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  1. Kai planned a hike.

    August 24, 2019

    6.98 mi
    2.2 mph
    575 ft
    575 ft
  2. Kai planned a hike.

    July 23, 2019

    7.16 mi
    1.9 mph
    1,575 ft
    1,575 ft
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    1. Kai

      Mostly shady round on mostly beautiful paths with plenty of seating and refreshments. Some distant views.
      Komoot classification "difficult" exaggerated, only for the two climbs to Auerbacher Castle and Melibokus you should bring some condition.
      Several entry-level variants possible. So the tour can easily be shortened by 2.5 km and 90 vertical meters.
      From the starting point on the grounds of the Auerbach mountain church with the old cemetery. It opens up the first beautiful view. Then the paved road down into the village, over the Bachgasse and gently rising past some villas. In front of the villas you can look at cars with luck, which you will buy once when you grow up.After a memorial site with the first seats, the first climb begins. The soon unpaved Alemannenweg (red A on a white background) following, at the old waterworks with refuge over to Dr. Ing. Wilhelm Hahn hut.
      Here (do not be irritated by Komoot) turn right onto the unmarked path that leads back to the Alemannenweg on a paved section.
      On natural path to the Auerbacher castle, after the visit once around and not under the bridge, but the stairs left before up to the parking lot.
      After the Auerbacher castle, the first ascent is made. Pay attention here to the sign A, it leads right parallel to the road on a narrow path to another parking lot. Here you could follow straight on the A, save 300 meters and 20 meters in altitude, but the way to the right is a little nicer.If the path meets the Alemannenweg again, you could take a break about 50 meters to the left at the Paul Forster hut, but it is not absolutely necessary.
      After the parking lot "Not-Gottes" along the forest highway, keep an eye on the map. Komoot does not specify the point to leave the wide runway on an unmarked route in time.
      The path soon becomes narrower, leading a little further through the forest until you come to a forest edge. The comfortable path leads along an idyllic valley with meadows and pastures until you meet the graveled Nibelungensteig.Here you come left after a few meters on two benches with a view over, which can be used for a rest before the steepest climb.
      After the benches one touches the Alemannenweg, which from here is also very beautiful, but more frequented. It goes now unmarked steeply on stony path uphill until it meets the currently uninviting Forstmeister Kurz hut again on the Alemannenweg.
      From the hut it is not far, but still steep to the Melibokus, from whose viewing terrace you can enjoy the panoramic view.
      From now on it goes downhill on some narrow paths and paths, following the signpost 6, which will leave after a while straight to save a piece of forest highway.
      Near the "Not God" car park on the right on unpaved path to the mostly closed chapel with outdoor seating.
      Continue downhill and after a short stretch of road turn right and immediately left onto a narrow path parallel to the road. Pay attention to the map, Komoot is no acoustic aid here.
      After the parking lot "Höllberg", which offers itself as an entry-level variant, a very short stretch of road to a place where several ways pay. Keep left here, look at the display - here too, there's a hiccup with the speech output, once more upwards. On this piece is the only resting place of the round with a table.
      The path becomes the path, then becomes wider and you reach the Gasthof Waldschlösschen again on the way. At the memorial back to the village and back to the mountain church Auerbach.

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      • July 23, 2019

  3. Kai planned a hike.

    June 6, 2019

    1. Kai

      Promising tour on wide farm roads (way) and narrow paths (way back).
      Some shelters and seating, slip resistance in a few places beneficial.

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      • August 29, 2019

  4. Kai planned a hike.

    May 27, 2019

    8.43 mi
    2.2 mph
    925 ft
    925 ft
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    1. Kai

