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Schon immer Radfahrer, seit Ruhestand und E-Bike noch intensiver.
Hobby u. a. also Radtouren planen und fahren.
Ganzjahresfahrer aber kein "Extremist", Bedingungen, Wetter usw. müssen stimmen !
Vorwiegend unterwegs mit Tagestouren in den Regionen des Emslandes, Grafschaft Bentheim,
Osnabrücker Land, Münsterland und am liebsten in den Niederlande.
Tourenschnitt ca. 75km, Jahrestacho bei ca. 8.000km
Möchte hiermit Mitfahrer und Radpartner m/w aktivieren, also ruhig einfach mal melden !
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15,393 mi

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  1. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    34.2 mi
    11.6 mph
    925 ft
    925 ft
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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-86-11-21-Klassiko-Bad Bentheim-Oldenzaal (NL) -58km
      Typical classic here in the Upper County to the border near Springbiel in the Netherlands, starting at the B403 Bentheimer Straße 15km on the new asphalt of the bike paths. Not the most beautiful route next to the B403, but a good way to get up to operating temperature quickly in cold temperatures - :) The small ascent over the Isterberg and then better driving through the Bentheim forest to the Bad Bentheim spa park also helps and on to the town center with the castle through the beautiful city park. Belongs to a castle town, but not quite as intoxicating for cyclists 1km on the cobblestones of Schlossstraße to Gildehauser Straße past the holiday park to L39 Hengelostraße to neighboring Gildehaus and here again on the new asphalt of the bike paths 6km to the border crossing at Westenberg / Springbiel in the Netherlands . To the border town of De Lutte on a great bike path next to the railway line and A1 to the Arberotum Poort-Bulden park just before the village. Through De Lutte to the N735
      Bentheimerstraat and on great bike paths with a lot of distance next to the road 3km to Oldenzaal. Great route in the Wilmersberg and De Hooge Lutte area (!) And a beautiful loop on the northeast outskirts of Oldenzaal with a very fine residential area, many parks including the Park de Engelse tuin, a top address (!) Through the Oldenzaal center to the N343 Denekamperstraat and here 8km on the parallel cycle road with speed on the sloping route to the border town of Denekamp. Without the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal, of course, you can't do it today either - :) So it's 4km back on the two-lane Fietspad. However, the canal path is not illuminated and when the sky is overcast it is "pitch dark" (!)
      Very nice cycling tour on easy stretches without having to forego beautiful surroundings and some highlights!

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      • 3 days ago

  2. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    7 days ago

    23.6 mi
    11.6 mph
    575 ft
    550 ft
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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-85-11-21-Wetten That. . . ? 40km
      . . . the weather forecast is wrong again!?
      So spontaneously started a short afternoon tour at "Fotowetter" in the Nordhorner Gewerbe-u. Industrial park on the border with Dinkelland (NL) on the Grenzpad in the Bergvenner nature reserve. Conifers are being cleared to preserve the nature reserve where there is currently decent "logging". A nice side effect is the unobstructed view of the nature reserve and the 7 lakes from the Fietspad! After 7km of pure cycling pleasure on the narrow border strip, a playful border crossing has been installed at the border to Niedergrafschaft, but you can only walk - :) The border town of Lage is known, among other things, with the water mill, tea room, etc., but also the small amusement park at Sports field is well worth a break! An absolute highlight in this area is the new spelled weir just behind Lage on Ootmarsumer Weg. Great building and unique natural landscape! Although you can continue to drive here, it's a short way back to the K3 Ootmarsumer Weg and after 4km towards Ootmarsum am Postelhoek in the Ottershagener landscape, very fine, recommendable area, just drive, inspires everyone - :) And the enthusiasm still goes further, with 5km on the Deich-Fietspad at the Omleidings-Kanaal, great cycling route, Made in Netherlands (!) For those interested in the castles, monasteries, etc., a loop to the St. Nicolaasstichting monastery in Noord-Deurningen just before the Border, also with beautiful oak avenues, as is common in this area. Back at dusk on the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal.
      Nice afternoon tour in November, bet won - :)

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      • 6 days ago

  3. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    November 17, 2021

    24.8 mi
    11.7 mph
    600 ft
    600 ft
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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-84-11-21-Just take a quick look. . . 42km
      . . . whether the weather will keep what the "frogs" promised!
      In very simple ways in Frensdorferhaar over the "official" border to Noord-Deurningen and through the beautiful tree-lined avenues in Deurningerveld to the N349 Ootmarsumsestraat. After 3km behind the small town of Tilligte on a beautiful branch route parallel to the N349 on the Wimselweg through Out Ootmarsum 5km into the Nutterveld, a popular camper area with several large campsites on the Witte Berg. West of Ootmarsum past 4km through the beautiful "mountain country" around Ootmarsum and 3km through the Groot Agelo peasantry back to the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal. 12km on the Canal Fietspad, in time for sunset.
      Nice afternoon round, just take a quick look was worth it - :)

