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      Very nice 😍👍

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      • 09/04/2017

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      A natural stone paved path leads from Moni Gouverneto past the Bear Cave (s.u.) down to a gorge that opens to the sea, to Moni Katholiko, a monastery abandoned today, probably founded in the 5th or 6th century. The monastery church reaches far into a natural cave into the rock wall.The monastery was abandoned in the 16th century because of multiple Arab pirate raids (Saracens) in favor of Moni Gouverneto. An architectural feature of the monastery is the approximately 30 meters long and 12 meters wide arch bridge that bridges the gorge in whose depression the monastery is built. The bridge, which is made of carved sandstone and natural stone, is exceptionally well preserved, as are the other monastic buildings.In the vicinity of Katholiko, there are numerous caves in the rock walls where hermits once lived, among others, right next to the monastery, the Cave of St. John of Gouverneto (John the Stranger), who is said to have worked around the year 1100. The 150 meter long cave can be walked to 40 meters. Legend has it that John of Gouverneto, fleeing on his mantle from the Middle East, landed over the sea on the coast of Akrotiri, below the present monastery ruins. He then lived with 98 companions in the local caves, where he also died.The gorge, which is spanned by the monastery bridge, is accessible and ends at the so-called "Seeräuberbucht" in the sea. Here are also the remains of the quarries, in which once the light, porous sandstone ("Aeolos") was mined, which was installed in the lying above the gorge monasteries.Arkoudiotissa (also Arkoudospilios, translated: the bear or bear cave): Situated between monasteries Moni Gouverneto and Moni Katholiko in the north of Akrotiri, this grotto is named after a bear-shaped stalagmite. It is believed that the cave served cultic purposes already in Neolithic and Minoan times. In classical times, the goddess Artemis was worshiped here, the bear was sacred. On the left side of the cave entrance is the small chapel of Panagia Arkoudiotissa (Our Lady of the Bear Cave) from the 16th century, in whose worship elements of the ancient cult have survived.From Wikipedia

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      Boa, today it's extra mean. In the morning rain, the icy saints are there, and at night even FROST is expected! Nevertheless, have fun! Beautiful photos! Make you want to holiday. Greece is already booked for this year anyway. :)

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