      A hike that lives up to its name. Varied by wild meadows and forest, partly along the stream and with some views.
      Komoot classification "Medium Heavy" justified. Starting point accessible by public transport.
      GPS actually not necessary, because excellent marked. Pay attention to the signs, as they sometimes lead along parallel paths.
      Basically based on this tour:
      with a small shortcut past the Drachenloch.
      If one leaves Eichelsdorf it goes straight on a meadow path, then briefly through a grove something steeply uphill to the Eichenköppel. Here you have the first seat with a beautiful view to the Taunus to the Great and Small Feldberg and the Steinkopf with its telecommunications tower. Following the path sign, the path now leads through a beautiful wild meadow in spring and early summer.
      If the sign turns almost at right angles, be careful: here, a narrow, initially hardly visible path leads straight on along the left and right tree-lined meadow. If you want to get to the Dragon Hole you need a bit of sense of direction, because Komoot is no help here. The easily overlooked path kinks at an acute angle left at the end of the meadow and leads in the direction from which one has come.
      The hole itself is not spectacular.
      Back on the actual path this leads through a grove back to the marked premium trail. Here the view opens up to the Hoherrodskopf. Continue along meadows and fields until you reach a gravel road, which leads shortly thereafter back to the right on a very beautiful meadow path to the county road. If you are on the way to the same at the edge of the forest pay attention to the sign, because that leads on a natural path a few meters into the forest and can easily be overlooked.
      Below a short distance along the little busy road, then right again on another beautiful piece of meadow path and a small bridge over the Eichelbach.
      Further up it goes a long way on a beautiful path in the shade along the edge of the forest with views of the valley with its wild meadow. There is also a cozy bench where you can put your feet up.
      When the wide dirt road is reached it is time to stop the eyes. If Komoot gives the instruction to leave the gravel road on the left, you have to turn right shortly afterwards onto a narrow path. If you cross the Schandwiesenbach you are already too far.
      The following on the path by the stream dirt road is not very long, here there is a seating area with table, soon the route runs over a very beautiful, natural forest path. Then comes one of the most boring sections - the Eichelsdorfer Chausse. It is only 600 meters, but they are moving. Then look to the right and again on the waymarking, as the Premiumweg runs parallel to the broader path and so close that Komoot it is not noticeable.
      There are two seating areas at the Haißbacher Teich and you should treat yourself to some peace and listen to nature.
      After the Benderwiesen there is a small rest area with table, as there are not far from bee hives there is a certain risk to unpack his provisions here.
      From here comes the longest piece of forest highway of the hike: 1.4 km it takes until the trail becomes the path that compensates for the wide track. At the end of it again a short piece of forest road to the Schmitter view. Relatively shortly before the end of the hike, there is another opportunity for a break on a bench with a view to the Great Feldberg in the Taunus. If it rains there is a shelter 600 m further.
      From this lead meadow paths down to Eichelsdorf. Here it goes along the Eichelsbach through the village back to the car / bus stop.
      The extension to the quarry Michelnau is recommended, but the way leads quite long on a gravel forestry path.TPT

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      • May 27, 2019

  5. Kai planned a hike.

    May 16, 2019

    10.5 mi
    2.2 mph
    850 ft
    850 ft
    1. Kai

      Sensational round along the coast from lonely to heavily frequented.
      Mostly directly on the sea, over large pebbles, stones and sometimes slippery chalk. High shoes with a good profile are recommended. The further you get away from the entrances and exits, the more lonely it becomes.
      Return via the busy high waterway. Here are some forbidden trails parallel to the break edge. But also on the marked path one has again and again spectacular views of the chalk cliffs (which are not rocks) and every now and then seating.

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      • August 29, 2019

  6. Kai and DM planned a hike.

    April 22, 2019

    3.24 mi
    1.9 mph
    550 ft
    550 ft
    1. Kai

      Child-friendly (6 years) climbing fun with a few seats. Dizziness is not mandatory unless you have problems on a higher ladder. If you want to die here, you have to make an effort.
      Komoot classification "Heavy" is as often exaggerated.

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      • August 12, 2019

  7. Kai planned a hike.

    April 8, 2019

    9.88 mi
    2.2 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,150 ft
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    1. Kai

