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Ich bin gerne draußen an der frischen Luft - am liebsten in der Natur fernab jeglicher Autostraßen oder sonstiger künstlicher Lärmquellen. Ab und zu begleitet mich meine Frau. Das sind die besten Momente! Stadtgeschichte und Stadtplanung begeistern mich, insbesondere die Entwicklung der jeweiligen Infrastruktur. Außerhalb der Städte versuche ich, alte Bahnlinien oder die Geschichte der jeweiligen Wege und Gegenden zu erkunden. Und natürlich Natur und Ruhe genießen!Das Urheberrecht © für alle von mir hier im Rahmen der Tourendokumentation oder zu Highlights geposteten Fotos und Texten behalte ich mir ausdrücklich vor, eine Verwendung außerhalb von Komoot.de bedarf meiner schriftlichen Zustimmung.Bei Komoot seit 28. September 2018. Als "enge Freunde" im Sinne von Komoot zähle ich alle, die ich persöhnlich kenne oder über Komoot kennenlernen durfte.

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  1. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    37.9 mi
    9.6 mph
    700 ft
    975 ft
    1. Scout Jens

      Schlofwandler is "to blame". I already had Elsenz in view, since a visit to Eppingen on foot. A tour of Hoffenheim by Schlofwandler was then decisive for planning the tour. Of course, many others at Komoot were also inspiring.
      Originally the tour was supposed to start in Bretten. Because of the time available yesterday, and also due to my condition and the muggy weather, I started in Eppingen.
      Now that I have systematically gone through all the highlights today, I can no longer wait for the publication 🤓
      A travel report is still missing. I will create this here as soon as I find the time. Now the knowledge gained through the tour has to be entered into the OSM database. As I found out during processing, I have a colleague in Kurpfalzradler 🙋‍♂️
      After editing in OSM (can take until tomorrow) I will go through the photos again and some will be thrown out again. An area that is new to me always means that more photos are taken than are really necessary for non-resident Komootler. That's just the way it is ... 🥺

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Scout Jens and Ina went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    7.80 mi
    6.8 mph
    125 ft
    125 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      The project to get Ina excited about cycling is still ongoing. Today my planning was too challenging - it should be 26 km.
      It was too hot for that and Ina has not yet had enough practice. So we are satisfied with this small, jointly made route. And the project will continue. 😁
      I leave OSM images in there for now. I am now on my way for another lap. Germany will have to do without me today. 🤓

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      • 3 days ago

  3. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. Scout Jens

      At the end of the working week, I'm off to explore the main cemetery. I know this a little better since today.
      I deleted most of the photos here. The focus was just on exploration for OSM. I have now made these additions and changes. You used to be "on the slopes" on Friday evening. Today I maintain databases ;-)
      The many war graves made me think again. So it is good that they are still there. Although the last war in Germany was a long time ago. Will these graves last forever? Has anyone ever thought about that? That would be almost a Jewish concept. Never again war, otherwise there is no more room in the cemetery for people who have died normally? A normal grave lasts 25 years?

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      • 4 days ago

  4. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    6 days ago

    1. Scout Jens

      In fact, I'm only going to look for the burial mound from the older Bronze Age in the middle of the northwest city. I haven't had this on my screen yet.
      And indeed there is. 🤗 Thank you, Uwe Reiter.
      Then I was drawn to the Rhine. It was pretty warm today.
      A spontaneous visit to my brother rounded it off. But next time I'll have a towel and swimming trunks and more water with me. 🙄
      After more than two years of intensive exploration in Karlsruhe, there were still some new paths and impressions for me. It's almost like it just goes on and on. Every now and then something new arises. I like that.

