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MTB versus EMTB • LIV Ambassador • My blog is about the arguments for and against emtb and a self test!
In meinem Blog setze ich mich mit dem Für und Wider von Ebikes auseinander, im Rahmen eines Selbstversuchs. Außerdem stelle ich meine Top - Bikeregionen vor.

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  1. Mythos Ebike went mountain biking.

    August 11, 2021

    31.3 mi
    7.2 mph
    9,775 ft
    9,725 ft
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    1. Mythos Ebike

      Today I'll take you again on a really impressive but also very difficult (e-) mountain bike tour. First it goes with the two Rothorn railways up to the Rothorn summit. Once at the top, an unforgettable lunar landscape awaits you, which gave the trail "The Dark Side of the Moon" its name. It meanders through an impressive landscape and the curves and smaller rocky passages conjure up a permanent grin on your face. After the gallery - at the end of the trail - you can already see how the Älpliseetrail crosses the opposite slope. Even the entry into the first, very, very narrow piece makes it clear why it is classified as black and only shown for very good drivers. The beautiful view doesn't make it easy for me to concentrate on the trail, which is why I stop every now and then to enjoy the moment and capture it for you. Especially on the Älplisee, I can hardly tear myself away. The last part of the Älpliseetrail is really rough. Rocky curves and technical passages are waiting for me and I rejoice at everyone I can manage. A hiker also applauds in disbelief and I think: it's always a great togetherness in Graubünden. I leave Arosa behind me to catch the two Weisshorn gondolas. At the top the Weisshorn Trail is waiting for me, which goes down quite flowing. After the trail, I turn onto the Ochsenalp Trail, which is more of a hiking trail. My tour takes me across the Ochsenalp and then downhill on gravel past a small waterfall before I fight my way up to the Hühnerköpfe mountain restaurant on asphalt. There I finally have to take a short drink break and enjoy a non-alcoholic beer with the best view. We continue on a beautiful but strenuous hiking trail which at the end leads through the middle of a herd of suckler cows. I am curiously amazed when I arrive at the top of the Churer Joch. On asphalt it goes downhill with a great view towards Parpan where my tour ends. I have a brief procedure in Arosa, so you would have to adapt the tour if you want to drive it.

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      • August 12, 2021

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    1. Mythos Ebike

      Anyone looking for a difficult eMTB tour in the Bike Kingdom can take a look at this tour. The uphill climb to the Rothorn is very steep from the Sharmoin middle station and then later becomes very technical. I wasn't able to drive everything and had to push short rocky passages again and again. I was pretty broken too. The panorama was absolutely unique and I was almost completely alone. The landscape is simply breathtaking. The trail "The Dark Side of the Moon" catapults you into an unreal, beautiful lunar landscape. Then I decided to go down the black, difficult new Enduro Trail: "The Great White". It has many rocky passages - also in the curves. The entire tour is really only recommended for experienced e-mountain bikers. The slightly easier red downhill variant after the “Dark Side of the Moon” would be the descent via the “Urden Twister” and the “Motta Express” trail. But here too, good driving skills are an absolute prerequisite. Since my family had come to Piz Scalottas, I took the chairlift to the other side of Lenzerheide and finished shortly before the rain. :-)

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      • August 9, 2021

  3. Mythos Ebike went mountain biking.

    May 30, 2021

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    1. Mythos Ebike

      Today I went on a crazy tour because I wanted to test the range of my eMTB and the additional battery. I was pretty broken, but it was great fun. Next time I would start with the Sunny Benni and then go to Propain to finish with the Holy Hansen. I would also lay the transfer routes entirely on the Adige Valley Cycle Path. All the trails here are extremely demanding, as are the quite steep uphills. I love it in the Vinschgau 🥰

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      • May 30, 2021

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    1. Mythos Ebike

      We enjoyed the shuttle free times and stepped up to Holy Hansen with Nino. Despite the eMTB, the ascent takes a long time. Since we still had a family with an eBike Light and Streamliner with us, we were a little slower than usual because of the smaller battery. The Holy Hansen was really great to drive but is only recommended for advanced drivers. There are one or two sections and key points where we pushed. In between, however, it always goes on with a super flow. It is advisable to put on a goggle, because it is quite dusty 😉 we had a lot of fun and then we stopped down in Göflan and I drove alone over the Aigen and the Bierkeller Trail back to Goldrain! A great and exhausting tour on which we had a lot of fun ’🤩

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      • June 5, 2021

  5. Mythos Ebike planned an e-bike ride.

    November 14, 2020

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    1. Mythos Ebike

      Hi dear ones,
      as we had to deviate from the official tour at one point due to forest work and a short closure, here is the official track to descend again. GLG Jani

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      • November 14, 2020

  6. Mythos Ebike and Micha Weick went for a bike ride.

    October 25, 2020

    1. Sylvia


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      • November 9, 2020

    1. Mythos Ebike

      Hi dear ones,Cross the Swabian Alb and its unique landscape - en route on stage 2 of the Alb Crossing
      - From Geislingen an der Steige to Gruibingen.
      Anyone who would like to cross the Swabian Alb and its unique landscape on an e-bike, mountain bike or cross bike can experience it on the trail of the Alb Crossing.You can either drive from Aalen to Tuttlingen in 6 stages, or you can choose individual daily stages.At the end of October, Micha and I were an unequal couple with e-bikes and cross bikes on the 2nd stage of the Alb Crossing across the Swabian Alb.Probably in March my detailed blog post with tour description will go online on: mythos-ebike.de.
      You can also find the official tour dates for planning and downloading, which we have also used for orientation, here at the Schwäbische Alb tourism association: schwaebischealb.de/rad/mountainbike/alb-crossing

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      • November 8, 2020

  7. Mythos Ebike planned an e-mountain bike ride.

    September 27, 2020

    17.7 mi
    6.3 mph
    4,950 ft
    4,725 ft
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  8. Mythos Ebike went mountain biking.

    August 25, 2020

    1. Mythos Ebike

      The Lenzerheide Bikekingdom is simply fantastic. It went up both sections with the Rothornbahn and over the trail: "The dark site of the Moon" towards Urdenfürggli Twister and Motta Express. Then continue on dm
      Great single trail “the Pipe” to the middle station Sharmoin and then 3 more times the primeline and 1 time the flow line. Crazy day on my MTB again! GLG Jani

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      • August 25, 2020

  9. Mythos Ebike and Micha Weick went on a Tour.

    July 31, 2020

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    1. Carsten (📍FFB)

      Very nice. Great pictures.
      Was there a lift involved?

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      • August 3, 2020

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