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      • November 17, 2021

  4. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    November 12, 2021

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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-83-11-21-no frills- north-west-south-48km
      From the "south" in Nordhorn-Blanke on the Vechte and Almelo Canal north to the Ems-Vechte Canal and on the south-north canal further north into the Niedergrafschaft. Here the paths from lock II are "natural" for 3.5 km, but are still easy to drive at the moment. After 15km to the north it goes to lock III at the level of the Hohenkörben farmers, left from the canal to the west on the L45 with the very good bike path through the Osterwalder landscape 7km to the Niedergrafschafter town of Veldhausen and 3km further to the next, somewhat larger town Neuenhaus. Interesting place with somewhat hidden but beautiful bike paths on the city moat, city park with water mill and mill pond at Haus Brünemann, a popular meeting place for cyclists. Back south in Neuenhaus at the Dinkel-Wehr and beautiful paths to the K3 through the camp Busch to the "Herrlichkeit" location, a well-known and popular border town, but it is losing more and more of its appeal the longer the legendary tea room at the Mühlenteich is closed! 2km on the K23 to the border point with the well-known border pad to Nordhorn, but today on a beautiful, alternative route with fixed paths parallel to the border 7km through the Breklenkamperveld and the Bergvenner nature reserve with the 7 lakes. There is currently a lot of "tidying up" here, you can already see that there will soon be a clear view of the nature reserve with the 7 lakes! On the circular route in the Nordhorner Gewerbe-u. Industrie-Park (GIP) then back to the Almelo Canal and Nordhorn-Süd.
      Nice, fresh exercise tour through the Niedergrafschafter border area and a bit of frills was still there - :)

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      • November 12, 2021

  5. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    November 9, 2021

    45.2 mi
    11.3 mph
    1,225 ft
    1,200 ft
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    1. E-Biker

      Start in NDS, route in NL, destination in NRW - :)
      Just 1.5km after starting in the NDS-Nordhorn in NL on the beautiful country roads of the farming communities in the Gemeente Dinkelland 13km to the village of De Lutte. The roads with marked bicycle lanes run with little traffic through beautiful landscapes, very good and safe to drive! After De Lutte, for a change, more on the Fietspads of the Gemeente Losser through the "Duivels Hof" in Lutterveld 6km to the village of Losser, briefly 1km with the N732 and a beautiful 4km around the village to the Invalsweg in the border town of Overdinkel. The 3km route is a very easy to drive alternative to the direct route through Overdinkel, although it is also very easy to drive on the separate cycle lane through the village! The NL location Overdinkel is right on the border with the Westphalian town of Gronau and here it is also 4km on the Tieker Damm border path to the center of the "Rock-Pop Museum" at the train station. Here is at the former textile monopoly in Bahnhofs-u. City center a great, worth seeing amusement park and then of course "Udo" with the Pop Museum etc.! In an arc on Losserstraße and Schwarzenbergstraße to the next border town Glanerbrug between Gronau and NL-Enschede. 5km again on typical NL country roads on the Lonnekerweg and Glanerbrugerweg northeast of Enschede past the Lonneker windmill, a highlight in this area. Parallel to the Oldenzaalsestraat and a much nicer 3km on the Vegerweg and Linderesweg past impressive golf courses to just before Oldenzaal, another 2km on the Fietssnelweg F35. East around Oldenzaal around 7km on a beautiful, recommendable route with a loop through the park "t, Engelse tuin" and the Tankenberg to the N342- Denekamperstraat. Not everyone likes it, but I like to drive this route between Oldenzaal and Denekamp on a separate, straight route 10m away from the road and the opportunity to "pedal". After 4km you cycle again on the Fietspad 3km through the Singraven estate to the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal with a final 6km "cycling out" - :)
      A lot of variety on the route with good bike paths in beautiful landscapes of the border areas to NDS-NRW-NL, I can recommend - :)

