, through the revolving gate and now you stand in front of the part ...
      Crazy, just crazy 😜
      Enjoy it to the full and run up to Fort Claudia. You can go out of the "bridge system" once through the revolving gate and once again in again.
      I once tracked it completely, also with a "rain break". It wasn’t nice but you’re there. 👍🏻Have fun and have a head for heights ... 😵‍💫😬🤮🤪

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      • July 16, 2021

  10. Marcus 🤴🏻 went for a hike.

    July 12, 2021

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    1. Marcus 🤴🏻

      ... information about the tour will follow! 😉

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      • July 13, 2021

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