      Beautiful hike that meets the Komoot classification "Medium Heavy". Mainly forest, many paths and beautiful paths, a bit asphalt and forest roads. No special knowledge, only clothes and shoes adapted to the weather and a little bit of fitness required. On the way, several seats, on the way back less, but an all-round shelter. Refreshments in both places, in Heigenbrücken much more.After a very short stretch of asphalt, the most beautiful part of the trail, marked "Fuchs", begins. A path, the width of which changes again and again, leads along the natural course of the Hasselbachs along a continuous path, slightly downhill.
      Shortly before the tributary of the Lohrbach a short piece of gravel road, which is left directly after the inflow mentioned again on a narrow path. Here it is again really idyllic, along the natural stream, briefly through a tube under the AB 7 through, always along the "fox".
      Not far from the first houses of Heigenbrücken the "fox" is left. Here, Komoot gives inaccurate instructions and the first steeper climb begins broadly. Once at the top, the forest clears and the first view of Heigenbrücken is cleared.
      After a long, sunny path, turn right onto a barely recognizable path ("H2" mark) past a memorial stone and through the Friedwald of Heigenbrücken. Again, Komoot is a bit confused again - just follow "H2".
      At the Lindenplatz in Heigenbrücken turn right and on the right side of the street through the village, through an underpass under the railway and the country road.
      On the other side begins the next steeper climb, first through the town. Immediately when the village ends, an initially barely recognizable path leads steeply up the forest until the "spring-marked" grassy path is reached. This leads just through a sparse forest to one of the numerous cultural trails, which rises steeply for the last time to the "Hirschhörner".
      On the other side of the road you can alternatively take a few additional meters on the Eselsweg, but it is a bit nicer on the cultural trail, which after a while flows back into the Eselsweg.
      From here forest highway to refuge, then changing between path, beautiful paths and gravel paths.
      At the shrine "evil deed" for the last time on a very beautiful way only down to Jakobsthal. Through the cemetery (has two entrances on this side) back to the parking lot.

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      • April 8, 2019

  8. Kai planned a hike.

    April 6, 2019

    3.71 mi
    2.4 mph
    125 ft
    125 ft
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    1. Kai

      Nice little walk on some narrow and mostly shady paths. Few wide paths.
      Despite occasional, avoidable danger of falling suitable for children.
      Some beautiful views over the lakes, picnic area on Gailenberg, few seats.

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      • April 6, 2019

  9. Kai planned a hike.

    March 4, 2019

    5.38 mi
    2.3 mph
    475 ft
    475 ft
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    1. Kai

      Varied walk on paths, meadow paths and partly asphalt with two restaurants. Few benches, but plenty of picnic possibilities.
      Komoot classification "Medium Heavy" greatly exaggerated.
      Begin on natural path along the edge of the forest and a single-track regional train along. Change to asphalt before it goes through meadow and fruit tree plots down to a railroad crossing, in which one wonders what justifies the investment in such.
      Short asphalt again, over a bridge on a narrow path to the grotto "Fritz's rest" over.
      Then the only (very short) steep track follows upwards in places that are difficult to see. Back at the creek this can be waded through but also on a bridge that has already been crossed a bit down the stream.
      From red mill on meadow along the stream. This can be quite soaked after rain. Then at the edge of the forest, over the railway tracks back to the parking lot.

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      • May 25, 2018

  10. Kai planned a hike.

    March 1, 2019

    7.42 mi
    2.2 mph
    800 ft
    800 ft
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    1. Kai

      Unstressed, short hike on mostly comfortable paths and paths. A recommended Refreshments and especially in the second part some seating. No special skills or equipment required.
      Alternative entry possibility at the Schöllkrippener nature adventure bath.
      First, on a wide Forstwirtschaftsweg steadily slightly uphill. After about 1 km on a not immediately visible way to the right, which then becomes narrow below a hut and leads along the Laudenbach. Then turn left on a nice path and then back to the forest highway.
      If you miss the branch after one kilometer, simply follow the sign "D".
      At a mobile phone system, the forest highway is left. Following the "D" is now the steepest part of the hike up to the summit of Reuschberg, but that is quite short. Information board and bench with table.
      The next 2 kilometers it goes first downhill, then again slightly uphill to a forest highway, which is crossed. Here begins the most beautiful part of the hike. The natural way becomes ever narrower and leads almost flat around the Kramersberg.
      Then downhill on a path, at the signpost left on a wider path to Hof Schabernack.
      From here on the grassy orchard adventure path downhill. After the fenced ground, the surface changes to gravel, then to Ashalt. At the parking lot on the right, the path becomes more beautiful again. In the up and down it goes now to Reuschberghof, around him and then "silted" the way easy. Here just left a short distance along the edge of the field, then left again on a very beautiful path at the edge of the forest to a few beehives.
      Here on the right and you will soon be back at the parking lot.

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      • March 1, 2019

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