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About MTB Raccoon 🦝
Distance travelled

4,195 mi

Time in motion

352:15 h

Recent Activity
  1. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went for a bike ride.

    September 16, 2022

    Neuenhagen-b.Berlin, Europabrücke, Polenmarkt, Schorfheide

    81.9 mi
    15.8 mph
    1,700 ft
    1,725 ft
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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      Something new was announced today. I didn't know the Oder long-distance cycle path, the Bahntrassenradweg and the newly opened Europa Bridge to Poland. Actually a route more for racing cyclists. Feels like 90% bike path and 98% asphalt from Strausberg. But it wasn't that boring after all, there was a

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      • September 16, 2022

  2. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went mountain biking.

    September 3, 2022

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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      Small round near Dresden. We went to visit relatives again. There weren't very many cycle paths, but you can use field and forest paths very well. There it went from Pirna via the Elbe Cycle Path to Dresden. In the morning hours when it was still empty. Then we went up the mountain to a great vantage

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      • September 3, 2022

  3. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went for a bike ride.

    August 21, 2022

    69.1 mi
    16.1 mph
    1,275 ft
    1,300 ft
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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      The rain had let up and a steamy air accompanied me, at 20 degrees, through the forest. What loneliness, where were the people? In Altlandsberg the ghosts were in the castle, partying and dancing with strange lighting. Then we went to Bernau, at the executioner's house along the city wall, over the underground

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      • August 21, 2022

  4. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went mountain biking.

    August 13, 2022

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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      The heat wave has once again taken us north for a long weekend. The German Baltic Sea is no longer interesting for us, for a variety of reasons. So we started again on the Wolin peninsula in Poland, where we had had good experiences recently. The city of Misdroy is no longer interesting for us due to

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      • August 13, 2022

  5. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went on a Tour.

    July 29, 2022

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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      Well that was really fun. A dinghy with 2 engines, a 300 hp. At speeds of up to 80 km/h you are pressed into your seat and the boat starts bouncing on the water. Highly recommended. Too bad you can't upload videos here.

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      • July 31, 2022

  6. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went for a bike ride.

    July 28, 2022

    22.4 mi
    7.3 mph
    1,425 ft
    1,425 ft
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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      Round trip with the "Mein Schiff 6 Troop" through Tallinn and a bit through the forest. It wasn't cold but there was a small drizzle shower and therefore unfortunately no nice photos of the sun. Beautiful city with many sights. Very relaxing no mass tourism. Was a lot of fun.

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      • July 28, 2022

  7. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went mountain biking.

    July 22, 2022

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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      The Barnimer Haibike Gang 🙃. Our house round in a large group ....


      Unfortunately, the altitude meters are wrong again, about 300 ... I need a new cell phone 😭

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      • July 27, 2022

  8. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went for a bike ride.

    July 17, 2022

    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      It wants to be a very long time ..


      And so it started, through the Royal Empire of Prussia. The start was just outside the gates of Berlin. We saddled the bikes and rode along the deep hollow where lime and foreign exchange once flowed. It took us to unimaginable places of poverty created by the current

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      • July 17, 2022

  9. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went for a hike.

    July 8, 2022

    1.70 mi
    2.4 mph
    25 ft
    25 ft
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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      Bigger every year and more beautiful every year. The musicians aren't really my thing this year, but the ambience is always worth going there. You can't reflect the atmosphere with pictures, you just have to experience it. The highlight is always the ride on the electric boat through the colorfully lit night.

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      • July 9, 2022

  10. MTB Raccoon 🦝 went mountain biking.

    June 18, 2022

    25.9 mi
    12.1 mph
    3,300 ft
    3,350 ft
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    1. MTB Raccoon 🦝

      Beautiful very lonely natural round at 35 degrees. Strangely, I was all alone in the forest. The tour was actually planned with Hildesheimer Wald and Bad Salzdetfurth, but was then a bit shorter due to a lack of water.

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      • June 20, 2022

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