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  1. D🅰️nny 🐕 and 3 others planned a hike.


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    1. D🅰️nny 🐕

      When did you last really challenged yourself?
      When did you leave your feel-good zone the last time and did something crazy?
      Do you have enough physical and mental willpower?
      The Wölpinghäuser Mega🥐🥐marsch offers you the opportunity to get to know your own limits and to blow up. You will do something that many people have never even thought of in their lives.
      Walk 100km at a stretch, through the night, into the sunrise and later exhausted and happy to the finish!
      Who would like to be there?Saturday 18.05.19 to 19.05.19
      Start Green Center Wölpinghausen 9:00 clock
      Registration at spurille@yahoo.dePartial walkers are also welcome, just write me an email

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      • 03/03/2019

  2. Michi and 4 others went hiking.


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    1. Andort

      Wow really great photos. 👍

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      • 14/11/2018

  3. D🅰️nny 🐕 and 4 others went hiking.


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    1. Kathrin

      isha Freimaak ;-)

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      • 28/10/2018

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    1. D🅰️nny 🐕

      Early Sunday morning 😴 we set off six malt divas 💃💃💃💃💃💃 for our October tour. Thanks to Ina's pen 🖊 it went with two completed Niedersachsentickets legally nach to Bremen. After an entertaining one-hour drive, which we used for breakfast, we continued to Harburg. At 11.15 clock we arrived at the Harburg station and I start the recording.We left the station building in the direction of Phönixcenter. Welcomed by floating shopping cart,, our tour of the Phoenix Center ... at least we took it .... The mall, however, was completely locked and locked 🔒, so we rounded it.
      From the moor road we continued on the famous Wilstorfer road. The area is rather poor, the road stretches from Harburger Ring in the north to the A253 in the south, altogether it is only a few hundred meters long.
      Who lives here? - one asks oneself inevitably. A shopping mall and the brick building of Phoenix AG, the Harburger Gummiwarenfabrik, which once attracted industrial workers, dominate the east side of the street. On the west side, the shop joins the shop: snacks, hookah bars, internet shops, slot machines with tinted windows and cultural clubs. Inside, TV screens flicker; Men sit in cigarette smoke and brood over chess boards. At the door of many cultural associations is: "Access for members only". Anyone who walks over Wilstorfer Straße here understands that the people of the street are not much more united than the asphalt under their feet. There is a Turkish cultural association and one Guinean, one Portuguese, one Polish, one Kosovar Albanian and one Albanian. A street that has virtually escaped the control of the police, the police Wilstorfer Street is called only "street of violence" .... and we were in the middle !!!
      That's how we felt, luckily we were SIX self-confident women, but any would-be macho would have gotten one behind the spoons. Pressing our belongings to us we quickly followed our tour.
      Arrived at the Außenmühlenteich the tension finally fell away from us. The Stadtpark, located directly on the pond, with its viewpoints, the Freilichtbühne, the Beethovenstein and the Schulgarten, are worthwhile destinations that let forget the last discomfort.
      Our way led us further over the old Harburger cemetery directly into the city center. The Town Hall Square, with its art objects, the museums and the town hall itself are worth seeing. Cool, we longed for a warm drink. In the search for an open café we were stranded, lack of choice, in the burger lounge. This American old school eatery bribed only visually, the hot drinks came only hesitantly and in the most different dimensions, from almost empty to brimming with everything was there. The completely overstrained operation prompted us to move on quickly.
      So it went in the drizzle past the Trinity Church to Lotsekai and on to the former Harburg Castle. The rain stopped when we reached the inland harbor. Fire brigade, police and customs vessels were surveyed, as well as the new service building of the water police and the port lock.
      A little longer we stayed at the old Harburger Elbbrücke, a beautiful building and thanks to the weather virtually deserted.
      Over the Veritaskai and the traffic port, past beautifully restored Fleethäusern we strove our goal, the "weightless" against. The slightly different restaurant with roller coaster and wiklich delicious food took us almost two hours.
      In summary, Harburg was a place of contrasts: beautiful, rough, adventurous, sometimes scary, but also exciting. As a walking woman you should not run this tour better. In a group and in the day, however, I see no major problem. It was exciting and exciting in any case but I was also in first-class company, because almost everything is fun.
      Thank you girls

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      • 28/10/2018

  5. D🅰️nny 🐕 and Andort went hiking.


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    1. Michelle

      Wow 😍

      • 21/10/2018

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    1. D🅰️nny 🐕

      After our flight with the Megazipline we treated ourselves to an ice cream and a short tour through Wernigerode. The pleasure garden presented itself in the most beautiful colors.

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      • 15/10/2018

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    1. D🅰️nny 🐕

      The tour with the most felt highlight duplicates. I have already reported it. In the form I have not encountered that yet! But no matter ...We had a great cool outing and a lot of fun. Planned was the Megazpline flight and actually the suspension bridge Titan.
      Due to the ultra-fine weather, however, the queues at the bridge ends were gigantic and we did not use the suspension bridge. The Megazipline had been booked for months and so at least we got there quickly. All who dared to down were thrilled. After the short adrenaline rush we drove to Wernigerode on an ice cream. The tour is coming tomorrow ...
      Until then, have fun watching.

