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  1. Martina went for a hike.

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    1. Martina

      St. Gallen home circuit over all snow-covered, but mostly easy-to-walk paths and, of course, deliberately trudged through the deep snow in between 😉Today I listened to the warnings and avoided the woods and the proximity of trees etc. as much as possible, which is not so easy on a round from home and the forest paths are my loved ones too 🥰🤔.And so the route led through neighborhoods and places close to the city. Walking in the snow was nice and the snow-covered landscape was enchanting, but for my taste a little too little in the real nature outside. Well, it still did well 😊 and the snow wants to be savored while it is still there 🥰.

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      • a day ago

  2. Martina and Damian went on a Tour.

    2 days ago

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    1. Martina

      Today I didn't have to think long about where I would like to go 😊. With so much fresh snow and the wonderful weather, of course, on my favorite winter mountain, the Fähnerenspitz 💗😍😍😍. (And in terms of the considerable avalanche danger, also a perfect target.)It was a great tour. At the start at 9.45 a.m. there were hardly any tracks and after a short, tough stretch of trail through the deep snow (sinking well to the knees) we thankfully turned to a ski tour track and followed it. Then we went on a lot more energy-saving 😅.Then take a break at the Guggeier and enjoy the view and close to close people came trudging up from all directions.Then on to the Fähnerenspitz, where I've never seen so many people in my life (there were definitely 20 people upstairs at the same time), so quickly on to my favorite resting place in wonderful peace (it was a little fight through the deep snow to get there , 😅, but super beautiful 😍😍😍).The rest of the tour was much better groomed and just great and again very nice and quiet 🥰.Then we continued in the wonderful winter wonderland past deep snow-covered fir trees down to the Waldschäftli, Fulen and a little up to the Rossberg and then back to Brülisau on the toboggan run. (You can usually walk next to the path, which I did again and again today, but this time I followed a few ski tracks, but with all the fresh snow it was really tough downhill 😅, but also super nice 🥰 .Conclusion: To experience the Fähnerenspitz once again in the deep, beautiful winter dress and perfectly beautiful weather was simply wonderful 😍😍😍.

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  3. Martina went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. Martina

      After an appointment in Appenzell, I actually wanted to do a snowshoe tour to the Hirschberg, but when I was only able to maneuver my car out of the parking lot with great difficulty and rewinding it again and again and the parking lot at the assembly point didn't really look better, I drove without it with a heavy heart Tour to the Hirschberg home and later made a cool home round for it.Conclusion: The decision to go home without a tour in Appenzellerland was difficult for me, but I was glad that I had made that decision. With the fear in the back of my mind that I might not have come out of the parking lot afterwards, I would not have been able to enjoy the tour 🙈, yes yes sometimes I am a little shitty bunny 😊.And so I later made a cool lap in the Menzlenwald and Wattbach landscape from home and trudging through the knee-deep snow in places was a lot of fun here too 😄 and the wintry landscape along the Wattbach was super beautiful 🥰.Ps .: Today I had already experienced enough adventures and therefore, for once, I didn't choose the hardcore Schlichwegli variant in the Menzlenwald 😉, but with the snowy underground and without any traces it was cool enough 😅 and because it was slippery I got one Shortened a bit and just walked straight down the slope.

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      • 4 days ago

  4. Martina went on a Tour.

    January 10, 2021

    1. Martina

      Snowshoe tour in the area WT2 / 3
      (With today's conditions clearly a WT2, but how it is in winter it always depends very much on the conditions)
      From Stein SG everything goes beautifully in the sun up to the Stockberg and you can enjoy wonderful views 😍🌞😍.Already on the way to Stein SG and later on the ascent towards Stockberg I quickly realized that my originally planned descent variant would not be a pleasure due to the lack of snow ... and so I changed the tour on site (see last picture).Sweaty and strict, but beautiful in the sun and with great views, it goes up to the Risipass. Since the ascent is not entirely without fitness, I decided on the summer ascent to the Stockberg (I had planned differently) and allowed myself a little breather with the crossing towards Stockneregg and gladly accepted the somewhat more leisurely intermediate climb 😊.This is followed by a crisp final ascent, not difficult, but quite strict and I worked up a sweat 😅. The sun showed itself from its most beautiful side and the nasty breeze was not an issue today either, it was really nice and warm 🌞🌞🌞.A wonderful all-round view awaits you at the top of the Stockberg 😍😍😍. Many beauties of the area can be seen, the view of the Säntis, Churfirsten, Goggeien, Gulmen, Speer and the view over the Appenzellerland with Spicher, Hochalp, Spitzli, Kronberg, Hundwiler Höhi etc ... simply super beautiful 😊😍😍😍.For the descent from the Stockberg, I then chose the winter variant through the forest aisle down to the Risipass and from there further across country to enjoy untouched snow. (On the ascent, however, I was happy about the marked paths 😅). And just like on the ascent, the spear and especially the Goggeien kept my gaze 😍😍😍 (hmm, let's see if I dare to go up there in summer 😊).Conclusion: It was a great tour and I was spoiled the whole time by the sun and the beautiful views 😍🌞😍. On the cross-country descent I found some really nice deep and powdery snow, which was really fun 😄.
      (The whole time I was in the sun, but the start was only at 12.15 p.m. so I don't know what it looks like in the morning 😉 and due to the late start the tour was extremely quiet today heute.)

