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About Ralf
Distance travelled

304 mi

Time in motion

31:39 h

Recent Activity
  1. Ralf went for a hike.

    March 27, 2022

    Von Berlin Hauptbahnhof zum Cube Berlin

    3.58 mi
    3.1 mph
    50 ft
    50 ft
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    1. Ralf

      A little city walk. Tourist in your own city, so to speak, because there were some things I didn't know.

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      March 28, 2022
  2. Ralf went for a bike ride.

    March 26, 2022

    39.2 mi
    11.0 mph
    225 ft
    350 ft
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    1. My first longer tour this year. Without sun. With some headwind. But it was still nice! What a great area!

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      March 28, 2022
  3. Ralf went for a hike.

    March 20, 2022

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    1. I was in Schwedt to see the theater and went for a little walk there beforehand. The landscape totally blew my mind that day! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me - so this time it's just cell phone photos.

      I made a small mistake during the recording (on the dam) but I think you have a clear general direction... ;-)

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      March 30, 2022
  4. Ralf went gravel riding.

    June 29, 2021

    48.2 mi
    10.0 mph
    1,300 ft
    1,275 ft
    1. My way back from Essen to Datteln. The aim was to travel over as many railway lines as possible. That worked out fine.

      In Bochum I got a little lost looking for a restaurant - but I found it in Bochum City.

      Overall, a tour with many great and different impressions. Was a lot of fun to drive!

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      July 9, 2021
  5. Ralf went for a bike ride.

    June 26, 2021

    28.8 mi
    11.6 mph
    350 ft
    425 ft
    1. On my way to the Ruhr area, I cycled the last few kilometers again. From Hamm to Datteln along the Datteln-Ham Canal. In the end I had to hurry up to get to my parents' place for coffee - that's why there are no more pictures ...


      P.S .: I got really lost in Lünen Süd ...

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      July 7, 2021
  6. Ralf went for a bike ride.

    June 25, 2021

    49.2 mi
    12.0 mph
    250 ft
    225 ft
    1. My first tour on the Elbe Cycle Path! Actually, my destination was the Ruhr area. But I got off the train in Schönhausen. Then we went to Magdeburg by bike on the Elbe cycle path. Was very nice and made you want more!

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      July 6, 2021
  7. Ralf went for a hike.

    May 24, 2021

    12.1 mi
    3.1 mph
    275 ft
    250 ft
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    1. On Pentecost Monday there was a hybrid excursion: We went by bike from Neukölln to the Mühlenbeck-Mönchmühle S-Bahn station (about 1.5 hours). From there it was a walk around the Tegeler Fließal. Then back home by bike. As a reward there was an ice cream in Pankow.

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      May 26, 2021
  8. Ralf went for a bike ride.

    April 24, 2021

    56.3 mi
    11.3 mph
    725 ft
    775 ft
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    1. It lured me far to the north. VERY nice there. Makes you want more! From Oranienburg I took the train back to Berlin HBF.

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      April 30, 2021
  9. Ralf went for a bike ride.

    April 20, 2021

    21.8 mi
    11.6 mph
    175 ft
    150 ft
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    1. When I'm more drawn to the sun in the morning than to my desk, I really enjoy doing this lap. However, the Rummelsburger Bay is now being built - let's see how the cycling situation will be there ...

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      April 21, 2021
  10. Ralf went for a bike ride.

    April 16, 2021

    41.2 mi
    10.7 mph
    475 ft
    525 ft
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