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Ich bin gerne in der Natur aktiv. Ob wandern oder Rad fahren. Genuss spielt eine große Rolle, das Gesamtpaket muss stimmen.

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  1. Petra went for a hike.

    a day ago

    1.96 mi
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    1,000 ft
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    1. Petra

      After having heard several times that you have to have been to the Weißhorn once, we have implemented it today. However, we have chosen the "panorama variant". The start is in Jochgrimm, and the signs point us to path H. The Weißhorn looks close enough to touch. But as soon as you close the gate to the meadow behind you, it goes steadily uphill. The jackets are changed at the first bank. The path is still normally rocky. At the second gate the path branches off and becomes more rocky and still climbs steadily. Which is normal, because there are summit crosses UP. At a second bench we puff out again and look at the mountain landscape in front of us. I can't get enough of it. So beautiful here in South Tyrol. As soon as we are around the next bend, we can now see the summit cross and it is very rough and rocky and the steps have to be right. And after laborious high "steps" we are at the top of the summit cross ....

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      • a day ago

  2. Petra went for a hike.

    2 days ago

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    1. Petra

      An exciting journey back in time. We are in the Bletterbach Gorge, which I have been looking forward to for a long time. We took a guided tour that I can only recommend to everyone. You can't get such hints and information "with just wandering through". And the trained eye of the tour guide is very useful. He found three beautiful prints on stones that were just lying in the stream. A piece of fossil wood, a small skeleton and the fossil imprint of a snail. And the many different layers of the Bletterbach that have formed over millions of years is just great. Maybe you can see it from the pictures, but it's even better in nature. The Geomuseum in Aldein, which is included in the admission price, is also interesting. Oh yes, and it is compulsory to wear a helmet.
      Unfortunately I started the recording too late, so that a piece is missing. 😇

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      • 2 days ago

  3. Petra went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Petra

      You must have been to Limone City once.
      The path leads me above the driveway to a campsite through which the path continues. There is a public park over the driveway, which is very neatly laid out. After crossing the street further, I continue between winding alleys before I get out in the city center.
      Nice little narrow winding streets. You could buy something in every shop, especially limoncello 🤪🥳

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      • 5 days ago

  4. Petra went on a Tour.

    6 days ago

    7.51 mi
    19.7 mph
    550 ft
    1,675 ft
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    1. Petra

      Lake Garda is 350 m deep. The Schauderterrasse belongs to the Hotel Paradiso in Tremosine. You can reach them via the SP 115 and SP 38 via a few switchbacks. It can also be reached from Strada della Forra. But should be an experienced driver or drive a moped. Scenes of a rapid chase were filmed here for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, among others.
      For adrenaline seekers, both the ride and the terrace, which protrudes at least 3m over the edge of the rock, are a highlight.

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      • 6 days ago

  5. Petra went on a Tour.

    September 15, 2021

    2.51 mi
    2.7 mph
    75 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Petra

      In cloudy weather on Lake Como, we decided to make a detour to Lecco. Small town that also has its charm. I especially liked the anamorphosis !!

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      • September 15, 2021

  6. Petra went for a hike.

    September 13, 2021

    7.12 mi
    3.2 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,575 ft
    1. Petra

      In the meantime we are on Lake Maggiore. For here I have chosen a hike to the Madonna del Sasso, the old village of Brione and the Roman Bridge. We went up to MDonna del Sasso by cog railway. A very nice monastery. I found the Lord's Supper made of wooden figures very beautiful. After the sightseeing we went on to the actual hike, which we first had to go partly over a lot of steps and then over the driveway. The old village of Brione followed with a new wealthy Brione. Old little stone houses, back in time. Very nice and quaint. After the second "new part" that still went along the street, we wanted a "shortcut". It wasn't on the road, but through a small vineyard, then in the forest it was steep and impassable. The actual way would certainly have been faster 😏. But we got out at the Roman bridge. We strengthened ourselves at the Rota chapel ....

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      • September 13, 2021

  7. Petra went for a hike.

    September 10, 2021

    3.71 mi
    2.6 mph
    225 ft
    175 ft
    1. Petra

      I know this is not a hike in the strict sense of the word. But a city worth seeing, that's why I'm hiring it 😊.
      Lucerne is a city with a notable history. There is the Chapel Bridge from the 14th century, the water tower from the 13th century, the Musegg Wall from the 14th century as well as various towers, including the Nölliturm, Männliturm and Zytturm.
      Opposite the Spreuerbrücke (14th century) is the needle weir. Due to the ingenious construction, the water level of Lake Lucerne is still regulated by hand by removing or inserting the "needles".
      The lion monument is also worth seeing. And much more.....

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      • September 10, 2021

  8. Petra went for a bike ride.

    August 27, 2021

    32.4 mi
    11.5 mph
    550 ft
    575 ft
    1. Petra

      Our last tour on the Müritz went to the highest 🥳 elevation in the national park, the Käflingsberg. Before that, we had to pass the explosive ordnance-contaminated area 😱.
      The elevation (mountain) is 100m high and there is a 55m high tower from which you have a wonderful view over the national park with a few lakes.
      Last but not least, today we stopped at the Alte Gaarzer Mühle for coffee and cake 😋. Apartments can be rented in the old mill. However, only for groups, as there is only one general toilet. It is rented out by the boat rental company. Something else.

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      • August 27, 2021

  9. Petra went for a bike ride.

    August 25, 2021

    1. Petra

      A slightly shorter tour took us more to the southern part of the Südmüritz. Along the Müritzarm we cross the Müritzsee and come to Buchholz in the forest where the path leads us to Krümmel. This section is sometimes very difficult to drive. Bumps are filled with fine powder sand that you can easily skid. If it has a solid surface, it is so miserable that you are only shaken through. After the shaking, we suddenly stand in front of the sign that the wooden bridge to Krümmel is closed. No indication of whether there is an alternative or a detour. We are on, in the hope that we don't have to go back this bad way 🥴😡. Then we stand in front of the wooden bridge ..... barricaded with a construction fence and no entry sign. The wooden bridge is dilapidated. A test on foot shows that it holds up. We do what shouldn't be done. And then two people come who are also surprised by the late information

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      • August 25, 2021

  10. Petra went for a bike ride.

    August 24, 2021

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    1. Petra

      Another sunny, windy day that begins with the fact that we cycle from Zielow to Röbel in order to sail by bike to Klink. Our tour starts from Klink. It leads us on a great bike path in the forest past the Kölpinsee to the Fleesensee and to Malchow. You can't pass the swing bridge in Malchow if you want to go around the two lakes. After further km and spectacular "bike paths", which were more like meadow / field paths and the bushes knocked their branches around our ears, we arrived in Damerower Werder. Here we are in the bison enclosure and have just arrived to be fed. Very imposing animals that are very respectable. After another 10 km on normal bike paths we arrive in Waren. Here we take the bus that also has a bicycle trailer to get to Röbel. From here it is 8 km to Zielow, where a shower and dinner await us.

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      • August 24, 2021

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