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      • January 10, 2021

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    1. Martina

      This tour requires a good level of fitness, but in today's conditions it was technically not particularly demandingThe start was from the Pfannenstiel parking lot and leads through the shady Brüeltobel up to the Plattenbödeli. Normally I don't like this section very much, but today with the sugared fir trees and the pleasant underground I made friends with this ascent 😊🥰.At the Plattenbödeli I decided to go to Alp Sigel, because the path towards Lake Fälensee was still completely in the shade at 11.00 a.m.The snow was pleasant and easy to walk on the ascent to Alp Sigel. Shortly before Alp Sigel, I leave the summer path and go straight up to the cross of Alp Sigel and enjoy the fantastic views 😍😍😍.We continue cross-country over the broad ridge to the Zahme Gocht and from there everything is beautiful along the ridge with also wonderful views 😍😍😍. There were no other human traces left here, but plenty of animal traces richtig, really impressive.There wasn't much snow, but it was enough to keep the snowshoes on this time. Here and there you had to be careful not to catch any rocks and so I meandered between the areas with little snow, especially on the cross-country descent towards Chüeboden.In the forest in the direction of Streckwees the snow was nice, but here, too, it was advisable to walk carefully so as not to catch a rock. (It was true that there was enough and beautiful snow, but the enjoyment of walking cautiously was limited, so proper sliding was not possible.)From Streckwees in the direction of the Rheintaler Samtis I chose the "pathless" path to the right of the stream, just like in the summer, so that I could continue walking in the sun and make my own tracks, the snow was great here 🥰😄 and the view of the Widderalptürme and Hoher Kasten a pleasure 😍.From the Rheintaler Samtis on I switched back to the summer trail and followed the trail that was well-groomed by my predecessors in the shade up to Lake Fälensee.Enjoy the sight for a moment and continue straight away, in the shade it's pretty frosty here 🥶.But already at Furggelen I see the sun again and enjoy a slightly longer break and the bombastic views 😍😍😍.Initially a bit cross-country and then mostly on the prepared path to the Tannhütte.At the Sämtisersee you can draw your own tracks again 🥰 and the snow there is really great. This area is only in the sun from the middle of the afternoon and therefore the snow stays really nice for a long time.Then there are nice traces of predecessors, which I follow above Alp Soll and then continue on the prepared winter hiking trail to just before the Gasthaus Ruhesitz.There I chose a cross-country descent back to the Pfannenstiel parking lot. In this area there was again a little very little snow and therefore again caution was advised here in order to find the best and also snowiest path in the somewhat confusing terrain.Conclusion: Well there should be a bit more snow, but it was a wonderful Alpstein snowshoe tour 💗 with super beautiful views 😍😍😍 and surprisingly nothing of the nasty tuck was noticeable today 😃. It was a wonderful tour.Ps .: Actually I had only planned a tour to the Fälensee, but because of the sun I was drawn to Alp Sigel first and so the rest of the tour was often in the sun. However, there is not much leeway at the moment. Many areas of this tour would have been in the shade an hour earlier ... but the sun is already a bit higher and the days are getting longer again 🌞 and the inside of the Alpstein gets a little more sun every day.

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      • January 9, 2021

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    1. Martina

      ATTENTION: On this tour it is essential to be aware of the avalanche danger, it is a fairly demanding snowshoe tour (up to WT4). The path from Alp Tesel to the Zwinglipasshütte is quite steep, respectively the terrain where the path leads up is> 35 °, so be sure to pay attention to the avalanche danger! From the Zwinglipasshütte there is another easy, short ascent up to the Ruchbüel and then it continues in flat terrain over the wide, long Chreialpfirst with a fantastic view of almost the entire Alpstein. The transition from the Chreialpfirst to the Mutschensattel is tricky again, this traverse in the sloping terrain is better avoided by going up the Roslenfirst and then down to the Mutschensattel. From Mutschensattel it goes steeply down towards Alp Grueb and it is not easy to find a sensible route that is adapted to the snow conditions. From Alp Grueb to Alp Tesel it becomes less of a problem again, but the walls to the left and right are very steep and there too it is important not to lose sight of the danger of avalanches.Ps .: I took over the tour description from my first ascent a year ago. komoot.de/tour/109982271There was significantly less snow today than on my first ascent a year ago, but the snow was much more powdery and not as icy as last time. You could have walked up to Chreialp without snowshoes.
      The delicate transition from the Chreialpfirst over to the Mutschensattel would not have been a problem today, there was little snow, but despite the fog I wanted to go to Rosenlen-Saxer-First and then even saw ptarmigan there 🥰.
      I took off my snowshoes for the short ascent on the Mutschen, but I would have probably walked better and required careful walking.
      Conclusion: It was an absolutely brilliant Alpstein snowshoe tour 😄😄😄💗. When do you have the Alpstein almost all to yourself 😄🥰, although I have to admit that I was also happy about the tracks, because the terrain requires experience and is not entirely without 😅. It was a bit of a shame that the fog blocked my brilliant view of the Alpstein on the Chreialpfirst, Roslen-Saxer-First and Mutschen, but what should I do? This is another reason to repeat the tour 😁.

