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  1. Scout Jens and Ina went for a hike.

    about 9 hours ago

    7.05 mi
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    1. Scout Jens

      "What nice" and after more detailed inquiry "medium length" Ina answered my question about the Saturday company. This matched a round from Bretten to Dürrenbüchig, which I had planned some time ago. The area is already known to me and so I was able to give you a “like-guarantee”.We take the fast train to the Bretten train station in 24 minutes. From there we walk along the Promenadenweg to the market square. We treat ourselves to a little dangling through the city center. But it shouldn't be a real city tour. We only take a few nice impressions with us on our way to the meadow path. Robert-Koch-Straße leads there. 🤔A creeping path leads us to the Stäffele, a beautiful staircase towards the barbecue area. Preparations for a major celebration are underway there. The birthday child's cousin doesn't want to leave anything to chance after the actual appointment in March could not take place because of "the matter". We go to the playground and eat the sandwiches we brought with us. Ina's work 😘.We continue through the forest on a piece of the E1 and look forward to the beautiful mixed forest. Ina discovers an old landmark and I'm happy as a little child. Further landmarks from different years are discovered. So distracted, I lose sight of the planned route. The small detour brings us more vertical meters and Ina reminds me of the statement that there are no more climbs. I love my wife. 😁
      We have been discovering anthills for a long time. Then the world will not end immediately. I was worried. 😉
      We leave the forest and are in a beautiful meadow landscape. After a small climb, I think there should be a bench on the hill at the edge of the forest. And thats how it is! Beautiful.
      Fields with ripe grain and a beautiful strip of flowers accompany us to Dürrenbüchig. Always with the great cloud sky and a beautiful view in all directions.
      In Dürrenbüchig we visit the pond park. The trails are new and a small group of locals pause to explain that we shouldn't be there. A rule without meaning in my opinion, but we apologize and continue through the sleepy place (today a district of Bretten). A boundary stone lapidarium rounds off one of today's topics.We see the S-Bahn depart, are 3 minutes later at the station and want to bridge the 37-minute waiting time with a stop. But the only locality of the place, at the TSV Dürrenbüchig, only opens at 5 p.m. (otherwise it is open every hour on Tuesday evenings and Sundays).
      So we pass the time at the sleepy stop and have a great view. We talk and two express trains pass by. Then it occurs to me to announce the need to stop using a button. Otherwise the next S-Bahn would have rushed past. 🙄
      A nice activity in a very great area. I can recommend this varied round.

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      • about 6 hours ago

  2. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    a day ago

    34.5 mi
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    425 ft
    1. Scout Jens

      In a collection I have summarized all the tours around Karlsruhe by bike. So I can see where I haven't been.
      I built as many “new” ways into the tour as possible and thought that it would be a strange round.
      But no! The round was fabulous! Sometimes it was enough to come from a different direction to a place to experience it in a completely new way. 🤗
      Now just a few comments about the tour.
      # The metal plastic at the ZKM made artificially noises that gave the impression that the wind is causing them.
      # There was live music on the ferry!
      # In Neuburg I could just see how the half-timbered houses were built back then.
      # Hell was going on at the Goggelburg. But it's really the best chicken I've ever eaten. Armin sang such a great praise as a tip for the highlight. And he's right! 👍 It was so busy that I bought it to take away and still had to wait 20 minutes.
      # I ate on the Rhine. The place can be reached by car. So I had the party behind me and the great view of the Rhine in front of me.
      # It was cloudy and that's why I'm back. So 10 minutes later the sun came out to go down. That was magically beautiful. Goosebumps (despite the highway-like federal road over the Rhine bridge).
      # The bridge for the northern tangent was built decades ago. I took photos again. Who knows if the road will not be built after all. Even if I think that the expansion of the railways and cycle paths would be better advised.
      Conclusion: I was almost ready to define something like standard rounds. Less planning and all that. But no! There are still a lot of ways to be driven. And an unbelievable number of combinations that always allow you to discover something new. I hopefully learned that today.In the first step I left almost all the photos in the tour. I have no desire to choose for hours now. I apologize for that.

