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  1. Franz went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    5.90 mi
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    675 ft
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    1. Franz

      Lindlar is a popular destination in the Bergisches Land.
      The hike over meadows and through forests to the Holzer Kopf begins at the parking lot of the open-air museum.
      A wide hiking trail leads to Heiligenhoven. The path leads to the right through a former spruce forest (bark beetle) to the St. John's Chapel. The view of the altar falls through the iron grating. On the path that grants a beautiful view of Lindlar in the valley, it goes to the small village of Vossbruch.
      The path leads past the excursion restaurant "Die Tenne", between meadows and fields, with a beautiful view of Lindlar and the Grauwacke quarries on the opposite hills.
      The path leads slightly uphill to the HÖLZER KOPF, the highest point of the hike, and to the hamlet of HOLZ. Forests and meadows spread out in the southwest. The path leads through the village in a left curve through a former spruce forest (bark beetle) down to Holzer Strasse and to the village of Heiligenhoven. Passing the Lennefebach and a former water mill, you will come to a farm and the small Trinity Chapel. The path leads back to the starting point on a hiking trail along the Lennefebach.
      Parking lot at the Bergisches Freilichtmuseum
      For the navigation system: GPS N51.011801 E7.355501
      Mainly forest and meadow paths
      best time March to October

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  2. Franz went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Franz

      Winter hike over the Lüderich.
      The tour starts at the gym in Steinenbrück and leads through Römerstraße, past the former Augus tunnel to Bergwerkstraße and the Mariengrotte.
      The Mariengrotte was built from an old air raid shelter. In the front room there is a statue of the Virgin Mary from the Bosnian Medjugorje. In the back room is an altar and a portrait of Jesus. The Mariengrotte is open to visitors every day and is regularly visited by locals.
      The next goal is the imposing Barbara Cross.
      The memorial, visible from afar, was erected in 1997. It is dedicated to the patron saint of miners, Saint Barbara. GPS coordinates N50.940441 E7.218781
      The path leads back to Steinenbrück through Bleifeld and Boddert.
      Parking lot at the gym in Steinenbrück
      For the navigation system: N50.937740 E7.227610

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  3. Franz went for a hike.

    January 14, 2021

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    1. Franz

      Hike through the Wahnbach valley.
      The tour starts in Seelscheid and leads through the Kleinesbach Valley to Huven. It goes through the Wahnbachtal via Steinermühle, Gutmühle and Hausermühle back to Seelscheid.
      For the navigation system: N50.87390 E7.31791
      Hiking map Bergisches Land
      Map 5: South
      Varied tour. Forest and meadow paths, but also farm roads and tar roads. In the Wahnbachtal, the paths are muddy in some places. The way through Seelscheid cannot be avoided.

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      • January 14, 2021

  4. Franz went for a hike.

    January 9, 2021

    4.78 mi
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    450 ft
    500 ft
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    1. Franz

      Winter hike on the Kneipp adventure trail. The tour starts in the historic center of Much, with a view of the parish church of St. Martinus. Along the Dr. Wirtz-Straße leads the way out of the village to the forest nature trail and the Fatima chapel, which was built in 1954 by the citizens of Much as thanks for the return of the frontline soldiers from the Second World War. On the forest nature trail and the Nordic walking path, it goes along the golf course of the golf club Burg Overbach, past the small village of Roßhohn to Niederwahn and into the Wahnbachtal. The path leads over a small bridge towards Niederhof. Through open snow-covered meadows and through a small forest, you pass the Hotel-Fit.
      Through a forest you come to a height with extensive areas with a view of the Nutscheid ridge in the south. At the Germana Chapel, which is dedicated to the patroness of the shepherds, there is an inviting seating area. The path continues down to Much, downhill over the Bernsauelerberg to Marienfelder Strasse and Wahnbachtalstrasse. The route leads back to the center of Much via Klosterstrasse.
      Parking lot at Adamsweg, 53804 Much
      For the navigation system: N50.904155 E7.408186
      Hiking map Bergisches Land
      Map 5: South. Editor: Das Bergisch
      Forest and farm roads, little road.
      A varied tour that has its charm both in summer and in winter.

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      • January 10, 2021

  5. Franz went for a hike.

    January 2, 2021

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    1. Franz

      History comes to life on the G5 hike “Hühnerberg - Temporary Mining”. This tour outside of the well-known hotspots invites you to get to know the Siebengebirge from the other side with idyllic wooded areas, fantastic views of the Siebengebirge and paths steeped in history.
      The tour starts in Eudenbach and leads through the Eudenbachtal to the Hühnerberg basalt works. Even if you cannot see the quarry from the inside, it still shapes the landscape around Eudenbach.
      Around the Hühnerberg the path leads to Quirrenberg, past Rostingen and Schwirzpohl, over the Quirrenbach back to Eudenbach.
      For the navigation system: N50.68678 E7.33704
      NRW hiking map 22
      Bonn, Siebengebirge, Kottenforst
      A tour that is recommended in sunny weather. The alternation between the forest on the Hühnerberg and the open landscape between Hühnerberg, Qirrenbach and Rostingen is nice. The view is always directed to the quarry or far to the west to the Oelberg and the Löwenburg.