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Scout Jens

      When I incorporate the train into my bike tour planning, at least in summer I like to be dropped off somewhere and then drive home.That was the start here in Rastatt, from where I drove over the Rastatter Ried to the old railway bridge on the Rhine. With a beautiful forest path, some of which I have already explored on foot with Ina. I made the detour via the lake to avoid the road. But the path there is not suitable for cycling. Sometimes I even had to push.After a first rest on the water, we passed "Heini" to the mouth of the Rhine Low Canal through the alluvial forest. On the Rhine there it was exhausting to drive because of the coarse gravel. However, that didn't mean that I was lonely there. There was a lot of bicycle traffic. There were a lot of older mountain bikers in particular.
      The forest path in the alluvial forest was really beautiful again: In the shade on a pleasant surface with a full population of birds. The water level there in front of the flood dam was relatively high. I had checked before the tour: 600 cm in Maxau. From 650 cm (this is also the "reporting threshold") you can no longer drive there because the bridges and fords are then flooded. From the bridge in Plittersdorf I had the best view of the water surface of the Old Rhine. And there I also found a nice place by the water. Cost me a small blood donation ...
      After a section in the sun with the open-air museum for Murgschiffahrt in stone walls, which is well worth seeing, we went through another floodplain forest west of Ötigheim to the "old Federbachbrücke" with a nice rest area in the forest. I also took up the offer.At Durmersheim I left the old Federbach and crossed the fields to the upper Hardtwald. The strawberry farm there attracted many visitors, most of whom were driving. At least consideration was given to the cyclists.From the Bäretriewerhütte with the funny carvings, I am - always looking for new paths for me - along the Ettlinger Weg, which goes pretty straight through the forest. Also a very nice way off the road and good to drive.The traffic junction at the "Karlsruhe-Süd" motorway exit was then defeated. My impression is that they did everything there for the cars and then later muddled paths for cyclists.After a long straight, at the end of which is the beautiful avenue of lime trees, I was at the Scheibenhardt estate. At the old hunting lodge I came across the third part of a trilogy with pictures by the landscape painter Karl Nagel, which were put up on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Bulach's incorporation in Karlsruhe. And so it came about that I explored the bridge for the old country road over the Malscher Landgraben with the picture "Horse washing".I saved the first part for another round. The advanced time made me drive home. Although there - like the rest of the tour - I captured some impressions on photos. I deleted photos that were only intended as notes for OSM after I made the appropriate changes there. Therefore a later publication here.P.S .: 5 hours were necessary to correct at least the most serious deficiencies in OSM ...

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      • June 14, 2021

  6. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    June 12, 2021

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    1. Scout Jens

      When processing the data in OSM near Karlsruhe, questions arose that could not be clarified by aerial photographs.
      So I'm off to see if the path goes on or not. I passed the Schützenhaus beer garden, where I had to take a spontaneous break. Simply because it works again and there was exactly one table free.
      When I arrived at my destination, I saw that the path didn't go any further and even ended earlier. What's more, I landed on private property and the owner had just come back and didn't think it was funny. After a long conversation in which the words complaint, personal details and police came up, I finally gained the owner's trust. As promised, I will now 1) shorten the way, 2) draw the gate and 3) mark the part as private (as it is in reality). Then the poor man may have fewer "visitors" in the future.After this exciting part of my exploration, I continued via the Rittnertgarten. There I met the man again (!). But a few conciliatory words and the offer to delete the photos let me escape once more ...A few photos follow for changes in the menu and then I had to stop again at Weinhof Rupp. Exactly: Because it is possible and exactly one table was free :-)The further way led me to more detailed ways to be explored, whereby I am enthusiastic about the new discoveries. Great paths and meadow paths!At nightfall I grabbed an S-Bahn and went home again. As always, I'm glad I went. It was great!

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      • June 12, 2021

  7. Scout Jens and 3 others planned a hike.

    June 11, 2021

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    1. Scout Jens

      The tour here is for invitation only! This is not one of the planned routes ..."MitWandern 2021" is online. From now on you can choose your favorite stage and book it into the doodle list, then you will be part of the probably over 3,000 km long tour through Germany on July 16-18. My fellow hikers and I look forward to seeing you!
      Access to the entire collection with all stages 1 - 159:
      Access to all doodle lists for the different sections in the official walking invitation:
      Alternatively, in the profile of MonacoTrail you will find access to the stages 116 - 159 from Mainz to Oberstdorf, which he supervises, divided into two collections:
      Stages 116 - 137 (Mainz - Herrenberg):
      Stages 138 to 159 (Herrenberg - Haldenwanger Eck):
      The associated doodle links (can also be found in the text accompanying the collections):
      Doodle stages 116 - 137:
      Doodle stages 138 to 159:

