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Ich bin ein thüringer Jung, der im Jahr 66 des 20. Jahrhunderts (nach Christi) das Licht dieser Welt erblickte und im Osten des Landkreises Gotha seine Bleibe gefunden hat. Mein Motto " Bei jedem Schritt mit der Natur bekommt jemand weit mehr als er sucht".

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  1. Erik went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Erik


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      • 5 days ago

  2. Erik went for a hike.

    July 18, 2021

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    1. Erik

      The start of the round is a small unpaved parking lot on the outskirts of Buchfart to Oettern. From there it goes on the Ilm Valley Cycle Path past the camping site "Im Grünen" to Oettern. After we have crossed the Ilm there, we continue on the Thuringian Three-Tower Path through the small town of Köttendorf to the Hainturm. A little further we turn into the Belvedere Palace Park. The extensive park with its castle south of Weimar is one of the outdoor locations of this year's BUGA. Continue on the Thuringian three-tower path past Vollersroda to the Balsamine forest inn. Now it goes down into the Ilm valley back to Buchfart. The Ilm is crossed one more time via a listed wooden bridge. The Pfeiffers mill is also located here. There is also an inviting opportunity to rest directly on the Ilm with a view of the weir and the watermill. One street further there is a mill shop with a restaurant that tempts you with homemade Thuringian sheet cakes based on grandma's recipe. So if you haven't already strengthened your culinary skills with the Balsamine, you can catch up on it here.

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      • July 19, 2021

  3. Erik went for a hike.

    July 10, 2021

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    1. Erik

      Once again I was drawn to a dam that I didn't know yet, the Pirk reservoir near Oelsnitz in the Saxon Vogtland. It is located in the valley of the White Elster and was built from 1935 to 1939 primarily for the production of industrial water for the local textile industry. Today it is mainly used for flood protection, energy generation, low water elevation of the White Elster and local recreation. The two fore basins to the left and right of the White Elster near Oelsnitz now serve as fish breeding and bird protection basins.

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      • July 10, 2021

  4. Erik planned a hike.

    July 10, 2021

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    1,075 ft
  5. Erik went for a hike.

    July 4, 2021

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    1. Erik

      Today's tour takes me to the flood retention basin near Straussfurt, which is fed by the Unstrut. It is flooded from May to October and has developed into an outstanding resting and breeding area for water birds in Thuringia 🦆. Especially on the north side there are some possibilities to get to the bank, which is mostly overgrown with reeds. To get a little variety in the tour, I extended the circuit to the west and was able to walk a bit along the Unstrut and marvel at a kind of river delta.

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      • July 4, 2021

  6. Erik went for a hike.

    June 26, 2021

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    1. Erik

      On my tour through the Nohra Landscape Park from June 21st. this year I often had the Ettersberg in view. Already then I had the idea to do a lap there too. Thought and done.
      After a few meters you enter the Prinzenschneise nature reserve. On the way to Ettersburg, shortly before Kleinobringen, you pass 4 ponds of different sizes, announced by loud frog concerts. Arrived in Ettersburg, it goes up to the castle of the same name with its park, which this year counts as one of the 25 BUGA external locations. For my further way to the concentration camp memorial, I decided on the route through the castle park to the Jagdstern and the time lane. On the time lane, I then took the opportunity to cross the forest cemetery. Carefully, it goes over the historic area of the former Buchenwald concentration camp. It then continues, past the remains of the end point of the Buchenwald Railway, to the memorial and the bell tower. From here you have a beautiful distant view of the Weimarer Land. After a short stretch on the so-called Blutstraße, you continue on the memorial path, the former embankment of the Buchenwald Railway, past the obelisk and back to the Prinzenschneise NSG. All in all, a nice round in the best hiking weather with a lot of nature, culture and history.

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      • June 26, 2021

  7. Erik went for a hike.

    June 21, 2021

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    1. Erik

      The thunderstorm front kindly moved over Thuringia from yesterday to today during the night and I was able to do a tour that I had planned for a long time on my day off in the not so oppressive heat. A detour to the Nohra landscape park near Weimar and its surroundings. The somewhat confusing course of the tour in the LSP Nohra is due to the fact that the Koniks 🐎 had shown themselves at a point where I had already been. But nice that I was able to discover them in this large area.

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      • June 21, 2021

  8. Erik went for a hike.

    June 20, 2021

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    1. Erik

      The rain should avoid the middle of Thuringia this Sunday. So I decided without further ado to go to Straussfurt to make my way to the St. Wigbert Monastery in Weningshausen. At the starting point, the Straussfurt primary school, there is a bus stop but also a free car park. Actually, it should be possible to leave the place via a dirt road after a few 100 meters. But this was suddenly thwarted by a large closed gate. The next alternative suggested by Komoot was also not one, as the path no longer exists. After I found a way, it was a pretty nice tour with a lot of nature 🌳🦋, water 💦 and some culture ⛪.

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      • June 20, 2021

  9. Erik went for a hike.

    June 13, 2021

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    1. Erik

      The starting point of the tour is a small public parking lot (P7) behind the "Zum Hirsch" inn. On the Olitätenweg it goes over the "Potsdamer Platz" to Obstfelderschmiede. Arrived at the valley station of the Oberweißbacher Bergbahn, it continues to the Glasbach in the valley of the Schwarza. This is where the ascent to Barigau begins. The Hädderbach meanders through the approx. 3km long valley up to the Barigauer Höhe. Not far from Barigau is the hill named after the place at 664m above sea level. From here you have a very nice view of the Rinnetal. A few meters further there is the Barigau Tower, which has unfortunately not been used for a long time. Between meadows and fields, we continue following the Olitätenweg down to Oberhain. Again, there are always beautiful views of the surrounding area. We leave Oberhain in the direction of Mankenbach. From here it goes back to wooded sections. Shortly after the "Friedensblick" refuge, the forest was so dense that I lost the right path for a moment. A single trail leads down to Neu-Leibis. Here we cross the Schwarza again and Unterweißbach is then not far.

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      • June 13, 2021

  10. Erik went for a hike.

    May 30, 2021

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    1. Erik

      The small community of Witterda, northwest of Erfurt on the northern slope of the Fahner Höhe, was the start and finish point of my today's tour. Over gently rising field and farm roads, from which you have a beautiful view of the Thuringian Basin, you go through the sleepy little town of Friedrichsdorf, which has around 80 souls. Between orchards and meadows, you continue to the town of Tiefthal, part of the city of Erfurt, which is known for its many creatively active residents. The “Kunstfest Tiefthal” has been held annually in early summer since 2002 and includes concerts, theater performances, galleries and art-historical tours. The Weißbach also flows through the Tiefthal and continues through the valley towards Grundmühle. With the exception of a few places, the small stream unfortunately had no water. The way through the Schaderodaer Grund is still worthwhile. When I arrived at the Grundmühle, built in 1794 and meanwhile converted into an excursion restaurant, I noticed that it was very well attended. But since I could imagine that due to the beautiful weather, I had packed something for the small hunger in between as a precaution. Through the Orphalgrund we then follow in Luther's footsteps over the Katzenberg into a small wooded area whose path then brings us back to Wiiterda.

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      • May 30, 2021

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