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    1. Heiko U.

      Oh, nice 🤗
      Because we were close too recently
      Great pictures, so steep gorges and many rivers
      Get back to pleasure ... 😊

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Hagen Warnke went hiking.

    4 days ago

    6.69 mi
    3.2 mph
    475 ft
    450 ft
    1. Hagen Warnke

      Once a year a canoe trip through the Spreewald. Pure relaxation in good weather and great water :-)

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      • 4 days ago

    1. Stanley01705

      Nice round 😊
      One or two times a year, we are also in the Fichtelberg region on the road and the Keilberg is long on the list 😊 but not yet done.
      To make it a little more interesting with a child, you could somehow install the lift, right? 🤔 but unfortunately there have not come out opening hours technically

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      • 06/10/2019

  3. Hagen Warnke went hiking.


  4. Hagen Warnke went hiking.


    1. Hagen Warnke

      Eigenrlich thought ala short round of Niederfraundorf to Luchberg, but then expanded and added to the Kohlkuppe. The views from the loop around the Luchberg are great and you can look very far in every direction. The summit itself consists of much mossy boulders and unfortunately has no sightlines. Then back to Niederfrauendorf and Oberfrauendorf and then a short kackiger rise to Kohlkuppe, which you can not find without Navi. There is no way to the summit and one wonders that then at the "summit" is a summit stela (see photo). Then it goes on forest and dirt roads back to the starting point.

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      • 04/22/2019

  5. Hagen Warnke went hiking.


    1. Hagen Warnke

      And then another tour because it's fun and the weather fits. Long climb from Kreischa to Wilisch. First to Kl. Wilisch (former volcano) - you can easily overlooked from the path, but from the side away from the he stands the Gr. Wilisch in nothing. Then the Gr. Wilisch, from which one has a good view to the west and to Dresden. Descent to Hermsdorf with great views to the Erzgebirge (Luchberg, Kohlkuppe, Tellkoppe). The Hermsdorfer Berg must be hiked free Schautze (way is missing). Hardly a view. And finally to the Quorener Kipse, where due to Rohdung clear view of Dresden, Kreischa and the Sachsische Schweiz.

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      • 04/20/2019

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    1. Hagen Warnke

      Great weather and therefore you had to go early, so that free parking could be used. Started with a classic tour from the Lichtenhain waterfall to the Wildenstein and shortly before another lap of honor turned into a striking local mountain. Although this mountain is not signposted, but without real difficulties to climb. The cowshed is then really fun and the ladder is really exciting :-) Then cross to Kl. Winterberg (The stairs up to let one breathe properly) and then with fantastic views over to the Idar Grotto. Just chill out there in this weather.

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      • 04/19/2019

    1. Hagen Warnke

      Best spring weather used and sometimes a not so well-known route chosen. Partly steep and partly cozy tour - with always different visual axes and many views of the beauties of Saxon Switzerland. Interesting is the way on the Goßdorfer Raubschloss to the west. The path leads there for several hundred meters over a 1 to 2 meter wide ridge.

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      • 04/06/2019

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