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      • June 11, 2021

  8. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    June 9, 2021

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    1. Scout Jens

      I did it again: after an appointment very close by, I changed into the parking lot that I had spied out beforehand, packed my Vespers and went on a quickly planned tour. No guidebooks rolled for it ...The castle (wild history, formerly a castle) can only be visited on specific dates with a guided tour. But I didn't have time for that anyway. The impressions from the outside were enough for me and the beautiful view from the mountain spur.We went through a beautiful landscape through the forest and across meadows up and down to the Iller. There I not only found a different path than that shown in Komoot, but one that has not yet been recorded! I will enter that, as well as the other changes, in the OSM. But for that I need time and there is still work to be done tomorrow. I spent as much time as possible on site, as I was very impressed by the Iller adventure footbridge with the weir for the power plant there.I walked along a path along the Iller along the river Iller via a path, at the beginning of which there was an express warning against the forest (spell forest; dead wood = danger for hikers) and which turned into an increasingly muddy path after a while and was able to collect wonderful impressions. Horsetail (field AND swamp), a hidden bench (found thanks to Komoot and a user who made it a highlight) and nature bursting with strength after the downpours. So I dared to quench my thirst with water from a stream there. And I'm still fine 🙃.Back at the castle, I found some wonderful things: a living chair, bush pavilions, a forest kindergarten, a herb garden, a show beehive, and so on.I don't write any more. The photos testify to the beauty of the company. Some are for OSM so that I can correct and add to the data there. That's how the Komoot cards get better.Once again it was close to persuading me to take a tour during the week with a full desk in the office. But again it was TOTALLY worth it. 💫🤗

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      • June 9, 2021

  9. Scout Jens and Ina went for a hike.

    June 3, 2021

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    1. Scout Jens

      Spontaneously planned yesterday and reserved in the Löwenthor. I've wanted to stop there with Ina for a long time. Because of the kitchen and even more because of the history of this house. It was created in 1701 as a carriage stop on the so-called Thurn and Taxis route, a mail route from Belgium to Vienna.But first there should be some hiking. So it went back to the old steam roller over the beautiful meadow path to Rinklingen. The connection from there to the Saalbach is unfortunately still a construction site for flood protection. So let's take a little detour.A beautiful ravine leads us to the edge of the forest behind the settlement. There we make a small (planned) dangling, as a shady hut beckons for a first break. On site, however, we distance ourselves from the plan, as the hut is not really inviting, and flee from the already burning sun into the cool forest.The hilly continues in the forest. Nature makes every effort to inspire us. But it's pretty humid. That and the fact that the next planned path is a fairly grassy path (nice, but ticks ...) allows us to shorten the next two swerves.
      After all, we still see the Dreimärker, the so-called Roman fountain and the wonderful meadow behind the strawberry farm, which also has an exciting history. But more about that in another hike. If you are very curious, you can zoom in on the photo at the entrance to Gondelsheim.
      The event of the year is then in Gondelsheim. We go out for dinner In addition, we had ourselves tested in Karlsruhe in the morning, reserved yesterday and of course enough masks with us. The Löwenthor estate also inspires me. This is how people eat and drink slowly. I can do three courses. Wonderful!Then I show Ina the castle with the steeple of the old fortified church and together they head for the mausoleum. There Ina waits for me in front of the only entrance through the bushes (ticks and who knows what else). Then we have enough and we go to the train station, which as a stop in the KVV area is approached every hour in both directions. I easily bridge the waiting time with all kinds of explorations there. Unfortunately, I find out about the old synagogue too late and the fastest way over the bridge to it is closed.Once again a route tour according to our taste.So we will probably have to take part in the mega-hiking event in 2021, because there are only beautiful route tours on offer that are easy to reach with public transport. In addition, everything is planned on a voluntary basis.The actual advance notice for southern Germany is available from MonacoTrail: komoot.de/tour/383287576

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      • June 3, 2021

  10. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    June 2, 2021

    25.0 mi
    9.9 mph
    475 ft
    475 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      Without a card I would have completely lost my way. Incredible 🙄
      I thought that I would somehow get around the Epplesee and then I was back at the starting point.
      Otherwise not the most beautiful tour, but I always want to drive new paths. And it was definitely interesting. I have to get used to the heat again.
      At first there was a lot going on on the Rhine and a little later there was a lot going on. But everything is still proceeding cautiously. I could get used to keeping my distance permanently. I feel so comfortable. The sausage on the Rhine was definitely worth the round.

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      • June 2, 2021

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