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      • a day ago

  3. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    7.17 mi
    3.5 mph
    875 ft
    775 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      A warm day has been announced. That, my insomnia and the hope of a nice morning mood make me leave early. I found a few places on the map that I don't yet know and planned a route in the Pfinztal.So I start with a really beautiful morning sky in Grötzigen and am a few steps further in a beautiful ravine that leads me to fields. The birds do their best and the sun also occasionally manages to bathe the peaceful landscape in a light that can only be experienced in the morning.
      A little further on, the planned route apparently fell victim to an agronomist's optimization measure (why not just the female form? I think both are stupid). But the plants are still small and I keep walking gently.
      At the border ditch I find the park-like landscape that I already know. It only disturbs the car noise that my sensitive ears perceive.
      Above the orchard I comfortably drink the coffee I have brought with me and enjoy the view over the flower meadow. I make a few phone calls and think the day should start like this more often.
      In the Deer Valley, you walk through beautiful meadow paths into the forest. On the fir tree path (without fir trees) I pass the Teufelsplatt (without the devil).
      Then it goes uphill again and at the end also through an overgrown section of the path. Because of my sensitive feet I planned with as little asphalt as possible. The thorns, mosquitoes and nettles don't bother me. The tick on my leg alone disturbs my well-being. I search for the section and find no more.
      The rest of the way is very nice! Also the sculpture trail, which I don't really like because of the sculptures. I still have breakfast in Kleinsteinbach before I, like many others, take the S-Bahn to Karlsruhe. The webs are filling up again and that doesn't calm me down in any way.

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      • 2 days ago

  4. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    21.6 mi
    11.7 mph
    225 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      That's how I imagine an evening round! Beautiful paths, lonely places on the water and in the Rhine meadows. Been in the water and just sat there looking at the water for a long time. On the Rhine and on Lake Constance.
      Finally, a monument to peace was visited. Thanks for that Uwe.Reiter!

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      • 3 days ago

  5. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

    19.5 mi
    11.8 mph
    150 ft
    175 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      It was totally slippery there. And an extreme current. But I was careful and took a nice bath. The water is pretty warm and still refreshing. 🤗
      A nice round trip to the Rhine to one of my favorite places.

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      • 4 days ago

  6. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    6 days ago

    10.9 mi
    3.3 mph
    425 ft
    600 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      Originally I wanted to follow the route of the Pforzheimer Kleinbahn from Ittersbach. But then I thought it was too little. And I also wanted to see the sunrise again.I'm lying in bed thinking about the upcoming tour. It will be about 30 km, I think. The driving times of the S11 to Langensteinbach go through my head and so I'm awake again. Shortly after, I take the train shortly after two and experience drunk Karlsruhe and other unpleasant things.In Langensteinbach I have to find out that it is cloudy and the full moon does not light my way. The route from Langensteinbach to Ittersbach was dismantled in 1968 and then restarted in 1975 with a different route. But I did a good research and even found a map app that marked the old route.
      So I go into the pitch-dark forest and with the help of a flashlight I actually find the old ballast bed that I follow through thorn tendrils, nettles and other plants. Every now and then I have to go around a fallen tree. Apart from the ballast and a pipe culvert, I find no reference to the old railway line. But I know that I am right, even if the "path" is tiring to walk. Then it stops and I take "normal" paths.
      The first birds report at 4:30. More and more different birds join the concert. I can concentrate fully on this because I have already walked the section with Ina - on a wide gravel road - and cannot take any photos because of the darkness. 🙂Shortly before Ittersbach it gets light (despite the clouds). I find the expected historical buildings. At the clubhouse of the Schwazwaldverein, I become painfully aware that I (again) have no coffee with me. Ina answers the phone and promises to drink one for me. 🙄 I find the quarry behind the clubhouse. It looks like the rock has already divided itself into cuboids and is just waiting for the transport.As my research on various sources has shown, I come to the lime works. My walking stick provides good help in the rough terrain. I find a slip through the fence and keep trying to follow the old route exactly. But there is no other way out. So I have to go back and I can already feel my feet. 20 km before the finish in Pforzheim. "Well," I think, "I still have a lot of time."The long detour goes past a former mill to a “home”. What exactly is not included. Only that one should please not go on because of corona virus ... It is not yet seven o'clock and I dare for lack of sensible alternatives. The mask is within reach and with the intention of keeping a distance of 3 meters if possible. But I only meet a man at the first one? Ziggarette on the balcony. I don't dare to take pictures. The mill with palm trees in the park and all kinds of seating. Well done.At the old bridge I go back on the dam and fight my way through the undergrowth. I am thinking of the dam in the no man's land near Aschheim. There are some people walking on the dam and a nice path has formed. I can only dream of that here. Then everything is private again, cordoned off and paved with virus sliders. So again a detour to the railway bridge over the Pfinz. However, it is quite impressive.In the further course the path is paved again. My feet don't like that at all. I find a train station and a stop. So far so good. After more kilometers on asphalt, I realize that I can no longer enjoy the beautiful landscape and my feet tell me that I have to change the plan immediately. And I hadn't slept either.
      Seeing the bench, sitting down and changing shoes is one thing. The KVV app advises me to turn around. That is out of the question! And if I crawl on all fours and overtake so many cheerful morning joggers. I continue to Ellemendingen train station and then take the bus to Pforzheim, where I buy a coffee. I almost fell asleep on the bus ...
      Now it works again. On our beautiful balcony I write these lines and think that it wasn't that bad. ☕️ Let's see how and when I explore the rest.

