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  1. Marc went mountain biking.


    19.0 km
    7.1 km/h
    520 m
    510 m
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    1. Marc

      Not quite an ideal tour: crusty surface with fresh snow over it, headwind ..., as a hike it would have been better, even if I pushed and carried surprisingly little. I actually wanted to make the round longer (burned stone, dam), a big ring I shortened away spontaneously.
      A small, sharply cut brooklet should be an interesting path, was more like a kind hell climb in the snow with rigid fork, z.T. I drove in the creek bed, that was easier. The subsequent single trail at the Lütsche was nice, the corner could even offer a lot in mobile weather: raft ditch, burnt stones, Lütsche dam. I'll do it another time, today it was not a good idea.

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      • 28/01/2019

  2. Marc went mountain biking.


    28.3 km
    9.9 km/h
    760 m
    770 m
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    1. Marc

      I noticed today that yesterday's record had a big gap. Now it is complete + text from yesterday:
      Wanted me to see the Mittelberg today. After a few meters of forest, the snowpack and my tires were pretty good friends: Hammergrip (unless a frozen puddle was under)! Since I could still quickly drive the first part of the mountain trail. On a side trip to the Kerr stone, it was also very good on roots, because I smoothly build the whole mountain path in the round. Saddle 3 cm in and some air drained. The snow made roots and stones grippier and defused hard edges. Okay, I was traveling with rigid fork. Hold the handlebars firmly and keep the pace as much as possible, that worked out very well, a great deal of fun! Also the snow stopped and the sun came out, lovely! The subsequent Mittelberg was highly exhausting and boring at the top, only forest roads. Overall, it was a great tour.

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      • 26/01/2019

  3. Marc and kalihalde went mountain biking.


    46.7 km
    10.3 km/h
    860 m
    880 m
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    1. Marc

      Great tour in the best weather. It went off a bit tough with Verfahrer (actually we wanted to stay from Jenzig to Kunitzburg on a height) and a hungry, but then it was a dream whether the sun, the 1A routes and the wonderful looks. However, the sun attracted more hikers to the slope than expected, more should not have been. The final departure from the Windberg (Fuchsturm) is not worthy of imitation: there was probably a way or not at Napoleonic times, no matter, it was exciting.

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      • 20/01/2019

  4. Marc went mountain biking.


    49.0 km
    18.5 km/h
    820 m
    850 m
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    1. Marc

      Saalkreisrunde on muddy standard routes. The descent from Beesenstedt was a bit disgusting today because of suction-slick stones.
      The altimeters are greatly exaggerated, it should have been with effort and hardship half. No matter, it was still nice.

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      • 16/01/2019

  5. Marc went mountain biking.


    24.0 km
    12.5 km/h
    820 m
    810 m
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    1. Marc

      Traditional New Year's Tour: Gehlberger mountain path, very scenic. A long path along the slope, tends downhill with ascents and a few fun spots. Hanging smooth roots & It was drizzling all the time, finally stronger, but did not do anything except that it was slippery and fun. Sometimes the sun was shining through, it was nice.

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      • 01/01/2019

  6. Marc went mountain biking.


    21.2 km
    12.0 km/h
    770 m
    780 m
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    1. Marc

      Short crack before it got dark. Was not very cold, on the heights were always snow leftovers and the descents at the Hohe Warte were funny as always. Unfortunately, the device has embezzled a piece of the way home.

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      • 30/12/2018

  7. Marc and Robby went mountain biking.


    52.3 km
    9.6 km/h
    880 m
    890 m
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    1. Marc

      Our winter classic: the Vor- or Nordharzrunde. As always nice, even if it was not my day. Unfortunately was not the day for a passenger: we had to deliver after accident in Langenstein at the Hörern tax. We are still on the lap, but due to time constraints we had to cut back a bit and therefore drive a bit of road. It was not really cold (-2 ° C), but somehow still uncomfortable, a bit of snow (gabs) gabs too. My Garmin says 1154 hm, my legs too, Komoot says less.

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      • 16/12/2018

  8. ttt and Marc went mountain biking.


    53.0 km
    9.7 km/h
    920 m
    900 m
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    1. Marc

      Well, I can see where you have been since QLB. My way was better!
      My Navi shows 1154 hm, Komooot 880 hm, with you are 920 hm ... strange.

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      • 16/12/2018

  9. Hannes and Marc went mountain biking.


    34.8 km
    12.6 km/h
    830 m
    830 m
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    1. Marc

      It was a very nice tour and luckily with the weather, it would not have been raining. Nice that you have taken pictures!

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      • 08/12/2018

  10. Marc went mountain biking.


    51.6 km
    17.2 km/h
    520 m
    410 m
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    1. Marc

      Hammer Tour, that was mainly due to the weather. Frozen soil and sun, great views into the hazy distance. It was especially nice in the Kühlbachtal. On the frozen and frosted leaves and grasses and the mud spots was also driving fun. Something path care (with the saw) gabs also. Behind the johannashaller heap we have tried a new way down to Trebitz, which went well (fantastic view of the Saale valley from the entrance) and is thus included in the personal list. At the top you have to drive into a hollow path, which will be weeded in the summer.
      On the other side of the hall, we lost our way, time was running out, my legs were limp and that's how it went on asphalt to Halle, it was great anyway!

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      • 05/12/2018

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