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  1. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. Karla Chen

      Today I would like to show you the other side of the Unstrut slopes in the direction of Dorndorf / Gleina, that is where the wine grows here ... Here you can also do great tours and the sporty aspect, especially for mountain bikers because of the great descents and glider lovers because of our airport, is not neglected either.
      You can start the tour at the Tittelmühle, for example, or park at the train station in Laucha. They invested in a large parking lot for our little town, which is a bit oversized for my taste. There are plenty of free parking spaces. Then you take the path behind the Unstrut bridge in the direction of Weischütz and always walk nicely along the Unstrut. At some point it goes up to the left and then just straight up towards the vineyards. Today I noticed that large areas have been rebuilt, which speaks in favor of viticulture in our region. Once at the top, continue along the edge of the slope in the direction of the airfield and there you will see the 2nd distinctive building on the slopes around Laucha.
      That is the former Reichsegelflugschule. It was put into operation in 1937 and then used to train young aviators in the Air Force. After the war the building was used as a hospital. The very old Lauchaer (not me) can still remember it. The building has been empty for many years and is an interesting lost place where traces of the past can still be discovered. An alternative scene has discovered this place for itself and uses it for music and art projects.

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. Karla Chen

      As a Lauchaer, you are regularly asked🤔 what kind of buildings are up there on the mountains⛰️. There are a total of three striking buildings🏣🏫🏥 that can be seen from a distance above Laucha. Once the imposing former Reichsflugsegelschule. On the south side it is the former hospital, now an old people's home. At the Borntaler Höhe it seems as if there is a castle up there. But that's not the case. Up there, it's the small village of Plößnitz, whose farms and houses are right on the edge of the slope. The highlight of this tiny place is a wonderful seating group with a view of the Unstruttal. Then the well-signposted hiking trail leads down into the Borntal. Unfortunately, the bark beetle has also done a lot of damage to us. 🌄

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      • 4 days ago

  3. Karla Chen went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Karla Chen

      or "Even teachers need a break". After the 1st week of distance lessons, as they say, I earned a little walk today and I have to say that I'm really proud:
      1. Get a grip on technology🙏
      2. Had at least 60 minutes of video lessons every day and thus had direct contact with all children (with a few exceptions)
      3. Learned every day how this can work with remote teaching. 👩‍🏫
      4. Proud of my kids, who eagerly awaited me every day and who participated wonderfully
      5. Proud of the parents who did NOT complain.

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      • 5 days ago

  4. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    January 10, 2021

    3.31 mi
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    150 ft
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    1. Karla Chen

      Glück auf - a hope of the miners, especially that after their strenuous work underground they will come out to the daylight healthy again. I love my Geiseltalsee ... For this wonderful landscape, you can really say: Good luck, you've done well what has been created here for a recreational landscape in such a relatively short time. Madness, if you imagine what it used to be like here. The lake landscape was created in the course of the recultivation of the former open-cast brown coal mine. The open-cast mine was stopped on June 30, 1993 after a total of 1.4 billion tons of lignite was mined and the same amount of overburden moved. As a result of the mining, an almost 80 m deep open pit remaining hole of around 2,600 hectares was created. If you walk along the Stöbnitz peninsula, you can still find remnants of the past.
      Today we parked directly at the Geiseltalsee Camp and then we walked down to the left to the water. This side is not so crowded yet and you can enjoy the mirror-smooth, azure-blue water surface almost undisturbed.

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      • January 10, 2021

  5. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    January 9, 2021

    4.65 mi
    3.1 mph
    575 ft
    600 ft
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    1. Karla Chen

      When there is snow ❄️, you first notice that we are by no means "groping" alone through the area 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶🐇🐿️🐀🦮 Traces after traces 👣👣👣👣As a child I was constantly fascinated by it and I puzzled🤔 who walked along there or was amazed at the different shoe profiles. The variety of shoe profiles 👞🥾👟 was not as great then as it is today ...
      Today we first went through the clay pit towards Plössnitz. Today's lap was spontaneously a bit bigger and we took the way back via Hirschroda🦌 and the Ennsberg⛰️. It's also worth it, because there are numerous distant views Fre towards Freyburg, Toppendorf ruins and Unstruttal.

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      • January 9, 2021

  6. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    January 3, 2021

    2.83 mi
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    400 ft
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    1. Karla Chen

      Since the days when there is snow☃️ in Laucha have become rarer, after the initial morning euphoria🤩 and the mutual sending of Winter WhatsApp photos📸 we went on a wintry tour through the clay pit, the Drachenwinkel, to then to continue on the Finneweg section above Lauchas and to return at the powder hut 🏚️and death railway 🤯. Winter always had something romantic for me. As a girl from the Harz region, it wasn't a problem with winter at the time, you were born with skis, so to speak. In Unstruttal it looks a little different, here it is more like paddles and canoes. Nevertheless, of course, we and our boys made all the toboggan runs and opportunities in the area unsafe. There was the tiny toboggan mountain in the clay pit or the path up towards Plössnitz, which we whizzed down, or the "death train" 🥴 that we rushed down with the kids from the powder hut 😝 and if you were unlucky, you flew in a high arc off the track🥶. As the tracks 👣show, some of these places are still used for tobogganing. What Komoot took for values again is completely unclear to me.

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      • January 3, 2021

  7. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    January 1, 2021

    1. Karla Chen

      ... or the formation of limestone. A circular hiking trail near Zscheiplitz leads back 250 million years into the geological past. The geological nature trail extends above the Unstrut valley.
      There are 11 educational boards on the nature trail that provide information about the geological features. Near Zscheiplitz the occurrences of the lower shell limestone reach a height of almost 100 m.
      The earlier quarry activity can be recognized by the steep rock walls, which today act as "viewing windows" and provide insights into the history of the earth. Further evidence of limestone extraction and processing are the remains of a lime kiln.

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      • January 1, 2021

  8. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    December 31, 2020

    1.79 mi
    3.9 mph
    200 ft
    125 ft
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    1. Karla Chen

      What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger💪In this spirit, I wish everyone lots of health, strength and energy for 2021! 🐞🐖🍀
      Don't close your hearts and enjoy every day !!!

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      • December 31, 2020

  9. Karla Chen went for a hike.

    December 29, 2020

    1.52 mi
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    1. Karla Chen

      Small, fine city tour in Nebra ... First through the allotment garden section💚 and actually amazed: There are ambitious gardeners🌱and keen dogs🐕‍🦺😬Then it went back the Katzelweg towards the city, Cinder Hill, past the Oberteich to the Breite Platte. A beautiful hiking trail runs directly below Nebra Castle and the palace. Here you definitely get an impression of how old this little town on the Unstrut is. 🤓 Going down the Schlossberg you get to the so-called water gate, the former city gate can only be guessed at. The waterway leads back up to the old town and past the puddle and the goose fountain.
      There is another gem hidden here - the Renaissance arcades. This gem and the Reinsdorfer Straße with its interesting year stones were the new discovery of the day for me.👩‍🏫

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      • December 29, 2020

  10. Karla Chen and Rim007 went for a hike.

    December 28, 2020

    2.67 mi
    3.1 mph
    200 ft
    150 ft
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    1. Karla Chen

      Today it is difficult for me to find anything positive about this part of Müelte. 🤔
      Oh yeah i got it! 🤓

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      • December 28, 2020

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