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  7. Scout Jens went for a bike ride.

    7 days ago

    24.2 mi
    12.0 mph
    375 ft
    325 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      After the hike with Ina I have to go out again. The thought of jumping into the water haunts my head. I choose the mouth of the Laut as the target. Dredging lakes are definitely overcrowded, I think.When I leave, I actually want to be there. I drive a fairly direct route and try to move as quickly as possible despite a headwind. Without a stop it goes up to the ferry, which is just picking up new passengers and then going straight away.
      I hurry out of the ferry and race to the mouth. The current is very strong there. But I'm careful.
      When I lie in the water - one hand on a willow branch and one foot against a stone - I feel the coolness and the power of the water. It is incredible: I can hear the wind in the trees, the blue sky above me, an ancient pasture behind me, the fairway and the Baden bank in the sun.
      I make extensive use of the "flow channel" and otherwise lie lazily in the sun. I'm doing great! Magic water must flow out of the louder! This makes the first part of the tour seem idiotic. Why the direct and not a nice way?
      Born again, I set off on my way and discover the center of Maximiliansau, Alt-Knielingen (Hammer!), The former Grenadier barracks (exciting!), The University of Fine Arts, one of the decentralized squares of the Platz der Grundrechte next to the memorial stone the murder of Buback (RAF!) and much more. The unbelievable thing about it is that I drove to university for years and never noticed all of this. 😳Since I want to go on tour again tomorrow, everything is written a bit rushed. I apologize for that.
      I still have to get rid of one of my thoughts: in other cities, after the outbreak of the pandemic with a large Bohai, so-called pop-up cycle paths were created. In Karlsruhe, the wide bike paths are slowly getting old at the expense of a lane for cars. 😉

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  8. Scout Jens and Ina went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    7.16 mi
    3.7 mph
    100 ft
    100 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      A nice round with Ina. No long journey, no mountains and lots of forest were planned. Finally, I would like Ina to continue accompanying me from time to time.
      Since we are going late, we ate something at the first opportunity. Ina makes the best cuts 🥰. So we took the first break after what felt like 100 meters. And next to it discovered a dune from the ice age. I thought it was an old rubbish dump 😁.
      Stutensee Castle on foot was very nice.
      Then it went into the forest. The longed-for shadow was not available for long stretches. It was nice anyway. We didn't walk on meadow paths. The last tick experience was still too present. We didn't find one of the huts at first. Then it became clear that it was torn down. This is not a shame, because the highway can be heard well there and we don't have to go there again.
      We almost liked the section on the Pfinzentlastkanal. We are past two culverts. That was also nice on foot.
      The tour was nice because Ina was there. New things have been discovered and we will hike there again - only in other ways.
      Since we were back early, I went straight to the Rhine again. To be continued, so to speak. 😉@MonacoTrail: I photographed the traffic lights on the street in the middle of the field for you. It's okay if you want 😉

