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  1. Alex and Silja went hiking.

    4 days ago

    7.01 mi
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    1. Alex

      After a break, we were again in the Palatinate Forest this Saturday.We started at the forest restaurant 'Zum Saupferch', just outside Bad Dürkheim.
      We followed the beautiful, ascending path, which brought us straight to the Westfels of the long-drawn Drachenfels formation. Here, of course, offers a first beautiful view over the Palatinate Forest.
      We followed the small rocky ridge and, after a detour down to the Dragon's Cave, soon reached the southern rock. Both lookout rocks were well visited, as each had a larger hiking group on the warm rocks made comfortable.
      Then it went slowly down to the Lambert cross hut, where we made a small break.
      The way back then continue on beautiful trails following the course of the Stutertal Bach and finally back to the forest parking lot.
      Consistently natural, easy to walk paths and only through forest.Weather pleasant at 17-21 degrees.
      Despite the many clouds, the sun managed to fight through it amazingly often, so that we could comfortably sit in the sun at the hut.
      And stayed dry.

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Alex and Silja went hiking.


    7.01 mi
    2.5 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,150 ft
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    1. Alex

      On the 1st of May we made a sunny round from Neustadt to Weinbiet and over Wolfsburg back again.Parked we had rather on the outskirts below the mountain.
      We first followed a rising road and then turned at the last houses in a beautiful hiking trail, which initially followed a dry stream bed, soon became a slightly wider, more traveled trail and after a few spikes reached the Weinbiethaus.
      Here we laid in the most beautiful sunshine a little longer rest before we climbed the lookout tower and finally made our way again.
      Next intermediate goal was the Bergstein, from which again offers a good view and where it is a lot quieter.
      Continue on beautiful paths we reached the ruins of Wolfsburg, where we made a second small break.
      Then in a large arc along the slope back to the starting point.
      Weather top.
      Paths almost exclusively natural and beautiful to go.
      The issue with the cover art seems to have not completely resolved yet.
      If you choose the hike, the two little ones are displayed correctly. The big title picture always seems to jump on the last taken photos in the track.
      In the profile overview it fits sometimes, but then after updating shows just the 3 first photos as cover pictures.
      Fortunately, this does not limit the functionality of the app. Nevertheless, it somehow bothers me and I hope that will be fixed soon.

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      • 05/05/2019

  3. Alex and Silja went hiking.


    9.26 mi
    2.9 mph
    600 ft
    625 ft
    1. Alex

      Yesterday we visited the remarkable Bebenhausen Monastery and made a round through the forest of the SchönbuchWe parked in a parking lot directly at the monastery wall.
      First, we looked around the extensive monastery grounds with its numerous half-timbered houses and then entered the cloister and the attached buildings (5 € admission fee).
      After the sightseeing, we made our way into the forest and kept almost straight north. You pass a boar at the beginning and at the turning point of the round there is a fallow deer and a deer enclosure.
      The way back then ran in a long curve along the Goldersbachs back to the starting point at the monastery.
      Paths almost exclusively on wide gravel roads without significant slope ..
      As interesting as the monastery is, the hike was not.
      Weather nice and warm, 23 degrees. At first a bit hazy, then sunnier. Towards the end darker clouds and shortly before the end gabs still a small rain shower.Oh, I see that komoot has now removed the selected covers on all my tours and just replaced them with the first three on each lap.
      Well, let's see how it is here.

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      • 24/04/2019

  4. Alex and Silja went hiking.


    8.56 mi
    2.7 mph
    1,125 ft
    1,125 ft
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    1. Alex

      On Good Friday we made a round from Gönningen to the Roßberg.We parked in the large parking lot between seed Fetzer and Sportheim.
      From there, our path led directly to the experimental beds and further towards the cemetery, where currently another hotspot of the Gönninger Tulpenblüte is waiting.
      After we had strolled through the cemetery, we left the village to the east and soon reached the Gönninger lakes. Here are beautiful paths around the lakes and along the always playfully branching Wiesaz to the slightly bluish Upper Lake.
      After that we followed the blade of the Ahornbach up to the Alb plateau and continued on across meadows and a short, steep climb up to the hosted Roßberg. From the lookout tower offers a great view in all directions.
      Now it was on beautiful paths down again and on a wider forest road finally back to Gönningen.
      Weather great.No retreat, neither on the Roßberg nor in Gönningen, because I had the whole time unusual back problems and wanted to go home quickly. The next day everything was fine, as if nothing had ever happened.Wish everyone still a nice Easter Monday! :)