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      • 14/10/2018

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    1. D🅰️nny 🐕

      Our pre-routed September-Malle-Diventour took us through a few culturally interesting parts of Hannover ...

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      • 17/09/2018

    1. D🅰️nny 🐕

      Our monthly Malle Divas Tour took us to the Ith mid-mountain range. Interestingly, the Ith has the shape of a seahorse. Our planned tour in the northern area, which has the outline of an animal's head, is also popularly called Ithkopf. The area is dominated by fossil-rich Jurassic limestones, which are protected in large areas as a nature reserve or within the framework of Natura 2000.For us seven Flachland spoiled Schaumburg and Hanoverian this tour was a real challenge, unusual altitude and the heat made this tour very challenging. Bravely, we have all held out to the end and then rewarded us with fine cuisine in the rock cellar. Despite our hardships, the tour is really recommendable and varied.We started at the foot of the Ith, at the St. Nicolai Church in Coppenbrügge, which is best known for its five bells. You should not park here at the opposite pharmacist. In the bathrobe, a gentleman greeted us gruffly from his bathroom window, to make us aware that this would not be a public parking lot. Mercifully he let us park there and although I had reservations about whether my pickup truck would still be there after the tour, he did indeed 😃.
      Next it went past well-kept half-timbered houses u.a. the Holzapfel, the former brewery of the village and on to the castle. Here I started the tour recording, which is why the photos of the church rather brought to an end.
      We circled the former moated castle Coppenbrügge and marveled at the surrounding park with all the artworks in it. The museum and before that the church had unfortunately still closed. If you are planning a visit, you should not leave too early, the times are now in the highlight tips.
      Opposite the Ernst Feuerhake fountain we treated ourselves to the Italians first a few cappuccinos and lattes.
      Then we started the ascent. Fortunately, the ascent through the Kalkbuchen and Schluchtwald area to the Fahnenstein was shady and the temperatures bearable in the morning.
      On the way, we first passed the devil's kitchen. Like the devil's kitchen of the same name on the mere cell in the Hils, this place was probably also a pre-Christian place of sacrifice. It is enclosed on both sides by high rocks.
      Here is a podcast to the legend of the rock sanctuary "devil's kitchen" stairs led us further up to the flagstone. Here you can look through a railing protected in the distance and of course on the just left by us Coppenbrügge. There is also an interesting podcast about the flagstone: had conquered the Ith Seahorse head with it. Our way led us now further along the Kammweg along the Ithklippen. Here you can admire again and again rugged rock formations and views into the country. Many rocks can be climbed, therefore, all the rocks are named in the Ith, with some funny names, such as monk's rock, Pharaonendach, Toad's head or cake, just to name a few.
      On one of the rocks, which were especially beautiful to climb, we noticed goat dung and my subsequent research confirmed that goats were being reintroduced here to preserve the seldom lawns on which certain plants can only survive. I suspect that they are orchids, but I have not found any further clues. There are plenty of hiking reports with goat encounters in the Ith 😝.
      The highest elevation of the Lauenstein with the Ith Tower we reached next. There are several seating areas to stay. However, after enjoying the view of the tower, we are right back to the presidential grotto. Here, too, you can sit on half-weathered benches and we did so briefly, to balance our fluid balance. The presidential grotto, whose name suggests a cave, is but a stone wall with two benches in memory of a president who has visited the Ith tower after its completion. A name, what that was now for a president, I have been looking for in vain. The Presidential Grotto has thus not made it a highlight (at least for me).
      From here it is mainly downhill but still along the Kammweges, a single trail, rooted and rocky along the ridge leading.
      Just before the big quarry we discovered a memorial stone, maybe an indication of a crash site. Shortly after we reached the quarry, which offers a beautiful view at the demolition edge. From here the trail became wider again and we followed this into the valley.
      The place Lauenstein made us a neglected and abandoned impression. Some historic buildings were provided with information panels but urgently needed to be restored. In the middle of the village dominates the chapel. The sun was burning and we tried in vain to find a place to drink something cool. After two restaurants, a snack bar and a cafe were closed, we left the planned tour. According to helpful residents, we would get "Bei Felix" something to drink, 1.5 km located on the outskirts. Arrived at Felix, was a fat sign "closed today" 😩. The nice cleaning ladies, who were working in the restaurant, sold us a few bottles, so that we could relax in the beer garden in front of the natural pool 😅🍻.
      Since we had deviated from our planning, it was now through the sunny Feldmakt back towards Ithkopf. Moistened, we reached the sun-protecting canopy after a kilometer. Now we only had to walk a bit to the friendly pharmacist, luckily mostly downhill. As crowning conclusion we enjoyed a meal in the "Bedirndelten" rock cellar, with fine cuisine, which we had more than deserved.
      In summary, it was a great tour, but you should do it rather in milder temperatures in the spring or fall.At least it was not my last visit to the Ith😜

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      • 21/08/2018

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