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  1. Matthes went for a gravel ride.


    107 km
    24.0 km/h
    320 m
    310 m
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    1. Matthes

      The beautiful weather used and driven mostly on bike / field / gravel roads from Leipzig to the north. Between Werbeliner and Grabschützer See through to Delitzsch, then on to Goitzschesee and Bitterfeld, still fast around the Muldestausee around (wonderful forest roads, the MTB would be a bit exaggerated, but with the Gravel / Crosser it is great fun 😉) and again on Delitzsch and the Schladitzer bay back. Nice tour at spring temperatures🌞.

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      • 16/02/2019

  2. Matthes went cross country skiing.


    23.1 km
    8.5 km/h
    510 m
    500 m
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    1. Matthes

      Beautiful tour on the Kammloipe from Weitersglashütte to Mühlleiten, fresh snow and permanent snowfall-so winter must be ❄️😃

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      • 03/02/2019

  3. Matthes went for a gravel ride.


    99.5 km
    26.4 km/h
    310 m
    340 m
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    1. Matthes

      Gray in gray and kaaaalt🥶, but what the hell, a tour around the southern lakes of Leipzig, some gravel roads and lots of asphalt. Thanks to tubeless and sealant avoided an annoying break, a hose with clammy hands would have made limited fun.

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      • 02/02/2019

  4. Matthes went cross country skiing.


    26.9 km
    10.8 km/h
    1,430 m
    1,430 m
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    1. Matthes

      Actually, I wanted to Carlsfeld on the Kammloipe. There I was informed, however, that the Kammloipe wg. There was a risk of snow breakage, so I had to improvise and dodged for Eibenstock, there was a promotion event in Fischer Eibenstock and I was able to test two different skis on a 5km lap, when I strapped on my old boards again in comparison work properly 😳.

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      • 12/01/2019

  5. Matthes went for a run.


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  6. Matthes went for a gravel ride.


    79.5 km
    23.8 km/h
    480 m
    320 m
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    1. Matthes

      Pre-Christmas trip in the Vorharz against stiff west wind with showers.

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      • 23/12/2018

  7. Matthes and FrankM78 went mountain biking.


    60.1 km
    20.0 km/h
    250 m
    240 m
    1. Matthes

      Beautiful autumnal holiday round with fine trails around Taucha👍🚵🏻♂️

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      • 31/10/2018

  8. Matthes went mountain biking.


    35.3 km
    11.6 km/h
    700 m
    700 m
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    1. Matthes

      Small but nice round around the Viktorshöhe with many interesting stations. Forest roads and trails offer a varied mix, especially in the fall makes the round a lot of fun and can be significantly expand depending on your ambition. Parking and start at the Sternhaus, then it goes in the direction of Bad Suderode on the Anhalt Saalstein, the former Prussian-Anhalt border with the Prussian tower. First on forest roads, it is soon on very flowy trails to the wooden tower. From here you have beautiful views of the northern Harz foreland. A nice trail leads down to Bad Suderode. Continue in the direction of Stecklenberg on a very nice trail. From the nicely enclosed Calziumquelle it goes steeply through the Wolfsschlucht to Lauenburg. This ruin is definitely worth a visit, the remains of the walls are partly overgrown with roots - spectacular. Now it's on to the Viktorshöhe, here you can insert one or the other trail depending on the ambition. On the way to the summit you pass the big and small Teufelsmühle - distinctive granite cliffs, not only geologically interesting. From the Viktorshöhe it goes back on a flowy trail in the direction of Bärendenkmal, here was reportedly killed the last bear of the resin. If you like, you can now make a detour to the Bremer pond or, as we drive directly into the Selketal (either on forest roads, or trails possible). Again, there are different options, you can drive upstream in the direction of Alexisbad up the slope and visit the engagement urn or other interesting viewpoints over the Selketal, before turning in the direction Harzgerode east and later back down to Selketal. Today we followed the Selke after Mägdesprung, along the road and then turned towards Selkemühle. Downstream to the right of the river runs a fantastic trail, which can be very busy at weekends by hikers. Along the river there are numerous mining / metallurgical industrial monuments. Who likes can drive to the Selkemühle and from there take a side trip to the castle ruins Anhalt (steep driveway). We turned back to the north and drove up to the Wolfswarte. In the past there were some of these "towers" in the Harz, the ruins above the Selketal are the only ones where there are still remains to be found. Using lures, wolves were lured and then killed. From here it is only a stone's throw to the starting point, the Sternhaus.

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      • 16/10/2018

  9. Matthes and FrankM78 planned a mountain bike ride.


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  10. Matthes went for a gravel ride.


    85.7 km
    19.5 km/h
    1,110 m
    1,050 m
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    1. Matthes

      Today again in the direction of the prairie-very beautiful engraving tour, very high gravel content. Have the wheel sometimes unintentionally brought into its border area, drove in the direction of Selketal first ne beautiful gravel road, the condition of the road was getting worse (forestry vehicles), finally, only a steep, rooty, difficult to see path to Selke down, in the wet it would have been difficult, but thanks to the dryness but mobile, but demanding, with the MTB it would be no problem 😜.

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      • 14/10/2018

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