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  1. Erwin D.R and tessaderuyver went for a hike.

    May 2, 2021

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    1. Erwin D.R

      Planned for a "sunny" Sunday walk with children and grandchildren in Pajottenland.
      Because the name "Urbanus" evokes something to them, walk starting in Tollembeek with nodes.
      Tollembeek located in Pajottenland. Soon the first question: grandpa, what is a pajot? Resident of Pajottenland, do not answer enough grandpa, is a soldier from the army!
      Started at the church in Tollembeek, searched for a statue of our comic book hero ... found a departure sign with junction 600 and started in that direction. Maybe we will meet him ...
      After a few hundred meters we can walk along a very nice footpath along the river Mark towards Vollezele. The water is so clear that we can observe the many fish in the water!
      After a long road through the field we reach the village of Vollezele. The museum of the draft horse is closed due to the known corona scheme. We look for a bench behind the church and eat our sandwiches. A long, beautiful, quiet tree-lined avenue quickly brings us to a beautiful nature reserve. We see the congo mountain in the distance, many cycling tourists pass us here ...
      A nice walking path between the trees and meadows, back along the river Mark brings us to the bridge where we discovered the walking path for a few hours.
      From here a few hundred meters to the car park in front of the church of Tollembeek.
      Grandpa, haven't seen Urbanus yet ...? Indeed, inquiring with local residents taught us that the statue was placed past the church ... quickly an extra step to a little further than the church and here we see Urbanus!
      Nice walk of 9km, followed the following junctions: 600-643-641-642- (here possible to add a few km 632-631) 630-629-609-608-600.

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      • May 2, 2021