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Hobbywanderer mit zwei Kindern👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (8 und 12 Jahre) mit Hund! 🦮

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120 mi

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46:45 h

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  1. DaAn and 2 others went for a hike.

    February 21, 2021

    9.14 mi
    2.6 mph
    875 ft
    900 ft
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    1. DaAn

      What a tour!First of all, my children can pat each other directly on the shoulder that they did so well!Now for the tour.
      We parked at the Schützenhalle in Dünschede.
      From there we took the path towards Niederhelden behind the Schützenhalle.
      The first kilometer is tar road.
      Then off into the forest towards Silbecke (through the village).
      Arrived in Silbecke past a deer enclosure and a model airfield.
      There were benches and tables that we used for a long rest.
      Then down through the forest towards Borghausen (Pepperburg)
      Here you have to cross a street to get back on the Wsldweg.
      Then it went up a small steep path over stones and roots to the left. 😅
      From then on it became more relaxed to run again.
      We then reached the secret gorge through a beautiful beech forest.
      From there, continue in the direction of the Pepperburg castle ruins.
      Then the SGV hut Grevenbrück came further.
      From there fields and meadows as far as the eye could see towards Ochideen Koch.
      There again across the street.
      From there you ran back parallel to the main road towards Dünschede.
      Our personal impression:
      Actually a really nice tour, unfortunately tar roads and dirt roads alternated. And one often heard the street.
      But the meadows, fields and the wonderful views and distant views always rewarded you!
      So great !! 😃

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      • February 21, 2021

  2. DaAn went for a hike.

    January 31, 2021

    5.29 mi
    2.4 mph
    425 ft
    475 ft
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    1. DaAn

      We took advantage of the nice weather today and ran a bit again.Since we had my mom with us this time (she had a broken shin in the summer) we chose a route that doesn't have that many vertical meters.Since the paths were still partly frozen today, it wasn't quite as muddy as in the last few days.Here, too, you can see a lot of logging work!
      It is very scary how the Sauerland has to be cleared more and more.

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      • January 31, 2021

  3. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    January 22, 2021

    4.73 mi
    2.4 mph
    525 ft
    575 ft
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    1. DaAn

      Today we were only "in front of the door"!
      The route is sometimes very muddy.
      But that's the way it is at the moment.
      When the forest work is over, the tour will be nicer again.
      For this we rewarded ourselves with a beer 😜

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      • January 22, 2021

  4. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    January 10, 2021

    3.00 mi
    2.1 mph
    400 ft
    400 ft
    1. DaAn

      Today I went for a quick walk with friends again - from tomorrow on, you won't be allowed to do it anymoreWe parked in the Rönkhausen Oberbecken hiking car park.
      But we didn't go around the pumped storage plant - we only went into the forest. Lovely!
      There were no people to be seen far away either! Although this is a well-known and actually a busy place.
      And we live nearby - so we are not snow tours 🤪 !!

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      • January 10, 2021

  5. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    January 3, 2021

    6.13 mi
    2.4 mph
    1,025 ft
    1,025 ft
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    1. DaAn

      We had to shorten the tour that was actually planned today because it was getting dark dunkel
      But all of them a nice hike in snow.
      And hardly any people on the way !!

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      • January 3, 2021

  6. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    December 28, 2020

    3.41 mi
    1.9 mph
    350 ft
    400 ft
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    1. DaAn

      Finally out again - something going!
      And the snow was really wonderful! 😃 The children and our dog were absolutely thrilled!

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      • December 28, 2020

  7. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    November 29, 2020

    2.40 mi
    2.4 mph
    375 ft
    325 ft
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  8. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    October 31, 2020

    4.46 mi
    2.2 mph
    375 ft
    375 ft
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    1. Marion

      Very beautiful photos. 😍 Great round.

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      • October 31, 2020

  9. DaAn and Daniel went for a hike.

    October 19, 2020

    7.41 mi
    2.4 mph
    825 ft
    775 ft
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    1. DaAn

      We started from the parking lot in the middle of Wenholthausen.
      We followed the Höhenflug way and at the same time the G (Genius) way.
      Very well signposted.
      It was really fun this round.
      Very alternating between paths and forest. At the end we stopped at the playground - there must be a reward Bel

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      • October 19, 2020

  10. DaAn went for a hike.

    October 16, 2020

    2.82 mi
    2.2 mph
    375 ft
    475 ft
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    1. DaAn

      We started directly from the Hermannsdenkmal.
      Once a little round through the forest - back to the parking lot and there we treated ourselves to a coffee and waffles.

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      • October 16, 2020

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