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About HorstAP

Mein Profilbild stammt vom großen Ostersee. Das Profilbild ist als Titelbild auf einer meiner Lieblingstouren komoot.de/tour/107696910 besser zu erkennen. LinkIch bin gerne draußen mit dem Fahrrad oder zu Fuß unterwegs, um die Natur zu genießen. Seit Mitte Juni 2018 nutze ich meistens ein e-Trekking-Bike.
Email: HorstAP@radwanderer.eu
Tipp des Monats:
Collection "Liebliches Taubertal" komoot.de/collection/1300702/-liebliches-taubertal

Distance travelled

5,126 mi

Time in motion

707:20 h

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  1. HorstAP went cycling.

    about 19 hours ago

    1. Etappe der BR-Radltour 2022 am 31.Juli - Rundtour um Cham über Furth im Wald

    51.6 mi
    4.8 mph
    1,950 ft
    1,850 ft
    1. HorstAP

      The BR-Radltour 2022 covered a total of around 500 kilometers from Cham to Gunzenhausen in 6 days. As the crowning glory of each stage, participants and visitors can look forward to a top-class open-air concert with free admission at the respective stage location.


      On secured roads, 6 daily stages with

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      • about 14 hours ago

  2. HorstAP went for a hike.

    July 24, 2022

    1.56 mi
    2.0 mph
    25 ft
    25 ft
    N.H.1971👍, Mirco (&B-Rina) and 32 others like this.
    1. HorstAP

      Short tour of the old town of Tauberbischofsheim.

      The historic old town is adorned with numerous Franconian half-timbered buildings, narrow streets, churches, chapels, the market square with a neo-Gothic town hall and of course the Kurmainzisches Schloss with a tower, which is the symbol of Tauberbischofsheim

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      • July 29, 2022

  3. HorstAP went mountain biking.

    July 23, 2022

    1. HorstAP

      Today it went south from Gamburg, first in the narrower lower Tauber Valley until it widens before Tauberbischofsheim (TBB).

      The destination was the two side valleys of Grünbach and Wittigbach south-east of TBB. The route ran leisurely from Grünsfeld up the Grünbachtal. Past the architecturally unique

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      • July 28, 2022

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    1. HorstAP

      A real highlight in the Lower Tauber Valley is the Bronnbach Monastery (later also called Bronnbach Castle), a former Cistercian abbey founded in 1151. In 1989 the monastery was classified as a monument of special national importance. In 1986, the Main-Tauber district acquired the monastery and had it

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      • July 27, 2022

  5. HorstAP went for a hike.

    July 22, 2022

    2.54 mi
    2.5 mph
    275 ft
    100 ft
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    1. HorstAP

      Gamburg Castle is a hilltop castle built in the 12th century in Gamburg. The castle has been privately owned since 1546 and has been inhabited throughout. The castle has been owned by the von Mallinckrodt family since 1980. In contrast to many other castles, the Gamburg, like e.g. B. in the Renaissance

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      • July 27, 2022

  6. HorstAP went for a hike.

    July 10, 2022

    1.20 mi
    1.7 mph
    50 ft
    75 ft
    1. HorstAP

      The Leipheim Children's Festival was celebrated for the first time after the end of the famine of 1816/17. The main cause of the famine is the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Tambora in April 1815 de.wikipedia.org/wiki/year_without_summer

      This resulted in unusually cold weather patterns in Europe with

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      • July 11, 2022

  7. Klaus KK and 2 others went for a bike ride.

    July 6, 2022

    HorstAP, BruGer ☮️ and 69 others like this.
    1. Klaus KK

      A wonderful day of cycling with great weather and scenic highlights (Zellsee, Eibenwald).

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      • July 7, 2022

  8. HorstAP went mountain biking.

    July 3, 2022

    28.7 mi
    9.7 mph
    400 ft
    400 ft
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    1. HorstAP

      The Hollerner See is a 28 hectare bathing lake in the municipality of Eching. The lake, by far the largest body of water in the region, was released for bathing in June 2020. Source: Wikipedia


      The Mallershofer See, which was on the way back, seemed to be taken over by dog owners.

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      • July 7, 2022

  9. HorstAP went for a bike ride.

    July 2, 2022

    0.83 mi
    0.9 mph
    0 ft
    0 ft
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    1. HorstAP

      The Summer Tollwood Festival spans approximately 25 days in June and July. It takes place with around 50 gastronomy and over 200 arts and crafts stands in the Olympiapark Süd in Munich. The first festival took place in the summer of 1988. The festival takes place on around 30,000 square meters and has

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      • July 7, 2022

  10. HorstAP went for a bike ride.

    June 27, 2022

    30.8 mi
    9.9 mph
    600 ft
    900 ft
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    1. HorstAP

      This time we went on the way there with the S-Bahn after 9 a.m. first towards the destination and then back by bike. The reason for the exchange was the bicycle transport block between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. and the announced thunderstorm in the evening.

      The 9-euro ticket could be used in this way. In addition

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      • June 27, 2022

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