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      • November 9, 2021

  6. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    November 5, 2021

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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-81-11-21-Fifty-Fifty-Tour in the Upper Grafschafter Grenzgebiet-72km
      Half of the route is on the (D) side in the Upper County, starting at Nordhorn Süd-Bahnhof-Blanke, through the landscapes of the districts of Brandlecht, here with the chapel on the farm and the Brandlecht estate. Continue through the Hestruper and Neerlager peasant communities and on the beautiful Quendorfer cycle paths after 20km to the ideal break destination "Else" on Quendorfer See. with a restaurant, public toilets, e-charging station, etc. The bike u. Hiking trails around the lake!
      Shortly back from the lake to travel 2km with the Vechte to Schüttorf here in the Vechte Valley. On the direct way through Schüttorf past the theater house of the upper county to the forest path to Bad Bentheim. Top forest path in the Bentheim forest to the spa park in Bad Bentheim, 4km on solid sand paths through the forest, great forest route, in the autumn u. The winter months are naturally a bit muddy! Always a very nice stopover in the forest at the "forest farmers", cafe, restaurant, only a short break at the game reserve or loosening up exercises on the fitness course are also possible - :) Unfortunately, the path in Schüttorf was closed due to a hunt, but also the detour to the forest farmer is a nice alternative on solid forest roads! The spa park in Bad Bentheim is always worth a stop, very beautiful parks and paths. This also applies to the city park, here you drive very nicely next to Bahnhofstrasse to the market square and the castle. If you don't know it yet, you can of course take a look at the castle, also from the outside an imposing and interesting building with moat, castle walls, etc. Through the wine cellar stairs next to the Hotel Großfeld you go "rapidly" down to Südstraße, here you can brake and stop at the speed to recommend ! Past the Paulinenkrankenhaus with a beautiful route on the Alten Postweg at Bentheimer Berg to the K10 road in the Sieringhoek, where the cycle path is currently being renewed (!). Alternatively and also nicer you drive a way before with the Sieringhoeker Weg to the Ostmühle am Mühlenberg, but today it goes parallel with 500m distance and a view of the Mühlenberg 4km on the good bike path along the country road. Nice and interesting then is the path on the old railway line of the Achterberg farmers 3km to the Bentheim forest, here again the alternative to drive on a beautiful forest path through the forest. On the Graafschapspad very beautiful 1.5km through Dinkeldal and at the art object "De Landmeter" over the Dinkel to Knooppunt 18 on Denekamperdijk 3km towards the Springbiel border crossing. Here again with a very nice path over the Dinkel past the art object "Dinkelsteen XV" to the Lutterveld and a little shortened 4km on the beautiful, solid forest-sand path through the Lutterzand leisure area to the Paviljoen de Lutterzand restaurant. On the edge of the Lutterzand on beautiful country roads 10km in the Beuninger Binnenveld parallel to the Omleidings Canal past the border town of Denekamp to the Nordhorn-Almelo Canal.
      Route adapted to the season, consistently on fixed paths, yet very varied with the beautiful landscapes and sights of the Upper County and in the border area of the Netherlands, a recommendation!

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      • November 5, 2021

  7. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    November 1, 2021

    21.7 mi
    11.9 mph
    425 ft
    425 ft
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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-80-11-21-Just like that - :) 36km
      Is probably the time of short, spontaneous bike tours, so just cross the border and use the good bike paths of the Netherlands for a small afternoon tour. Right across the border in the Noord-Deurninger Veld through the beautiful tree-lined avenues on the Omleidings-Kanaal with the great "Deich" rental pad. 4km cycling at its finest, always with a view of the canal with the beautiful, well-tended banks to the end of the path just before the border with Niedergrafschaft, where the canal then continues to flow with the Dinkel. In the Ottenshagen farmers again on beautiful paths through the oak avenues and, for a change, on a narrow-gauge Fietspad to the Springendal forest. But here before in Oud Ootmarsumer Veld 4km to Ootmarsum, generally known and popular as a small artist town. Today with pleasant tranquility in the center, many shops etc. take Monday as a day of rest, generally in the Netherlands and by the way also bicycle shops and workshops (!) Through the suburb of Klein Agelo at Tillierter Beek and around the town of Tilligte to the Almelo-Nordhorn- Canal, again and again through beautiful tree-lined avenues. At the canal with the interesting spelled weir, just in time for sunset, here at the weir always easy to watch over the canal! Finally, a 7km quiet ride on the Canal Fietspad, at this time of day almost alone on the pad - :)
      Ideal tour for "just a bit", very easy to drive, always fixed paths and beautiful, quiet landscapes with a few changes on the route, suitable for every season!

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      • November 1, 2021

  8. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    October 29, 2021

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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-79-10-21-Vechte-turf-and other beautiful ways- :) 32km
      Spontaneously a short but beautiful bike tour, no problem in Nordhorn, just along the Vechte Canal and for a change, continue on the border path. Like everywhere else, the canal paths are not always the easiest bike paths, but often the most beautiful, even when you are walking along the sward - :)
      This route leads 9km along the Vechte Canal to Frenswegen Abbey and the green border at Lage (D) and Breklenkamp (NL). From here the border runs towards Nordhorn with the beautiful Fietspad 10km in the Breklenkampschen Veld and Bergvenner nature reserve. In Nordhorn briefly through the commercial u. Industrial park GIP and again very nice along the Vechte.
      2 hours in the best autumn weather, an interesting round on exciting paths in beautiful surroundings!