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      • January 2, 2021

  6. Franz went for a hike.

    December 26, 2020

    8.56 mi
    2.9 mph
    650 ft
    650 ft
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    1. Franz

      The tour starts at the Bevertalsperre dam. From the 41.5 meter high dam it goes down into the valley. There are some historic houses in Hartkopsbever. Along the Wupper it goes towards Hückeswagen, and over the railway bridge into the old town, the town center of Hückeswagen, which is characterized by plenty of slate, white windows and Bergisch-green shutters.
      It continues to Fronhausen. The place was mentioned for the first time in 1407. The Frohnhauser Bach flows southeast of the Hofschaft.
      Through the Hofschaft Desert, the villages of Linde and Fronhausen, it goes to the Bevertalsperre, and back to the starting point.
      Parking lot on Beverdamm
      For the navigation system: N51.14306 E7.36574
      Forest, farm roads and, outside of Hückeswagen, low-traffic roads. Approx. 4.5 km hiking trail along the dam.
      Hiking map Bergisches Land
      Map 1: northwest
      Editor: Das Bergisch
      A varied hike, which is recommended as a SUMMER TOUR. The old town of Hückeswagen is worth a trip.

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      • December 27, 2020

  7. Franz and 2 others went for a hike.

    December 19, 2020

    5.04 mi
    2.3 mph
    475 ft
    525 ft
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    1. Franz

      From the parking lot on Jahnstraße in Biesfeld, it goes uphill to the edge of the forest. With good visibility, you have a great view of the Rhine Valley and Cologne Cathedral. On a path between forest and pasture it goes down into the valley to Durhaus.
      The place is between Breibach and Herweg on the county road 32. It consists of two farms. Here you have beautiful views towards Weyerbachtal, Nelsbach and Breibach.
      A wide path leads into the valley of the Weyerbach to the Weyermühle, which was still in operation until 1955. Next to the still functional mill wheel, there is a manger on a wall, which gives a view of the Christmas events.
      The path leads to the Grimberghof, where eggs, meat and sausage products are offered from a vending machine.
      Follow the road towards Hauserhof, and on a path into the Weyerbachtal. On the bank of the Weyerbach it goes towards Dürscheid, and to the left uphill out of the village. Via Miebach it goes back to Biesfeld via the Buchenweg.
      Parking lot on Jahnstraße in Biesfeld
      For the sat nav:
      N51.021930 E7.240286
      Hiking map Bergisches Land
      Map 2: northwest. Editor: Das Bergisch
      Varied, easy tour with beautiful views.

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      • December 20, 2020

  8. Franz went for a hike.

    December 17, 2020

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    1. Franz

      Autumn tour from Altenberg Cathedral to the Kochshof.
      From the Rösberg hiking car park, the path leads past Altenberg Cathedral to the fish ponds that you pass on the way to the Pfengstbach valley. Partly on wooden paths it goes through the protected floodplain, and then uphill again to the village of Feld. Here you have beautiful windows in the direction of Neschen Church, Hüttchen and Bömerich.
      Through the valley it goes to the Bömericher Mühle and the Kochshof. The Kochshof is a medieval feudal court of the Counts von Berg, which was named Hof Humboldt in the early Middle Ages. It is first mentioned in 1145 as a cooking yard. Today the listed complex is the federal seat of the Zugvogel Deutscher Fahrtbund e. V.
      From Groß Grimberg you have a view as far as the Rhine Valley. The path leads through the valley of the Dhünn, in which gunpowder was once produced, to the Schöllerhof, and then on a rocky path along the Eifgenbach and the Dhünn back to Altenberg.
      Hikers' car park on the Rösberg
      For the navigation system: N51.053214 E7.128720
      Hiking map Bergisches Land
      Map 2: northwest. Editor: Das Bergisch.
      Forest and farm roads. In the river valleys according to the season, in some places muddy.
      Varied, recommendable tour.

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      • December 18, 2020

  9. Franz went for a hike.

    December 14, 2020

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    1. Franz

      The circular hike starts on the donkey in Bechen, leads through the Weyenbachtal, and over the Buschweg to Nelsbach. The place lies away from local roads east of Herweg and was first mentioned in 1443 as Nelsbach and 1461 as Nidernalsbach.
      The path to the Liesenberger Mühle leads through the Scherfbach Valley.
      The Liesenberger Mühle is located in the Scherfbachtal on a side street of the Scherfbachtalstraße going north, halfway between Höffe and Bechen.
      The mill was built in 1857 as a bone mill. Here animal bones were ground into bone meal. Later it was also used as a flour mill.
      The path leads through the Kochsfelder Bachtal via the village road back to Bechen.
      Parking lot at the donkey
      For the navigation system: N51.040353 E7.209306
      Hiking map Bergisches Land
      Map 2: northwest
      Editor: Das Bergisch
      A varied hike with economy (tar) and forest paths. Depending on the season, the paths in the stream valleys are muddy. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

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      • December 14, 2020

  10. Franz went for a hike.

    December 10, 2020

    2.46 mi
    1.9 mph
    250 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Franz

      The tour is a short and easy walk on old paths around Marialinden.
      The tour starts at the Church of St. Mary's Visitation, which is popularly known as the "Cathedral" and has been a destination or stopover for pilgrims and pilgrims for centuries. On the Bernsauer Jagdweg you have a wonderful view over the Aggertal, towards Weißenstein, Hammermühle, the Lombachtal, Loope and Vilkerath.
      The path leads through height to Kirschbaum, a district of Marialinden. Kirschbaum is on Landesstraße 360 (An der Sonne) near the districts of Büscherhöfchen and Vilshoven.
      Via the Overather Pilgerweg it goes through the valley back to Marialinden and to the starting point.
      The church is mostly open to visitors.
      Church in Marialinden
      Parking lot on the pilgrimage route
      For the navigation system: N50.933272 E7.324127

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      • December 11, 2020

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