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  9. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    July 2, 2020

    15.7 mi
    3.5 mph
    225 ft
    375 ft
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    1. Scout Jens

      It is just after noon when I think: Before I get upset, I prefer to go hiking.
      I take the train to Markt Schwaben and just go. Unplanned is also nice again.
      The SPD in Postanger and the courthouse at the church pond are my first discoveries.
      The view of the map is somewhat sobering. There are no hiking trails here. In the open field, I stare at my smartphone and a woman speaks to me. She recommends a path that I also take because I don't feel like the streets.
      So I pass a substation where the "air crackles" with high voltage. Fascinating.
      In Ottenhofen remains of a castle (park not accessible and almost nothing to see) and a closed church. But always a nice motif.
      It continues on asphalt. I try to go to the very edge and at least get some gravel under my feet. Then I meet the Sempt for the first time; with canal and pond! Unfortunately seized by the waterworks and access prohibited.
      Then I'm fed up with the road and just turn onto the meadow. So I walk past the tree-covered stream and the edges of the forest. No noise, only falcons, storks, rabbits and other animals; e.g. big brakes.
      Every now and then I look at the map to see for ways and not to lose direction. A brook has to be crossed, but it is summer and the shoes will dry again, I think.
      I just look at the lake, I want to continue. And there are people here ... Definitely 10 people. That is too much hustle and bustle for me today. 😁
      I have to go through nettles and the edges of fields. But everything is better than asphalt and the area is flat but very beautiful, lonely and calming.
      Then I meet the Sempt again. A flood overflow blocks my way. The waterworks have secured the footbridge over the weir and there is also a camera. 🙄
      But I don't want to go back, so I cross the river a little further away. The water is up to my knees and nettles are waiting for me on the other bank. And a waterworks car comes up to me. 😬 OK, that's it with hiking, I think. But the driver only thanks me for stepping aside and greets kindly.
      Before Pretzen I have to go over the sempt again. I walk on a private path and the owner of the property kindly explains to me that he has nothing against my passage. But the waterworks have dismantled the bridge and the site is also secured. So I'm going back.A few nice motifs and further discoveries, then I'm done with Erding again.
      There I see a street on the map just outside the road with the promising name "old Roman road" and set off. When I just take the crossroads at the beginning of the busy street (presumably knocked-over pedestrians) and see that the air base is here (harder than the waterworks, here firearms are threatened) the sky opens the locks. I save myself in a gas station and wait. But slowly I want to go back to my hotel. The shoes were wet all day and now it's dark anyway.
      So I walk through the cloudburst and like to take every deep puddle with 🤗. I can't help but make a detour over the ballast bed of old tracks. Signs do not recommend this, but the fence has already given up. So I enter a well-tended garden just in front of the train station. I look curiously at the sign at the entrance and read "Erding Criminal Police". Great. I quickly bought another ticket and got on the train.Conclusion: No real hiking area there. The tour is NOT for hiking. Unless someone also wants to be on all wanted lists. 😉And the anger is gone! Life is exciting and beautiful!

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      • July 2, 2020

  10. Scout Jens went for a hike.

    July 1, 2020

    9.74 mi
    3.5 mph
    200 ft
    175 ft
    1. Scout Jens

      I was able to convince a friend of mine to meet in the Feringasee beer garden. I only planned the round after I had analyzed where I was not yet here at Dornach / Aschheim.
      The result is a tour with wide views and beautiful bird hedges. The weather was great, the clouds were terrific.
      I discovered a meadow path not found at Komoot and other beautiful connections.
      The meeting with my friend was interrupted by heavy rain. So we didn't have that much time to talk. But that will be made up for and the rain was wonderful in the end!
      The so-called No man's land has shown its best side today. I like the area very much. Here you can find space and peace. But also beautiful nature.

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      • July 1, 2020

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