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      • October 30, 2021

  9. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    October 28, 2021

    52.7 mi
    11.6 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,300 ft
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    1. E-Biker

      Tour-78-10-21-Rondje Twente Enschede-86km
      From the county in Nordhorn you go directly on the Almelo Canal across the border and on the Canal Fietspad 15km always directly along the canal to Dubbele Sluis at Knooppunt 48 near Weerselo. On a nice pad for vacation u. Leisure facility De Molenhof with the windmill "de four winds" and 1km further to the former Benedictine monastery "de Stift". On very beautiful economic u. Cycle paths to Saasveld, a beautiful, small church town with the imposing "H.Plechelmus-Kerk". 5km in the Piepersveld to Borne, a place between Almelo and shortly before Hengelo and with the already completed Fietssnelweg F35 to Hengelo and Enschede. When it is completed, the long-distance cycle route F35 with a width of 4 m, few crossings and high-quality asphalt will be a fast, safe and 62-kilometer non-stop connection from Nijverdal to the German border in Gronau! In addition, with a few branches from Almelo to Vriezenveen and from Enschede to Oldenzaal, unique project, but not quite finished (!) From Borne via Hengelo to Enschede it is 13km, mostly next to the railway line on interesting routes and in alternating environments, not boring. Between Hengelo and Enschede a very interesting loop to the Twentekanal and the nature reserve "Kristalbad", great thing, very recommendable (!) In Hengelo there is currently some construction going on, so some "Omleidings" and in Enschede at the train station and near the city it will be something Busy, but already much better in the Roombeek district with many older and new buildings and facilities from the former textile times and industry for the production of fireworks, etc. The explosion of the factory in May 2000 completely destroyed 42 hectares in the Enschede area. Now completely rebuilt with free and interesting architecture. And also interesting for cyclists because of the great, separate bike route with 3km to the Ensched suburb of Lonneker. Cyclists' meeting on the market square and the junction of many routes in the Lonnekerveld in the municipality of Enschede. Here it is also 8km on a great Fietspad route through the Vliegveld Twente-Enschede, in beautiful heathland with an insight into some disused airfield facilities and discarded Boeings etc. The bike paths through this area are amazing and interesting! In Oldenzaal it's 6km on the best paths south-east to Bentheimerstraat and here on the preferred route 5km through the forest area "de Hooge Lutte" with the Paaschberg and Tankenberg at 100m and a great view of the forest area. Rapid descent then to the N342 Denekamperstraat and 4km on the separate side road to the turn to the Singraven estate with beautiful paths through the tree-lined avenues to the Almelo-Nordhorn Canal and here again 6km back to the Canal Fietspad.
      Highlight routes in Twente with Oldenzaal - Hengelo - Enschede, interesting, varied on and off the routes, absolutely top!

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      • October 28, 2021

  10. E-Biker went for a bike ride.

    October 24, 2021

    40.0 mi
    11.4 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,250 ft
    1. E-Biker

      Tour-77-10-21-sun-wind-and-sea-doesn’t work - :) 66km
      At least for a 24th October very decent cycling weather, so start at the Vechte Canal in Nordhorn, direction Ems to Lingen past the military training area Nordhorn-Range (bomb dropping place) for the NATO air forces. Flight operations must be expected here on weekdays, then cycling on the canal is not so fun! At the weekend, holiday season, etc. but very nice, quiet driving on narrow, sandy, sometimes stony paths. In the area of the range driveway there is a nice wide tar road for 4km, with the possibility to drive a little faster here. Shortly before the Emswehr with its waterfall and the Hanekenfähr leisure area, the path becomes rockier and rougher for 3km, although it is drivable, it is annoying along the way. Here you have the opportunity to ride a nice loop on the very good bike path on the K328 over the town of Elbergen. Hanekenfähr with a large campsite, hotel complex, marina, etc. is located on a peninsula between the Ems and Dortmund-Ems Canal. Ideal stopover and resting place on the bike tour! With a loop at the Lingen nuclear power plant, past the D-E canal to the current major construction site of the Gleesen lock, an imposing structure! Due to the construction site, it does not continue directly on the canal, but 2km with a loop in Gleesen and next to the D-E canal to the next Hesselte lock. It's a shame that there is no direct, drivable path along the canal.
      Then you go back via the community of Helschen to Emsbüren, 4km on a new cycle path on the L58, great thing! With a loop through the Mehring landscape and on the Mühlenweg past Enkings Mühle, with a cafe, etc. The classic "Pumpernickel-Torte" (!) Leisure area Tillenberge and Hesepe / Brandlecht back to Nordhorn.
      Great autumn canal tour, 35km canal paths at Vechte-Ems-u. Dortmund-Ems Canal, everything on easy-to-navigate paths.

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      • October 24, 2021

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