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  1. Marianne went hiking.

    7 days ago

    1. Marianne

      The few kilometers to the start of the hiking tour I cycled. By the way, very pleasant for the feet and legs: the cycling to the cooldown, to the active regeneration. Really.In the morning I was freezing for the first few miles, as I only wore a top, and - to save weight in the backpack - had taken nothing else to cover. But I already knew that I would not soon regret it.I really liked this hike. The gentle climbs were very pleasant as my feet did not tire so quickly. The changing load has its advantage, even if in the sun when going upwards ever the pulse increased slightly. The sweat ran through my eyebrows.In any case, I will soon march in that direction again. There is much more to see there.

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      • 6 days ago

  2. Marianne went hiking.


    11.9 mi
    3.9 mph
    525 ft
    525 ft
    1. Marianne

      After nine kilometers - to the right of the road - a strong smell came from the forest. Last time, one of those blew my nose when there was a boar rot nearby. Today only the smell, and no sow in sight. Instead, I encountered an unusual amount of deer.Oh, you beautiful summer rain ... I was happy about the announced rain. At the temperatures that is pleasant. In addition, I finally could test how much rainwater penetrates into my non-waterproof shoes. On this track - almost always it was raining - that was perfectly fine. No quit-nonsense feeling.Hiking outfit today: hiking shorts, wrestler top, trekking cap (sun / rain protection from the coffee roaster). Everything from lightweight functional fiber.The hat - I had squeezed the whole length of hair as a bun) leaves wet soon, of course, but my hair was not soaking wet. The hat brim, however, formed an overflowing rain gutter ... then ran down the spine. I do not really like hats that way. But just because of the not waterproof Bluetooth earphone, I needed something that shields the rain.Gorgeous the rain on the bare shoulders and legs. I really enjoyed this hike.

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      • 08/06/2019

  3. Marianne went hiking.


    1. Marianne

      Komoot had given some ways that do not exist anymore. The non-existent (overgrown ??) way over the railway line ... could imagine that this was never a public path. I could have avoided many a dead end if I had been more careful in planning. Careful = sync using Satellite View, Open Street Map, Cycle Map. I did not have the time after - luckily - I had thought that the originally planned route does not work, because the ferry leaves in Höchst only from 10 clock.
      But okay, in the end everything was fine.
      Already after 30 km the feet ached today - especially the middle toes. May have been due to the weather. The skin on my feet was damp again after every airing (when resting), I have some spots that would have developed into blisters - if I had gone farther than 50 km.The bird shit in Langen was full of disgusting. I was lucky that it was mostly on my bare skin, so that I could wipe everything off.

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      • 08/04/2019

  4. Marianne went hiking.


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    1. Marianne

      Just recently I found a bra on this lap.
      That makes me think! 🤔

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      • 07/31/2019

  5. Marianne went hiking.


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    1. Marianne

      Got up at 5 o'clock. Had extra my trail running shoes with plastic hoods (freezer bags attached to the shoe using metal clips), as it should rain. The rain turned out to be a spray. In the forest it reminded me of the tropical house in the botanical garden. At first did not get into the hallways, so hard my feet seemed. It became easier around noon.

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      • 07/28/2019

  6. Marianne went hiking.


    6.69 mi
    3.9 mph
    200 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Marco

      Tempo fleets 👍

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      • 07/27/2019

  7. Marianne went hiking.


    11.6 mi
    3.8 mph
    400 ft
    425 ft
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    1. uebender

      5.30 it gets light. Can not you sleep? Vg Uebender 😊

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      • 07/26/2019

  8. Marianne went hiking.


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    1. Marianne

      This was the first round of hiking after 60 km on Sunday.It has never been that easy. Perhaps because the contrast to the last kilometers on Sunday to those first today represent a huge difference - felt! However, after 12 km I noticed a bit that the feet are not quite recovered. Well, it may have been due to the heat. Whatever ... is running!

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      • 07/23/2019

    1. Marianne

      Due to water damage did not get to sleep, started at 4:45 clock to hike. The sun was much more difficult for me than the lack of sleep. The last three kilometers I was really something of flat. At the end drank too little, makes the legs tired and heavy.On my feet I had: thin sportsnocken socks from the discounter, my Salomon Trailrunningshoes. The most sensitive areas on the foot are rubbed with a Compeed pen. Every now and then shoes off, air your feet, shake out socks. Bubble-free today. I'm so tired of this ...

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      • 07/21/2019

  9. Marianne went hiking.


    11.5 mi
    3.8 mph
    350 ft
    375 ft
    1. Marianne

      Happy repeated round, today reversed direction.

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      • 07/18/2019

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