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      • 22/04/2019

  5. Alex went hiking.


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    1. Alex

      On Saturday I was on a shorter lap through Jagsttal.We started in Buchenbach in the parking lot of the multi-purpose hall.
      I left the place to the north on the local path of silence. Passed the nearby Berndshofen to Heimhausen, where you meet the cultural trail Jagst and a small climb begins in the valley slope. Finally, you leave the previously paved roads and the wide gravel-meadow path is soon parallel to the slope to a panoramic path over the valley.
      Shortly before Jagstberg, the marked trail descends back to the valley. However, I had decided to follow the highway a few meters to the village. From the cemetery at the end of the village then a nice descent on meadow and a short Pfadstückchen, which ends immediately at the pilgrimage chapel St. Anna. Here is a snack break.
      The way back then ran down the valley on the Way of St. James, which is also the bike path. With mostly a bit of distance to the Jagst I finally reached Heimhausen again, from where I followed this time on the opposite slope a bit the Kochersteig back to Buchenbach.
      A short detour up to the small, four-storey tower castle above the village (privately owned, not open to the public) and finally with the onset of rain back at the parking lot.
      Weather dry with occasional light drizzle, trails just as dry. At first quite fresh headwind. Only on the last few meters in Buchenbach did it really start to rain.
      6 degrees when I arrived, 3 on the way back.
      This time again without stopping.

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      • 14/04/2019

  6. Alex and Silja went hiking.


    9.86 mi
    2.9 mph
    800 ft
    850 ft
    1. Alex

      This Saturday we were on the edge of the Black Forest on the four-castle path from Pfalzgrafenweiler on the way.We started at the large parking lot at the sports hall.
      First, a piece through the village until we then left this in a slightly residential area in a western direction.
      In the forest, numerous crocheted animals and figures on tree stumps and up to the branches line the path to the ruin Vörbach, which is reached quickly. At the ruins there is a small rest area with barbecue. The castle hill and some remains of the wall can still be seen. On the foundation walls of a flanking tower stands the timber-framed Nördlinger Hütte. It serves the Ortsgruppe of the Black Forest Association as a clubhouse and is not open to the public.
      Over a zigzag path we went down into the Waldachtal. A bit along it and then up to a detour to the ruins of Mantelberg, the best preserved on our round. The 33m high keep is accessible and always freely accessible.
      Then back on a beautiful path back into the valley, past the Bösinger Wasserhäusle and on the slightly longer climb up to New Nuifra.
      From there in the arch through the forest and again back down to the Waldach. On the other side of the valley stands the ruins of the small tower castle Rüdenberg.
      Then again a very beautiful, moosbewachsener path direction Pfalzgrafenweiler. Finally over the meadows and pastures south of the village, past the castle stable of the former castle Pfalzgreifenweiler back to the starting point at the sports hall.
      Weather dry, around 11 degrees. Unfortunately, except for a few minutes of sun at the beginning and end of the lap, completely covered. On the open spaces quite cool, a little unpleasant wind.Then stop at the pizzeria Bella Italia on the market square in the village. Both pizzas (salami, ham, mushrooms and arugula, Parma ham) were delicious. Tomato sauce for the pizza was great. Can you recommend.

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      • 07/04/2019

  7. Alex went hiking.


    9.71 mi
    3.5 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,125 ft
    1. Alex

      For once, I was alone in the Black Forest this Saturday.We started at the large parking lot at the mountain village St. Roman.
      Past the pretty pilgrimage church I went west into the forest. On a broader trail rising to the Teufelstein, then back down to the inn Auerhahn, the momentag is still closed.
      A few meters further on you come to the entrance gate of an observatory. From here the trail climbs to the left past this, mostly on paths, in two stages quite steeply up to the head of the Theisen. At the top of the tower there are waiting benches with tables and two chairs -> drink and sun break.
      Then on the middle ground following the ridge without great differences in altitude to another small rest stop at the 'salt lick'. Here then on a sunny bank snack break.
      Now follow the Way of St. James, after a last small elevation, evenly over paths, wider forest roads and meadows back down to St. Roman.
      Course mostly unpaved. Bring sensible shoes and reasonably sure-footedness for the steeper pathways.
      Paths at the time still again laid with trees, but everything was feasible.
      Weather perfectly, 17 degrees.