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      • January 7, 2021

  7. Martina and Oliver went for a hike.

    January 3, 2021

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    1. Martina

      The Hochalp is nothing new to me, but it is always beautiful and I also wanted to try a new path, namely the path over the Rossfall to the Hochalp.This path leads in a steady and proper incline through wooded terrain up to the high alpine and since this area seemed to me to be shady and not very promising, I found it suitable for today's foggy tour. (Of course, I cannot report whether this is really the case, because the fog was too thick for that 🙃.)On the descent from the Hochalp back to Urnäsch it was always a bit cross-country and still beautiful through the snow 😄.Conditions:
      There was enough snow on the route so that it would have been ideal for a snowshoe tour, but it was also quite good without it. The existing tracks were trampled on and deeper sinking was only present in places. But there were always icy and slippery passages, which is why spikes were very helpful.
      On the way over the Rossfall up to the Hochalp, finding the way would have been difficult and also very strict without any traces.
      Conclusion: Fog tours also have their charm and, moreover, it was nice and quiet for a weekend on the high alp 🥰, or you just couldn't see the other people 🤣. You feel a bit like being wrapped in a cocoon and perceive completely different things and it was fun to trudge through the snow despite the fog 😄.

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      • January 3, 2021

  8. Martina went for a hike.

    January 1, 2021

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    1. Martina

      Start of the new year in my heart area, in the Alpstein, where my love for the mountains was sparked 💗🔥.Originally, I actually planned to hike to Fählensee in snowshoes, which is very nice. But when I got to the parking lot, I somehow got tired of snowshoes, but unlike yesterday it would have been great from the snow. Well, but in view of the fog that was gathering later, the change of decision was a blessing for Alp Sigel afterwards ⛅🌫🌫In any case, it went well even without snowshoes, the snow was soft and grippy without sinking in too much and there was practically no snow on the surface of Alp Sigel (you would have had to carry it).First the path leads from the Pfannenstiel parking lot through the frosty Brüeltobel (the path was not icy and easy to walk). Well, this section, I don't like it very much, is always in the shade and simply belongs as the fastest entry into the Alpstein. The ravine also has its charm ... looks a bit wildly romantic and you are guided by the babbling of the brook and at the top a small mountain path trumps as a "highlight" of this ascent and after that you have already reached the Plattenbödeli.From there the ascent to Alp Sigel took place ... as soon as you reached the top, clouds of mist appeared. So I didn't really want to dive straight back into the fog, but it was freezing cold up there 🥶🥶🥶. My Coke, which I always carry on the outside of my backpack, soon had lumps of ice in it and so I just strolled around a bit to not cool down too much and enjoyed the super nice atmosphere 😍😍😍.The descent took place on the same route back to the Plattenbödeli. The fog was unexpectedly not at all dense and I was quickly below the fog line and so I made a short detour to the Sämtisersee and walked the "steep forest path" back to the Pfannenstiel parking lot. On this way there was nice snow and there were hardly any icy spots, but also nowhere deeply sinking in.Conclusion: It was freezing cold today 🥶, but also incredibly beautiful 😍. I really like the broad back of Alp Sigel and it offers wonderful views 😍 and is also a place I often visit and appreciate 🥰.

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      • January 1, 2021

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    1. Martina

      At the end of the year, another nice tour around the Fähnerenspitz 💗😍.The snow had to be looked for a bit in some places, but today I really wanted to go on a snowshoe tour and preferably on my favorite winter summit, the Fähnerenspitz 💗.This time I bypassed the dreamy Feriendörfli Bachers in the pathless terrain to the left and at the ridge on the Resspass there was clearly too little snow, which is why I descended a bit.
      And the path through the Forsttobel, which was adventurous last time, was absolutely no longer adventurous today in broad daylight and much, much less snow, but it was beautiful and very calm 🥰.
      However, a little more snow would have been an advantage in this section today.
      Ps: This tour as a snowshoe tour is only recommended after another snowfall, because today's strong wind has probably also swept away the last of the snow, preferably with hiking boots, although the peaks of the snowshoes were helpful on the icy ground, the poor snowshoes probably had to suffer a little today and so I approached some of the jobs very carefully.Conclusion: Despite little and hard snow and sometimes very strong wind, it was just wonderfully beautiful again on my favorite winter mountain 😍. The moods showed their best side again 🥰 and for me, despite the unfavorable conditions, it was a very successful end-of-year tour in my area around the Fähnerenspitz, which I greatly appreciate.

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      • December 31, 2020

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    1. Martina

      Actually, I had planned a little round trip from Hundwil over the Buchberg and back over the Höggwald.But the moods were so great that I didn't want to lose altitude again and discarded my plans and preferred to trudge a little pathless through the pristine snow and continue to enjoy the moods and the views and just let my mind wander a bit 🥰 .

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      • December 30, 2020

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