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Was? Wandern, Weitwandern, Langlauf, Kanu, Rad und Nordic Walking, Hauptsache draußen :-)
Wo? in der Sächsichen und Böhmischen Schweiz, im Zittauer Gebirge, rund um Dresden, im Spreewald, auf Hiddensee, im Iser- und Riesengebirge, auf Sardinien, in Italien sowieso, in den Alpen

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Distance3,773 km
Time655:03 h
Elevation79,310 m

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  1. Jana recorded a Tour.


    23.3 km
    8.4 km/h
    100 m
    100 m
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    1. SiYuYo

      So many colorful flowers are only indoor!

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      • 24/11/2018

    2. MTB Trailscout Horst

      Greetings from Buttenheim to Hamburg!
      I've certainly been there 500 times.

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      • 24/11/2018

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  3. Sebastian and Berit planned a mountaineering route.


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  4. Sebastian and Berit planned a mountaineering route.


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  5. Jana went hiking.


    7.80 km
    4.4 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
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    1. SiYuYo

      Promised is promised!
      In spring 2019 there will be a KOMOOT meeting again.
      I've rumgerätselt what I should plan. We are the tri-border region and that has so much charm in a small space.
      I know and love this route. It is a real scenic dream and typical of our area.
      The tour is longer due to the track highlights than in reality. In fact, she is 21.6 km! See here:
      The Ahr Valley was planned (because I do not know well enough), the Uftsee should be (but nothing can be cut).I would like to offer something that is worthwhile for anyone who comes from far away, but is also feasible, for those who do not want to go that far.In this vast meadow landscape with babbling brooks, Dutch vineyards, fantastic views and sweet cafes I have a crush!

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      • 4 days ago

    2. SiYuYo

      But first, it's about the appointment!
      Please vote if you want to and if you have time. You can do that here:

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      • 3 days ago

  7. Jana went hiking.


    1. Wodi

      Looks beautiful !

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      • 11/11/2018

    1. Lothar Hanack

      The small path at the beginning does not continue and ends at a grid with the inscription:
      "Here lives a wild bull, danger to life".
      We did not see him and chose the other way

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      • 31/10/2018