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      • 31/03/2019

  8. Alex and Silja went hiking.


    7.93 mi
    2.9 mph
    525 ft
    525 ft
    1. Alex

      So, now we were on the way again :)
      On Saturday we went to Hohenlohische to Waldenburg.
      Start was on Neumühlsee, a lake with a large parking lot. From there to the north, through woods and meadows to Waldenburg with its beautiful old town and the castle.
      After a small round of sightseeing we hiked to the southern outskirts and left Waldenburg again. A little downhill towards Beltersrot and then again on a narrow country road up through the steep Pfaffenklinge to the beautiful nature reserve Rösslesmahdsee.
      Over the hamlet Goldbach then finally back to the starting point on the lake.
      The round is good to go. Quite a lot of asphalt, the two path sections in the forest, at least in dry weather without problems. A little searching at the beginning in the forest, since by storm damages the branching way to the time is recognizable only after approx. 20m again.Weather super, cloudless, around 15 degrees.Retreat in the sports center Waldenburg. Greek cuisine, very well visited and recommended by our side.

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      • 24/03/2019

  9. Alex and Silja went hiking.


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    1. Alex

      Fitting for the 3rd Advent, the first snow reached us and we took the opportunity for a small round on the adventure path through the Untergruppenbacher forest, before we visited the medieval Advent market on castle Stettenfels.We parked at the sports field in Untergruppenbach. Here were only a handful of cars, as for visitors who want to go directly to the market, shuttle buses from the large parking lot at Bosch Abstatt.
      From the parking lot, we made our way straight into the forest and reached after a short steep section the trail designed as a circular path. We followed the beautiful path in a northerly direction until the turning point at Koppenbrünnle.
      From there then past numerous game and information stations, sometimes on wide, sometimes on narrow paths, to the castle Stettenfels where the medieval Christmas market took place on this weekend.
      For my opinion worth the € 5 toll. The completely preserved castle offers a unique authentic setting. Everywhere are dressed salesmen and visitors on the way. The smell of wood fire, roast meat and mead. In a corner hammering the blacksmith and from the moat sounds medieval music. Over it then still today a pinch of snow :)
      The market takes place on the entire castle grounds and in a large part of the interiors.
      From the castle we finally chose a longer way back to the parking lot as we did not feel like sliding down the slope in the dark.
      Path way much on narrower paths, which are unproblematic in itself. However, of course, you should bring appropriate footwear and a little more attention to the ground in such weather.Weather: 0 degrees, no wind, good to endure. Pretty tough mist soup, which has restricted photography especially in the dark and with the headlights of the castle.Nonetheless, another nice mood on the Christmas straight.
      Allen still a nice Christmas season!

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      • 17/12/2018

  10. Alex and Silja went hiking.


    6.72 mi
    2.6 mph
    700 ft
    675 ft
    1. Alex

      On Saturday we turned, before the visit of the Christmas market in the Forchtenberger old town, a small round by the adjacent forest and the copper valley.We found a parking space after some search at the sports hall.
      From there it was not far beyond the copper and through worth seeing Würzburger Tor in the pretty old town, where the Christmas market was already running since 14:00 clock. We took a quick look around and then left the city again on the church steps up to the castle ruins.
      The complex of the former castle, which was later converted into a castle, has stately proportions and well-preserved outer walls. However, within the walls, it seems a bit empty. Worth seeing in any case, the large vaulted cellar and the walk-in tower.
      We continued our way slightly uphill into the forest to the barbecue area Kohlplattenwiese, there we turned on a barely traveled country road towards Hermesberg and left but shortly before the farm again to descend through the Kammersbergklinge down into the valley.
      Passing the Black Footbridge, we followed the beautiful hiking trail through the Kupfertal valley, before we reached the outskirts of Forchtenberg at dusk.
      After an extensive round of the Christmas market with tarte flambée from the old bakery, cookies and of course mulled wine, the first Advent was heralded.
      Ways to go well. Mostly wider, gravel forest roads, although steep in the blade, but a wide track and unproblematic. Naturally paved on the road.Weather again windless at 8 degrees, even in the evening. Mild Christmas market weather.I wish you all a nice 1st Advent!

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      • 02/12/2018

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