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Je roule, je marche. Pour être présente à l'essentiel, à la joie que mon corps éprouve à être en nature. Ce qui m'a amenée à l'ultra distance il y a plus de dix ans. La Terre est une merveille, elle nous accueille à bras ouverts. Je ne peux que l'honorer un peu plus chaque jour.

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5,870 mi

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1196:47 h

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  1. Patricia planned a road ride.

    March 14, 2021

    19.1 mi
    13.0 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,075 ft
  2. Patricia went gravel riding.

    February 23, 2021

    97.5 mi
    10.4 mph
    3,450 ft
    3,675 ft
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    1. Patricia

      Beautiful route from vintages to grands crus and return to vintages with the beautiful countryside of Saône et Loire and its châteaux. First peach trees in bloom and spring weather. Nice getaway at the start of the season. Stop in Buxy for a pizza then in the village after Puoilly-Fuissé mid afternoon. Not a fart of wind .... in the back! Windless morning, more delicate afternoon wind issue. Tarmac especially, small roads, the canal bank path after Chagny, then forest paths, the greenway from Givry to Charnay les Mâcon, then small vineyard roads. The best, very little in contact with cars!

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      • February 24, 2021

  3. Patricia went gravel riding.

    October 24, 2020

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    1. Patricia

      Cool, a little wind, clouds and no sun, ideal temperatures, many hunts, a mix of small roads and gravel paths, not bad at all at the exit with a few sections between Corcelles and Savouges that I did not know.

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      • October 24, 2020

  4. Patricia went mountain biking.

    October 4, 2020

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  5. Patricia went mountain biking.

    October 2, 2020

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    1. Patricia

      Magnificent tour in the Norodni National Park, famous for its fabulous clusters of limestone rocks and forests, on the edge of Germany.

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      • October 4, 2020

  6. Patricia went mountain biking.

    October 1, 2020

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    1. Patricia

      Mini tour to relax the legs, between the arrivals of the Bohemia Dividers

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      • October 4, 2020

  7. Patricia went for a hike.

    September 29, 2020

    3.49 mi
    3.8 mph
    225 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Erick Edon

      Nice average!

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      • October 2, 2020

  8. Patricia went mountain biking.

    September 16, 2020

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    1. Patricia

      Superb course imagined based on the mountain bike trail indicated on the Komoot map: a little brown, red, GTM and a few bits of asphalt. From the forest, again and again. Sleepy towns and above all these spots of sunny light and shadow all along the paths and trails. The mossy granite stones, the often amber carpet, the roots and gullies of the potholes. And these trees, magnificent beings. What a joy and what a treat that these very well signposted, very well maintained mountain bike routes provide easy and playful fun. Thanks to the guys from the Saulieu mountain bike club! Lunch break in Alligny, at the museum café, a savory pancake in the bag and it's off again - nothing else before to refuel, nothing else after until Saulieu, where we made pastry!

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      • September 17, 2020

  9. Patricia went mountain biking.

    September 15, 2020

    22.3 mi
    7.6 mph
    1,350 ft
    1,400 ft
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    1. Patricia

      First exploration of a new territory on the Dorian coast and therefore Bourguignon. Total scene change. Are at the limits of the Morvan and Auxois park. Course in the forest of Saulieu mainly - ponds, castles, Charolais and also some Salers in fields with very dry grass, two or three hamlets of farms, a totally dry stream where only round rocks can be seen and black that the water never ceases to sculpt in spring. And above all this forest where we are quickly confused, quickly caught up in a labyrinth of paths invaded by brambles, broom and heather, quickly destabilized by the dried-up quagmires and the felled branches and trunks left there. Incredible how the forests of Morvan are second to none. Wild. And then the enchantment, the magic of this path along the river bed, immersed in the time of the druids and magicians - the Morvan is also this, this difference that bewitches you. In short, what happiness!

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      • September 17, 2020

  10. Patricia went mountain biking.

    September 12, 2020

    23.4 mi
    6.2 mph
    2,250 ft
    2,250 ft
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    1. Patricia

      Very nice mountain bike course, alternating sections where you have to work and those where you run happily. Varied terrain and landscapes, horizon, woods, a stream crossing, etc. Vineyards, the Alésia plateau and Mont Auxois, the pretty village of Alise Ste Reine, the outskirts of Vénarey les Laumes, an old mill and a beautiful, long climb to the top of Flavigny. Then gravel tracks, technical paths and forest tracks before diving on the D9 near Flavingy sur Ozerain.

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      • September 12, 2020

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