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Distance travelled

641 mi

Time in motion

289:06 h

Recent Activity
  1. Martina and Oliver went for a hike.

    April 24, 2022

    6.00 mi
    2.1 mph
    2,800 ft
    2,825 ft
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    1. Martina

      The paths on this route are clear except for three small snowfields, of course they always stick to the nastiest spots (steep abyss), but they weren't a problem even for me as a little skitter and provided with good steps and really only very small 👍


      When Oli from beautiful Central Switzerland comes

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      • April 24, 2022

  2. Martina and Oliver went on a Tour.

    March 6, 2022

    1. Martina

      Wow, that was an awesome snowshoe tour 😍😍😍.


      The start was from the Niederrickenbach mountain station and initially takes us sunny over an apere road. But soon the snowshoes can be mounted and it goes up and up in the shade in the forest. Further up, the terrain widens and the views are getting bigger

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      • March 6, 2022

  3. Martina and Oliver went for a hike.

    March 5, 2022

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    1. Martina

      A head for heights and the joy of scrambling required!! (T4/5)


      That was a scramble tour at its finest 😄😄😄.

      Oh, how I love something like that, when your hands are used vigorously and you can grab the descents from the Bütziflue and Stockflue, which are secured with steel cables 👍 and the ascents to

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      • March 6, 2022

  4. Oliver and Trudy went on a Tour.

    February 13, 2022

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    1. Oliver

      The ascent to the Gigichrüt is only for the inexperienced. We all had the avalanche equipment with us. The slope is partly over 30 degrees.

      The views and the descent through the deep snow are a dream.

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      • February 13, 2022

  5. Oliver went for a hike.

    February 6, 2022

    7.96 mi
    2.2 mph
    2,725 ft
    2,650 ft
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    1. Oliver

      Nice tour. From the Renggpass to the Chrumhorn it is a T3.

      You should have a head for heights and be sure-footed.

      Since the degree is very sunny, there is almost no snow left.

      We actually wanted to go further up to Ämsig, but there was too much snow for me.

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      • February 6, 2022

  6. Oliver went for a hike.

    January 29, 2022

    11.4 mi
    2.5 mph
    2,750 ft
    2,275 ft
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    1. Oliver

      Conditions like in spring.

      Nice easy round and almost always in the sun

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      • January 29, 2022

  7. Oliver and Trudy went for a hike.

    January 23, 2022

    8.43 mi
    2.3 mph
    2,175 ft
    2,150 ft
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    1. Oliver

      It was wonderful with the nice weather.

      The direct ascent to Studberg is not easy. Especially with snow.

      No official way.

      Luckily we had Spikes a. Would have been happy for a pimple twice.

      Looking for tufts of grass in the snow to hold on to isn't really exciting.

      The rest is rather easy terrain.

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      • January 23, 2022

  8. Martina and Oliver went for a hike.

    January 2, 2022

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    1. Martina

      The Kamor 💗 is one of my favorite winter peaks and, as you probably know 😊🙈, it is visited very often and very much appreciated 💗 and yes, during Oli's visit today I wanted to show him one of my favorite places and so this was a double reason for me Paying another visit to the Kamor 😊 ... I just

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      • January 2, 2022

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    1. Martina

      Wow, this was one of my most beautiful snowshoe tours ever and I couldn't stop being amazed 😍😍😍.


      From Langis in Glaubberg, it first went down a little through the forest, further along a beautiful river and later on the other side in a steady incline up to Selispitz. From then on the wonderfully beautiful

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      • December 26, 2021

  10. Mitja und aileeni, Ewa und Christof and 74 others like this.
    1. Martina

      On Thursday I was pretty torn as to whether I would rather do another Alpsteinherz circuit or something else before the snowfall ... and today it even worked with a small, fine and extremely quiet Alpstein circuit and even more Lightening than expected, so that my dear friend from Central Switzerland

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      • November 27, 2021

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